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Ted's own page on Devil's Carnival Alleluia! is HERE!!!
Check out video from the film HERE!!! Including these two videos featuring Ted:

Ted as "The Publicist" & His Ladies Of Virtue

"All Aboard" (Everybody's Doing the Ark) with Ted, Francesca Vannucci, Kristina Kleve and Alisa Burket







Jesus Christ Superstar è ormai passato alla storia come uno dei Musical più famosi e amati di tutti i tempi, nel mondo intero. La versione italiana in lingua originale firmata da Massimo Romeo Piparo in 21 anni vanta ormai numerosi record, 11 anni in cartellone in Italia, oltre 1.500.000 spettatori, più di 120 artisti che si sono alternati nel cast, e più di 1.200 rappresentazioni. La chiave del grande successo sta nell’ottimale combinazione fra la musica rock, il musical e una grande storia immortale.

In scena con Ted Neeley, nomi affermati del Musical italiano come Feysal Bonciani nel ruolo di Giuda, Simona Distefano (Maria Maddalena), Emiliano Geppetti (Pilato), Paride Acacia (Hannas), Francesco Mastroianni (Caifa), Salvador Axel Torrisi (Erode), Claudio Compagno (Simone), Francesco Italiani (Pietro).

Sul palco anche l’Orchestra dal vivo di 12 elementi diretta dal Maestro Emanuele Friello, l’ensemble di 24 tra acrobati, trampolieri, mangiafuoco e ballerini coreografati da Roberto Croce, le scenografie di Giancarlo Muselli elaborate da Teresa Caruso e i costumi di Cecilia Betona.

Per l’appuntamento di EXPO 2015 torna a Milano lo spettacolo che nella stagione ha ottenuto il più importante successo di pubblico e critica degli ultimi anni. Un evento per la città e per il suo pubblico internazionale con un protagonista d’eccezione conosciuto in tutto il mondo nel ruolo del titolo: Ted Neeley, colui che diede un’impronta mitica e indelebile al ruolo di Gesù nello storico film di Norman Jewison del 1973. L’appuntamento di EXPO 2015 sarà la giusta cornice per un musical di livello internazionale, eseguito con orchestra dal vivo in lingua originale inglese. Inoltre, nel mese di ottobre, questo grande musical approderà al Gran Teatro Geox di Padova per 2 incredibili date!

Le date:
Dal 5 al 28 giugno Milano, Teatro Nuovo
23 e 24 ottobre Padova, Gran Teatro Geox


Jesus Christ Superstar, the masterpiece of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, is now known to history as one of the most famous and beloved musical of all time, worldwide. The Italian production, originally directed by Massimo Romeo Piparo 21 years ago, played in Italian theaters from 1995 to 2006, with more than 1.1 million audience members, more than 120 artists appearing in the cast, and more than 1,200 performances. The key to its success is its perfect combination of rock music, and a great, immortal story.

On stage with Ted Neeley, are Italian musical theatre stars, including Feisal Bonciani (Judas), Simona Distefano (Mary Magdelene), Emiliano Geppetti (Pilate), Paride Acacia (Annas), Francesco Mastroianni (Caiaphas), Salvador Axel Tornsi (Herod), Claudio Compagno (Simone), and Italian Francesco (Peter).

Also on stage will be a live 12-piece orchesra live 12 items, conducted by Emanuele Friello, and an ensemble of 24 between acrobats, stilt walkers, fire eaters and dancers choreographed by Roberto Croce. The set was design by Giancarlo Muselli and built by Teresa Caruso, and the costumes were designed by Cecilia Betona.

Last season, the show achieved the most important success with audiences and critics in recent years. It returns as part of EXPO 2015 in Milan, an event for the city and for its international audience, with worldwidely-known, exceptional actor Ted Neeley, who achieved a mythical and indelible imprint mythical in the role of Jesus in Norman Jewison's historic 1973 film. EXPO 2015 will be the perfect setting for this world-class musical, performed with live orchestra in the original English language. And, in October, this great musical will arrive at the Gran Teatro Geox in Padova for 2 incredible dates!


