DAY 8 - First Rehearsal - ONSTAGE


Larry and Debbie Friedman flew in today.  (For those of you who don't know them - Larry played Annas to perfection, and understudied Ted on the Ad Tour.)  He and Chuck DiMaria (who understudied Carl on the AD Tour) sang Ted and Ben's roles tonight during the first onstage rehearsal, which was a LOT of fun.

Before the evening rehearsal I got to talk at length with Chuck DiMaria.  He's a really nice guy - and lots of fun.  And, when Larry and Debbie arrived, it was old home week - everybody hugged everybody.  Debbie told me some things about the Farewell Tour that aren't repeatable, because they are indefinite, but what I CAN say is that if the bookings roll in like they did with the AD Tour, it could go on as long as the AD Tour did - so we MAY be seeing a LOT more of Teddie Joe for a long time to come!  Wouldn't that be nice?

Gary (Director) let the cast climb on the scaffolding at the beginning of rehearsal to "get it out of their systems", and I went up on top too.  It's quite a feeling of power to stand on top of a very high 3-level scaffold and look down on a theatre you know will be filled with celebs in a matter of days.

Rehearsal went very well - the show was blocked through "Poor Jerusalem".  The rest will be blocked tomorrow.

What else - costume fittings Day #1 was today - and they were at Universal Studios in the Edith Head Building, no less.  More fittings tomorrow (Thursday) morning.  Then the afternoon will be BUSY. Barry (Dennen) comes at 1:00 - so he will be dropped in as Pilate, the Agape Choir comes at 3:30 for practice.  Chris Carey (Caiaphas) comes in tomorrow, and Ted flies in sometime tomorrow - I think - I don't know when he will be at the theatre.

AND - I may have an announcement to make tomorrow night - but I won't say what it is - because I don't want to jinx it.




Cindi :)

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