August 13, 2006 was a wonderful evening for JCS fans and friends.  A benefit featuring the reunion of the original stars from the JCS film (Ted, Yvonne, Barry), the original Broadway production (Ben Vereen), the AD Anniversary Tour (Larry Friedman, Chris Carey, Scott Spalding), and new friends (Jack Black, Clint Holmes), who, along with the world-famous Agape Church Choir (which I had the great fortune of singing with in the show) and an ensemble of extremely talented actor/singers, put together a FABULOUS evening of theatre in about 3 weeks (2 after casting - and with only 5 actual rehearsals)!  The evening benefited YouTHeatre - America! and The Ricardo Montalban Foundation, and was lovingly dedicated to Carl Anderson.  An AMAZING time was had by all!  It was the culmination of all things bright and beautiful for Jesus Christ Superstar.  These pages will give you a look at what a special evening it was. Below are links to my benefit "diary," which follows the day-to-day activities I was involved in with this show. Click on each link to bring up the page for that day. ENJOY!




I had a wonderful time in LA working on/singing in this amazing evening.  (In the ensemble music rehearsal picture above, I'm in the light green t-shirt down front on the right, with my friend Jenean on my right in the blue tank top.) Here is my experience for you to read.  

NOTE:  These posts have been re-edited for content, errors and, most importantly, TIME! 



DAY 1-2 - Question on Me and the JCS Benefit DAY 8 - First Rehearsal ONSTAGE
DAY 3 - The First Rehearsal DAY 9 - Teddie and Barry Arrive
DAY 4 - Let's Do The Program - and the infamous Jack Black Song From the Audition DAY 10 - Yvonne, Jack Black and Chris Carey's First Day in - Teddie the Comedian
DAY 5 - Quiet Day - Somewhat DAY 11 - First - ALMOST Run-Through - and Celeb Surprises
DAY 6 - Things Start Hopping! DAY 12 - The Big Day
DAY 7 - Last Day of "Rest"




You can find pages on the publicity from the show, and pictures/program from the show here: