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I decided to devote the second third of my Web Page to Joseph Fuqua, because he is an amazing up-and-coming talent.  Those of us who went to see Murder In The First went with Ted as our main focus.  Once we got there, we found Joseph a pleasant surprise.  He is going places - FAST.**  I wanted to introduce you to Joseph, if you haven't already seen him on television or in your neighborhood movie theatre.  I had the pleasure of first meeting Joseph after Murder In The First, and found him to be very friendly and gracious.  Joseph was to tour with "Murder," but those plans were put on hold when the show didn't go forward. If further plans for this show do come to pass in the future, Joseph will, most likely, tour with it.

BeckettFest afforded me the time to get to know Joseph better (during my stay at RTC), and my visits for Hamlet in May 2007, You Can't Take It With You at Christmas, 2007, Fiddler on the Roof in April, 2009, Doubt Feb. 11-13, 2010 Irma Vep Nov. 3-5, 2011, A Moon For The Misbegotten April 2-7, 2014, and, most recently, Incognito September 21-24, 2017, gave me even more precious time with Joseph (rarity that it is!), and I can honestly say that he is an extremely gracious, funny, really sweet, caring, super nice guy who more than deserves all the attention he's getting these days!  I am also very proud (and very honored) to say that we have become very good friends! If he's at RTC when any of you go down there, please say hello. I'm sure you will find him as much fun, and as sweet, as I do!

This shot was taken by Joseph himself during my visit on 4/20/09.  I have many shots of us together, but,  
at his request, these are the only ones of us he wants posted on my site, with promises of many more new shots 
to be posted here in the future, and I am more than happy to comply! It was 86 degrees, or so, the day we took the
above shot, so we're both a little sweaty, and it was in the 60's when we took the four lower shows, but, regardless,
Joseph still looks AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS, doesn't he? ;-)

This shot, and the one below, was taken by Joseph himself during my visit on 4/2-7/14, while we were having breakfast at Carrows on Sunday morning, and before his closing performance in A Moon For The Misbegotten. A lovely visit with a lovely guy!!!

Since "Murder,"  Joseph has become the first Company Member with The Rubicon Theatre Company, appearing three times in their 2001 season, in The Rainmaker (with Stephanie Zimbalist - October 12-November 5, 2000), The Glass Menagerie (with Susan Clark - March 1-25, 2001), and The Boys Next Door (with Dirk Blocker and Dana Elcar - May 3-June 3, 2001), as well as taking part in a special all-star 2-night staged reading of Ancestral Voices: A Family Story - (March 18-19, 2001).  (Check out links to reviews on these shows on Joseph's theatre page on this site.)  The Rainmaker returned in a special encore run to kick of RTC's 2002 season in late August/September, 2001 (see the notice on Joseph's Theatre Page).  

Joseph was scheduled to direct J for J (Oct. 20-Nov. 4, 2001) in RTC's 2002 season, but was paged to repeat his role as Jeb Stuart in the Gettysburg prequel Gods and Generals which played in movie theatres throughout the US), however, he did direct the second engagement of J for J, when it moved to LA, and  he did perform at RTC later in the 2002 season in the smash hit Old Wicked Songs (April 13-May 19, 2002) with Harold Gould (which traveled to Santa Fe Stages in Santa Fe, NM for a special engagement (June 21-July 14, 2002)) (see info on Joseph's theatre page), per the updates below: 

In the 2003 RTC season, Joseph performed in Dancing At Lughnasa (February 24-April 6, 2003), A Streetcar Named Desire (April 24-May 25, 2003), and Art (August 28-September 28, 2003), as well as directing Of Time and Tide (June, 2003) - all at Rubicon Theatre Company.

In the 2004 season at RTC, Joseph appeared in All My Sons (October 9-November 9, 2003), and The Importance of Being Earnest (February 26-March 24, 2004).  Joseph won an Ovation Award in 2004 for his work in All My Sons (details are on on my page for him, as well as the Rubicon Theatre Company page)! 


Joseph was to play Lucky in RTC's Waiting For Godot, to begin the 2004-2005 season at BeckettFest, but he had to withdraw, due to illness.  Fortunately, he recovered quickly enough to be a moderator at the Festival.

Joseph also appeared as Jake Latta in RTC's Night of the Iguana in the 2004-2005 RTC season. Iguana relocated for a second run at the Manitoba Theatre Centre of Canada, from November 18 - December 11, 2004.  Here's the link for that engagement:


Joseph directed RTC's inaugural production for their new event called "Show of Justice". The show, was Twelve Angry Jurors (a.k.a. Twelve Angry Men) and played 11/4 - 6/05. For more on this program, see both Joseph's page and RTC's page on my site.


In RTC's 2004-2005 season, Joseph appeared as Mitch Albom in Tuesdays With Morrie - (a reunion with Harold Gould - whom he last appeared at RTC with in Old Wicked Songs) -  for those who missed this show, it was a really beautiful production.  Details on the show are are on my Joseph, Morrie and RTC pages. 