June 5 to 28 - Milan, the Teatro Nuovo

October 23 and 24 - Padova, Gran Teatro Geox


"That standing ovation to Jesus in the middle of the show tells of a unique event."
Corriere della Sera

"Ted Neeley perfect Jesus Rock Superstar".
The Republic

"On the evening of the first two standing ovation."
The Messenger
- See more at: http://www.granteatrogeox.com/biglietti-jesus-christ-superstar-padova/#sthash.ED2SiDl6.dpuf


Straight from Ted's vault to you!

Go HERE for the store!


And in the store you will find:


2015  - Paradise/Don't Let It Mess Your Mind (Remastered)
                Remastered and available on iTunes and Amazon now!


UPDATE 3/21/13


We are very excited to announce the release of Ted Neeley's new album "Workin for the Words"! It is now available on iTunes, Amazon and Rhapsody as well as Ted's official website www.neeleytour.com! We also have the CD available at the venues where Ted and his band are performing. This album features 9 new songs plus a bonus track of "White Buffalo" live in concert! These songs capture the essential spirit of a boy from Texas who went on to become an icon of rock operas, blending the raw, rootsy sound of the Southwest with the eclectic influences of a wider world. If you've already pre-ordered your copy, thank you for helping us create this new, exciting music! It will be shipped out very soon! If you haven't, there's no time like the present! Click the link below to order.


UPDATE 8/9/13 (from Ted's Facebook Page)


The Album "Ted Neeley 1974 A.D." that so many of you wonderful, patient friends have been asking about for so long is now available as a Newly ReMastered Digital CD. We are calling it "Ted Neeley 1974 A.D. / Remastered 2013 A.D." It includes all of the songs on the original vinyl album with enhanced audio while the packaging will maintain the vintage look of the '74 record. It's fresh off the presses and drops on Tuesday, August 13 exclusively at my webstore. As always, I wish all of you peace, love and light. - Ted.

UPDATE 1/13/14 (from Ted's Facebook Page)

Click on the photo above, or HERE, for the link to buy the album!




Ted's new Tour website came online as NeeleyTour.com in late September/early October, 2012, in conjunction with the announcement of the Ted Neeley and The Little Big Band tour. It can still be reached under the NeeleyTour URL, but is also reachable as tedneeley.com. It has become Ted's main personal info site, and is now being used for JCS in Italy dates, the JCS 49th Anniversary Screening Events, and includes a publicity photo gallery, a Tour Date tab which shows current and past JCS Screening Dates and past LBB tour dates, Ted's updated bio, a "Webstore" page link (under Tinman Merchandising as The Ted Neeley Official Webstore) now boasting T-Shirts, Programs, Glossies, the Workin' for the Words CD, the remastered 1974AM CD, the Rock Opera CD, and JCS Italy merchandise ), a press release page, and a contact page. Here's the link:




Ted's daughter Tessa started these pages for the "Ted Family."

FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ted-Neeley/365881822941 

TWITTER: http://twitter.com/TedNeeley

INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/tedneeley#

YOUTUBE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1oLSzocm1GQ&feature=youtu.be

MORGAN'S FACEBOOK PAGE (for Ted Family having trouble seeing Tessa's page): http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=31014308&id=1036892572#!/profile.php?id=100000795527235&ref=ts

* NEW:  See Leeyan Neeley's new Granger's Cookies Facebook Page HERE.

* NEW:  See Leeyan Neeley's new Granger's Cookies Website HERE.

* NEW:  See Complete Sgt. Pepper Program Photos HERE.


Ted's NOTR website came online fully on 3/13/07! It included a page for a letter from Ted, a photo gallery - with some great rehearsal/backstage/cast party pictures, a Tour Date tab which showed JCS tour dates for all four legs of the 2006-2009 AD tour, (info on this tour can also be found in the files and calendar for the First Ted Neeley List Yahoogroup (www.movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/firsttedneeleylist)), a "Ted Shop" page (now under Tinman Merchandising as The Ted Neeley Official Webstore, and boasting a collector's limited edition t-shirt and a new limited edition poster, both designed by Zack) as well as CD's, glossies, and many other specialty "Ted Items"), and a contact page (with the Webmaster's e-mail). There was also a guestbook, which Ted had originally posted on whenever he had the time (a very rare commodity!). The site is apparently inactive, and seems to be completely offline. Hopefully, the site will reappear in the future. Here's the original link:






2.  *FTNL - First Ted Neeley List    AND    MySpace Ted Neeley/JCS Appreciation Group

