DAY 5 - Quiet Day - Somewhat


Today was a day off of sorts - before the insanity starts for real tomorrow.  We went to see RTC's "tick...tick...Boom!" at The Coronet this afternoon.  It's a really good show - with a HUGE amount of talent!  The show has been extended until 8/20, so those of you here in LA, or coming out, go take a look if you can.  The house is TINY TINY TINY - so I would get tickets FAST.  I think this is their third extension - so the show is extremely popular!  And make sure you stay to say hello to the cast!  I met Andrew today (who plays Jon), and he's a VERY NICE guy!  Also - if you want souvenirs - like Tami's new album Hot Notes, or the Tick Tick Boom CD's, T-Shirts, signed posters, alarm clocks - etal - make sure you bring the funds - because the souvenir table is CASH ONLY!

Not too much is happening at the moment.  Cast members have been given a deal for show tickets (par for the course) - no comps - so we're ALL paying here.  We're getting last minute headshots and resumes, and ordering tickets via e-mail. Tomorrow starts the TRUE insanity!

BTW - it was announced in Variety that Chris Carey will be playing Caiaphas, and Larry Friedman will play Annas - so it will be old home week around here!  Here's the link:

http://variety. com/article/ VR1117947898? categoryid= 15&quert=jesus+ and+superstar+ and+los+and+ angeles+and+ benefit&display=jesus+ christ+superstar +los+angeles+ benefit

Okay - more tomorrow - that's when things should start REALLY hopping around here!


Cindi :)

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