DAY 9 - Teddie and Barry Arrive


Larry and Chuck (DiMaria - Judas understudy on the AD Tour) have been having a ball filling in for Teddie and Ben.  The first day they saw each other, Chuck told me that he'd said they could probably do a tour now, and Larry said something like: "Without missing a note." - or maybe it was a little more descriptive - I don't remember the exact phrase. Chuck has kidded that the more stars that get here, the less he's "responsible" for.  He's been "ghosting" - filling in for everyone enroute up to now.  By the time the show goes up, he'll be doing a High Priest and - as he says - phoning out for pizza!  LOL!

After a fitting at Universal Studios, and a manicure and pedicure (decadence I rarely allow myself - GOD - I haven't had a pedicure in I don't know HOW many years), we got to the theatre about 12:30PM.

Today was a very LONG LONG LONG day.  Rehearsals started at 12:30, and we didn't leave the theatre until 11:40PM.  On the good side:

1.  Barry got in about 1PM, and Gary staged "Pilate's Dream", and the "Trial Before Pilate" - which will be SMASHING. 

2.  For those who were worried, Teddie, Leeyan, Tessa and Zack got in fine, and came to rehearsal later in the evening.  He looks good - hair long and blondish, and he seems like his old self - in good shape for someone described as "hating like ____ to fly".  He was in great spirits, and hugged everyone.  We talked for a few minutes, amidst all the hubbub.  And there was plenty.

3.  Yvonne apparently got in early - I think I'd heard 2 hours early?  Kat & Jenn, you guys were checking your computer on her flight arrival, you fill that blank in.

4.  Agape came today, and they are great folks who will help augment the show in the best way possible.

On the bad side:

1.  Chris Carey's plane was apparently 5 hours late - we didn't see him today at all.  Kat - Jenn - how late was he?  We were all so busy at rehearsals that I'm not sure how many even know about the London Terrorism threat.  Ted made mention of delays, but most didn't catch the real lowdown until after we left the theatre.  This ought to make going home FUN FUN FUN.

As for the "announcement", well - it's still in the works.  As soon as I have something to report, I will let you know.

As for the tour venue ticket availability, well, the best thing anyone can do is call that theatre.  I'm glad to hear that the info is on the yahoo page.  It's always been on my site from day 1 as well.

Anyway, it's been a trying day, and I'm shot.  So, I will crash. 

Tomorrow we rehearse with Teddie, Yvonne, and Jack Black - supposedly.  We were supposed to work with Clint Holmes today too, but we didn't see him.  Things change a lot around here from day to day - but in the end, it will all be worth it.

More tomorrow.



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