First Ted Neeley List Yahoogroup (FTNL)**



Join The First Ted Neeley List


The 2012 choice for the "FTNL Ted's Birthday / Christmas Present " was to make a special calendar with the dates from Ted's tour, and some career highlights. The calendar was presented to Ted on 3/23/13 at the M&G after the Ted Neeley and the Little Big Band performance in Cleveland at the Ohio Theatre. Ted LOVED the calendar, and since he said he didn't even know when those career dates were, he would be scouring that calendar all night. :-) See the presentation picture below:



The 2010 choice for the "FTNL Ted's Birthday / Christmas Donation" is, again: Rubicon Theatre Company. Here is their website donation link:   





The 2009 choice for the "FTNL Ted's Birthday / Christmas Donation" is: Rubicon Theatre Company's "It Takes A Village" campaign Here is their website link:  Rubicon Theatre Company's It Takes A Village. I presented Ted with the FTNL plaque on 3/6/10 in Cleveland, while he was on tour with JCS' 4th leg (see photo below), and I presented Jim O'Neil with another FTNL plaque on 2/12/10 at RTC in Ventura (poor Karyl Lynn Burns was not able to be at the theatre, as she had been recovering from a major bout of Stomach Flu that she caught from Jim), but if you'd like to help us donate to this very worthy theatre, donations are ongoing, and your name will be listed in Rubicon's 2010 "The Miracle Season" programs along with other list members who have already donated through FTNL in honor of Ted's Birthday and Xmas 2008. You may also e-mail me at my e-mail link just above the "LINKS" section of this page. Of course, whether or not you wish to donate, you are welcome to join FTNL at any time!

Presentation of 2009 FTNL Plaque on 3/6/10 backstage after the show, in Ted's dressing room. Ted is also holding Marky's page for the FTNL scrapbook, and I have a Xmas Jiminy ornament. He loved everything, and wants to thank FTNL for our generous gift in honor of his Birthday.

Close-up of 2009 FTNL Plaque.

The original Ted-Neeley list replacement. "Ted-Neeley" had been on Yahoogroups since 10/5/00, but the list existed on charm.net before that. It was removed for unknown reasons, so I started this one as a replacement, on 5/15/07, and it is growing fast, 324 members as of today (9/12/15)!!! And we are recently celebrated our EIGHTH ANNIVERSARY 5/15/15!!! You can find info on all of Ted's past/current/future events on our list. And we hit the 300-member mark on 11/15/08 (best Birthday present I could have had from a great bunch of folks!). Come join the First Ted Neeley List, we'd LOVE to have you along for the ride!



Ted Neeley/JCS MYSpace Appreciation Group
New today (9/27/08), I've started a group on MySpace for anyone who appreciates Ted and JCS - just for fun.  Come take a look!!!



3.  *RTC - Rubicon Theatre Company:

*NEW: Check out news on RTC's current/upcoming production: Copenhagen
: Check out news on RTC's Trip to England, and Raffle to win the trip!!!

: Check out news on RTC's Daddy Long Legs Fall New York City trip!!!
: Check out news on RTC's new online store!!!
: Check out news on RTC's Lonesome Travellers Broadway run!!!
*NEW: Check out news on RTC's Janet and Mark L. Goldenson Broadway Musical Concert Series!!!
*NEW: Check out news on RTC's upcoming 2015 - 2016 Season - "Fair Ladies, Fine Gentlemen and Others"!!!

*NEW: Check out RTC's Facebook page, Twitter page, Pinterest page Instagram page and YouTube Channel!!!
*NEW: See RTC's 2015-2016 Acting Class Schedules, and new Acting Programs!

*NEW: RTC is launching their own BOOK CLUB! - See below for info:




A word from Ted on the "It Takes A Village Campaign," and RTC!

For more videos on "It Takes A Village, visit RTC's YouTube Channel, and/or my RTC page.

On May 13 & May 16, 2009, RTC held two rallies to start a grassroots campaign to save The Rubicon Theatre Company. Below, and on my RTC page, is information on those rallies, and the card you can print out and use to donate to this incredibly worthwhile and vital arts organization. In this horrible economy, the arts are suffering more than they ever have.  AND THEY NEED OUR HELP TO SURVIVE!!!

UPDATE 6/10/09:

I received the following campaign update from Karyl Lynn Burns today:

From: Karyl Lynn Burns
Subject: Rubicon Theatre Village Campaign Update
Date: Wednesday, June 10, 2009, 4:41 AM

Dear Fellow Villagers:

Today we start our first formal e-mail update to those of you who expressed interest in receiving periodic updates about Rubicon’s It Takes a Village campaign.   

The good news: nearly 600 people (including some who wished to be anonymous) have given a total of $191,346. We have an additional $3,752 in pledges, with a grand total of $195,090 committed to the campaign. We are now about 19.5% of the way to our goal of $1 million!

The challenge:  We are still fighting cash flow needs and MUST raise an additional $200,000 towards the goal in the next two to three weeks.

Thank you to you whose names are listed at the bottom of this e-mail for being early believers in this new grass-roots way of raising support.  The idea is “many hands make light work.” Instead of 80% of the funds coming from 20% of the people, the goal is for everyone to participate to the extent of their ability. We are asking all who benefit from Rubicon's presence in our community to consider making a gift of at least $1 a day - or $365 a year. It's also possible to make a monthly pledge of $31 or more. If we all do what we can, we WILL achieve the goal. We will be the people who would not let our community’s non-profit professional theatre falter in these difficult times and who ensured it was here for the next decade and for future generations!

Examples and Ideas

·        Rubicon Board Member Marion Witte of the Angel Heart Foundation came up with the idea of Village Elders – the goal was to find 10 people to give $10,000 each once we reached the $100,000 mark. It’s the main reason we’ve seen significant growth in the past two weeks. We are thankful to those who have joined the Elders program so far: Marion (leading by example, thank you!), Lori and Richard Reisman, Barbara Meister and Barber Automotive Group (in memory of Larry Meister) and an Anonymous contributor who gave in honor and in memory of a recently departed friend Lillian Ludlam, who loved theatre. We are still looking for at least six more individuals to become Elders (Young Elders are welcome, too J). If you are able to join this group, please call us.

·        Stephen Kipp contributed $3,650 -- the recommended village donation amount of $365 for EACH person on his 10-member staff. Stephen announced this generous gift at a performance of Fiddler on the Roof  in which he hosted his clients for the show and a reception.

·        At a local salon, the hairdressers encouraged their customers to give and raised $365 in a day to donate to the cause.

·        One villager e-mailed friends and raised approximately $2,000. Would you like to do the same? Just cut and paste this address into your e-mail. Invite friends to join you and help us reach our goals. Here’s the hyperlink:

·        A supporter of Rubicon’s education programs has organized alums of the outreach programs to put on a benefit at the theatre in August. Look for details soon.

·        Gourmet chef Linda Hale and her husband Scott are going to prepare a primo meal in their home with a goal of raising $5,000 towards the campaign.


Rally Comments

Here’s a sampling of a few of the comments from attendees at the Town Hall Rallies.  We’ll send you a few with each e-mail so that we can remind each other of why we all care…


Why Rubicon Matters to Me…

“Great art!  Great family!  Great home to create in!” – Jenny Sullivan

“A place to belong and meet friends.” – Wanda Woessner

“Rubicon matters on many levels.  It is wonderful to have professional theatre in our community.  Most important is the Rubicon’s Education Outreach programs.  Serving our youth at a time when arts education is lacking in our schools is vital and timely.” – Tom and Debbie Golden

“Great art.  Local.” – Mike Merewether

“We love having quality theatre in our own town!!!  And we love the community feeling of having Rubicon in Ventura!” – Scott and Linda Hale

Why Rubicon Matters to the Community

“Exposes youth to theatre; brings people to Ventura.” – Carolyn Dolen

“Without the Rubicon and its great professionalism, rather than enriching our community it will begin the slow decline which we have so beautifully climbed out of with its growth.” – Karen Lee Hoffberg

“Our community needs local events of quality.” – Howard Brandwein

“A vibrant beat of artistic creation.” – Jeanne Scott

“The Rubicon offers quality entertainment close to home.  It’s Los Angeles-caliber performances in a community we all share and love.” – Nancy Kaye Swanson


It Takes a Village Contributors to Date – June 9, 2009

"Michita," Carol "Mike" Aalbers, Lynda and Rick Aldridge, Jean Archer, Christine Arenas-Magie and Paul Magie, Lila M. Atkisson, George Backman, George Ball and Amanda McBroom, Dr. and Mrs. Edward J. Banman, Rachel Bar, Phil and Sandy Bardos, Penny and Ray Barnds, Greta Bartsch, Donna and Jerry Beatty, Dr. Norma Beck,Victor and Natalia Berezovska, Sam Bern, Barbara and Bernard Bobitch, Henri and Therese Boisvert Tte, Jo Bowker, Barbara and Raymond Boyd, Marylee and Robert Bragulla, Bob and Mary Braitman, Howard J. Brandwein, Arlene Brooks, Earl R. Brooks, Shelly and Steve Brown, Peggy Bryant, Jenean Bugiada, Leo and Melinda Bunnin, Christina M. Burck, Diana and Robert Burdick, Donna and Jack Burger, Karyl Lynn Burns, Pat and Cathy Busch, Linda Carson, Patty and Gary Channer, K. Charnofsky and R. Sturgeon, Patti and Bill Chertok, Betsy and Dick Chess, Susan Clark, Ed Clark and Jane Delahoyde, Bijian Fan and Jerome Clifford, Victoria Coddy, Eloise and Chuck Cohen, Mary Ann Cohen, John and Jacqueline Cole, Doris and Ken Collin, Linda Collins, Frances A. Connelly, Al and Freddie Contarino, Ginny Costis, Alison B. Coutts-Jordan, Bill Crowe and Ann Gross, Mar lena Roberts Daly, Ronald and Deborah David, Lisa and Clay Davis, Nicholas Deitch, Bradford Dillman, Carolyn Dolen, Barbara and Gerald Donckels, Kathleen and Terry Dooley, Gun Dukes, John T. Dullam, John R. Edwards, Jack Ellison and Dixie D. Adeniran, H.E. and Frances Elson, David Elzer, Katherine Emerick, Ph.D., Jim and Kay Engel, David Engel, Mr. and Mrs. Garold Faber, Jodi and David Farrell, Warren and Ardelle Faue, Susan Ferguson, Norman Flam, Dr. Hany Fouad, Jonathan Fox, C.D. Franciscus, Cindy Frankey, Bonnie Franklin and Marvin Minoff, Arlene and Morrie Friedman, Harold and Harriet Friedman, Peter and Sandy Gaal, Mr. Michael D. Gainsborough, Mary and Jim Galbraith, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Galt, Jr., D. June and Gay Garabedian, Muriel Garcia, Bob and Brenda Garrison, Lynn and Al Geller, S. Lynne and Duane L. Georgeson, Mrs. Kin Gere, Sheldon Getzug, Kay Giles and Michael Mariani, Morty Glasgal, David and Maryellen Glyer, Debbie and Tom Golden, Diane and Peter Goldenring, Janet and Mark Goldenson, Bruce Goldenson and Tricia Keen, Leonard Goldman, Martie and Gary Golter, Mary Goodenough, Lea and Harold Gould, Richard Gould, MD, Judy and Art Goulet, David and Diane Grimes, Sol and Patty Grossman, Katherine and Dan Gunther, Louis and Melinda Haffner, Scott Hale Lighting, Pearl and Roy Hammerand, Margie and Ron Hanock, Whitney Hansen, Wm. and Diane Harkins, Jessica and Harvey Harris, Julie Heim, Linda Henderson and Ernie Scherb, Mr. Don Henninger, Phil and Carol Hershey, Thom as and Patricia Hester, Karen Lee Hoffberg, H.W. and C.S. Hoover, Doris Horton, Carol Howe and Lucien Lacour, Eric Hvolboll, Jon and Ann Ives, Michael Jackowitz, Phyllis Johnson, Dianne Johnson Selbrede, Dr. and Mrs. D. Gordon Johnston, Ed and Carol Jones, Dorothy and Robert Jones, Emily Jones, Marilyn Juday, Donna Kacerek, Kaila Kaden, Lydia and Marty Kaplan, Joanne and Monroe Kaplan, Alex Karras, George Kaub, Bill and Elise Kearney, Betty and Tom Kennedy, Kipp Financial Group, Ronald S. Kopp, Jasmine Kova, Lee and Linda La Frenz, Nicole and Phillip Laby, Haady Lashkari, Michael Learned and John Doherty, Harriet and Eric Leibovitch, Stanley and Barbara Leiken, Dr. Morris and Judy Leventhal, Linda Levitz, Jack and Ione Lollar, Tracy Long and Donald Taylor, Judge David W. Long and Shirley Critchfield, James Locher, Dalina Lowdermilk-Klan, Michael Lurie, John and Eleanor Lynn, Cynde and Steve Magidson, Louise M. Malcomb, James Malone, Margaret Martin, John and Pat Masterson, Stephen Maulhardt and Nancy Maulhardt Huff, Frank and Patricia McCallick, Gladys McDonald, Stephen McMorrow, Rosa Lee Measures and Al Harris, Barbara Meister/Barber Automotive Group, Elsie Mendelsohn, Loretta and Mike Merewether, Murray Meyers,  Carol Mickle and Jodi Sullivan, Marvin Miller and Kathlyn Roberts Miller, Margaret and Jerry Miller, Mr. and Mrs. M.20Miser, Lee and Peg Molesworth, Susan Molnar, Katherine Montes, Teddi and Jerry Morris, Ted and Dale Muegenburg, Julie and Jack Nadel, Ted Pounder and Paulita Neal, Beatrice Alicia Nichols, Henry and Bobbie Offen, Eileen Ogle, Patrick O'Hara, Cherie Olson, James O'Neil, Sandi and Greg Orloff, Frances Page, Barbara and Owen Patotzka, William and Celia Patterson, Catherine Penprase, Diane and Steve Perren, Helen Pidduck, Mrs. Pamela Pinkham, Gene Pitman, Wilma S. Poe, Theodore Polk, James and Stella Port, Amy Povah, Keith Powell, James and Susan Prosser, Sheila and Robert Rakestraw, H.D. Ranzenhofer, Lori and Richard Reisman, Ann and Rodney Resnick, Corinne J. Rhoads, Rita Richardson, Jon Lawrence Rivera, George Roberts and Janice Standing-Roberts, Patricia Robinson, Bob Robinson, Alyce and Robert Robinson, Duane O. Rodgers, Donal F. Rodrigues, Diane Ronneberg, Linda Roos, Sharon and George Rose, Margaret Rothschild and Richard Palmer, Nancy and Bill Russell, Micheline Sakharoff, Pat Salem, Sam and Mary Saputo, Roy and Sharon Schneider, Charles and Jane Schneider, Charles and Mary Schwabauer, Jeanne Scott, Catherine Scott Burris, Dr. Don and Millie Seidman, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Selfridge, Lyndon R. Shaftoe, Robert Shaw, Mrs. Susan Shields, Tamar Shulem, Joel Silberman, Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Skaist, Signe and Bruce Smale, Rebecca and Jeffrey Smith, Cynthia and Jim Snell, Gary and Maureen Soporito, Paula Spellman, Lane Stalbird, Lisa Stephens and Dennis Hopkins, Rich Stewart and Harriet Clune, Eric and Missy Stoen, Midge and Dave Stork, Kathy and Bill Strnad, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Sullivan, Jenny Sullivan, Nancy Kay Swanson, Judith and Melvyn Swope, Lee Tannen, Shirley Thayer, Timothy Tice, Ed and Dee Tingstrom, Delorine and Reid Tompkins, Warren and Jane Totten, Margaret and Dennis Travlos, Ruth and Jim Uphold, Allen and Kay Urban, Suzanne and Edward Vadnais, Mary Ann and William Bang, Michael Velthoen, Cindi Verbelun, Les and Judy Vielbig, Vicki Vierra, Phil Ward, Roz Warner and Michael Hogan, Jan and Hal Wasserman, Jerry and Brenda Watkins, Bill Whitlock and Art Mendoza, Jim Whitney, Gary and Cheryl Wilde, Julia Wilkerson, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Willis, Marion Witte, Wanda Woessner, Gail and Ed Wohlenberg, Joanne Wolf, Eunice M. Wood, Robert and Kathleen Wulf, Keith York, The Young Family, Helen Yunker, Margaret M. Zangrilli, Alfred Zaske, Myrna and Sy Zimmerman and David Zippel.


RSVP to Donate at 805.667.2912.

or go here:


1006 E Main Street Ventura CA United States, 93001


1006 E Main Street, Ventura, CA, United States, 93001

5 Joseph:



: Check out Joseph's new, personal, official website HERE!

*NEW: Check out information on Joseph's 3/12-4/6 RTC production
            A Moon For The Misbegotten and 9/3-28 RTC production Conviction (23.5 Hours)!!!
*NEW: Check out news on Joseph's latest RTC Directorial production for Rubicon Youth
             Acting Intensive/Fearless Shakespeare: Hamlet!

*NEW: Check out info
on Joseph's 2015 "Acting Technique and Mask" Master Class!
*NEW: Check out VIDEOS of Joseph as Jeb Stuart in Gettysburg and Gods and Generals,
on The X-Files, and in a fun show written, directed and starred in by Joseph called:
             Abe Lincoln Was A Homo!
*NEW: Check out the Fiddler Blog - written by Joseph and Lauren Patten (Chava)!
*NEW: Check out some great new shots like the one above, Joseph's latest headshot!

All this and more on my Joseph page!


6.  RASPUTIN - Miracles Lie in the Eye of the Beholder:


used with permission by Michael Rapp 


Season's Greetings to our Ted Neeley friends,

We at Rasputin the Musical would like to offer you your own Holiday Stimulus Package, so you can enjoy the Rasputin 3 CD Set (with libretto) for yourself, family and friends.  The special Holiday price is just $25 (nearly 33% off retail).  We will also ship your CD's for just $1.00 in the continental United States, and internationally for just $10.

Thank you for your interest in "Rasputin the Musical" and have a joyous holiday season.

From all of us at
Rasputin the Musical


Rasputin 3 CD Box Set with Libretto - for a limited time only $24.95 + s & h

Starring Ted Neeley from "Jesus Christ Superstar"


Narrated by John Hurt  ("Elephant Man" & "Harry Potter")

and featuring  Amanda McBroom from "The Rose"


Words and music by Michael Rapp

Rasputin” is a musical exploration of the people, places and events surrounding compelling historical figures - Tsar Nicholas II and wife Alexandra, their four beautiful daughters, son Alexei and Rasputin, the “peasant priest” whose enigmatic mixture of sensuality and spirituality held sway over the Russian court.  At the core of the show is the connection between Rasputin and the heir to the throne, Alexei.  Suffering from hemophilia, the young Tsarevitch sees Rasputin as a mysterious healer, while others see him as an unscrupulous opportunist bent on exploiting his relationship with the Royal Family.  Through the eyes of intolerance, Rasputin is a cunning manipulator.  Through the eyes of acceptance, he is a miracle worker.  A savior?  A Charlatan?  The miracle of Rasputin ultimately lies in the eye of the beholder.

For more on "Rasputin," you can also visit my Raz page HERE



7.  ULYSSES - Ulysses  - The Greek Suite - A Rock Odyssey:


UPDATE 5/1/09:  Per a new webpage:  http://www.ulyssestheconcert.com/, we have the following announcement on the release of the Ulysses concert DVD:  

On MAY 1st 2009 The live performance of ULYSSES THE CONCERT DVD and CD were officially released on CDBABY.COM

The World Premier Performance. Featuring Ted Neeley, Yvonne Iversen and the band A-440 live at The Palace of the Performing Arts. June 8th 1978 . Locked away for over 30 years, this footage has never been available for public viewing.


 Click here to order the DVD


 These are the 24 original studio recordings, from the album titled Ulysses The Greek Suite. We have renamed it, Ulysses The Concert. This is the only official licensed CD of this music.

 Click here to order the CD


If you cannot order from CD Baby, let us know. UlyssesTheConcert@gmail.com


If you are International  (in a country outside the USA) and are having difficulty ordering, let us know. we will see to it that you receive a copy. UlyssesTheConcert@gmail.com




You can also see the preview clip on my Ted Neeley page HERE

A new/old treasure has been found on YouTUBE.  A video clip from this 6/8/78 one-night concert in Los Angeles, CA is posted HERE, and I have also posted it HEREThe Ulysses Concert DVD is soon to be released!!!  See info on the DVD on the NOTR Guestbook (via Sherry #3154), and on my Ted Neeley page with the DVD from YouTube (HERE).