In RTC's (2005-2006) season, Joseph appeared as Dale Harding in One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest March 16 through April 9, 2006, and appeared as The Duke in Man of La Mancha all at RTC. 


In RTC's (2006-2007) season, Joseph appeared in Shakespeare's plumb lead role of "the Melancholy Dane" himself in Hamlet (4/26 - 5/20/07).  Joseph threw in some Shakespeare - just for fun - during a coaching session I had with him that November (2006), and, as I suspected even then, he was absolutely fabulous in the role - as was "verified" when he won an Indy Award for Best Performance by an Actor!


In RTC's (2007-2008) season, Joseph appeared in two RTC productions: You Can't Take It With You (11/15 - 12/23/07) (which was QUITE an outing, as just about everyone who's ever appeared at RTC was tapped to be in the show!  A great time was had by all, and Joseph was hilarious as Ed), and Picasso at the Lapine Agile (4/3 - 27/08) (another outrageous outing written by Steve Martin that  delivered a TON of laughs.  Joseph got spectacular notices as Charles Dabernow Schmendiman.). 


In RTC's (2008-2009) season, Joseph appeared in a one-night reading I Loved Lucy (2/9/09), as Lee Tannen. This show/reading was presented as part of the RTC Plays In Progress series. Joseph also directed the Rubicon Youth Acting Intensive production of Bard On A Wire and appeared as The Constable in Fiddler on the Roof (3/19 - 4/26/09)!!! 


In RTC's (2009-2010) season, Joseph appeared in Doubt (1/30-2/21/10) as Father Flynn, opposite Robin Pearson Rose as Sister Aolysius. Doubt is an amazing, searing piece of theatre that will leave you debating its' issues long after it has ended. Joseph also directed the Rubicon Acting Intensive production of Macbeth in July, 2010.   


In RTC's (2010-2011) season, Joseph appeared as Sebastian in The Tempest - Phase 1 (a staged reading originally scheduled for 9/3 - 27/09, and then again for June of this season, but postponed due to budget availability). The reading took place October 13 - 24, 2010.


In RTC's (2011-2012) season, Joseph appeared in two productions he performed elsewhere that season: He appeared in The Mystery of Irma Vep, a two-man tour-de-force show in the tradition of Greater Tuna and Broadway's two-man 39 Steps, and makes for a rollickingly hilarious evening! This show was a co-production between RTC and Ensemble Theatre Company of Santa Barbara. It played as follows: Ensemble Theatre Company:  December 2 - 26, 2010:, Rubicon Theatre Company: Oct. 15 - November 6, 2011. Joseph also appeared as Elyot in Private Lives, Noel Coward's hilarious sea romp, at The Laguna Playhouse from March 15 - April 10. The played at RTC from September 8 - 30, 2012! For more info on the Laguna production go here:


Joseph also appeared in 2012 in a ballet (yes - a ballet!) at Lobero Theatre in Santa Barbara! The ballet was titled: An American Tango, and played October 27th at 7:30 and October 28 at 2PM. For more info go HERE. The piece is a fabulous multi-media performance, a true American love story, and a beautiful blend of dance, theater, and music. Per Joseph himself: "Um...I am in this. Ok, yes, I am in a Ballet. I narrate and kinda have to dance. A little. No 'walk of the cat' (pas de chat?) or 'neck of the foot' stuff (can't spell that in french)...but ANYHOO. I am in a Ballet." Sounds like it was a blast!


Joseph also appeared in The Flawless Murder of Edgar Allen Poe, a part of RTC's 2013 Plays In Progress Series. The reading was performed on June 8 and June 15, 2013 at RTC.


In RTC's 2013-2014 season, Joseph appeared as James Tyrone, Jr. (Jim) in RTC's beautiful and brilliant production of Eugene O'Neill's A Moon For The Misbegotten. The show played March 13 - April 6, 2014, and I was very blessed and lucky to see tour-de-force performances by the entire cast! Joseph will also reprised his role as Bruce in Conviction (nee: 27.5 Hours), a remounting of the very powerful production that enthralled audiences in RTC's Plays-in-Progress program in the previous season. It ran Sept. 6-28, 2014.


In RTC's 2016-2017 season, Joseph appeared as Henry Higgins in a new, intimate production of My Fair Lady, which ran October 22 - November 15, 2015, and may possibly be remounted elsewhere down the road. If that happens - then - Don't miss this! Joseph also appeared as Marshall Johnson in RTC's  The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, which ran March 2 - 26 (having been extended from the original 3/20/16 closing date!). Joseph also appeared as Fred Sterroll in Fallen Angels, which played 6/9-26/16 at the Ensemble Theatre of Santa Barbara, and also directed the Rubicon Acting Intensive production of Hamlet in July, 2015, and the Rubicon Acting Intensive production of Twelfth Night  in July, 2016.


In RTC's (2017-2018) season, Joseph was to appear as Tom in Sylvia, which was back by popular demand, and played April 19 - May 7, but due to the death of his Mother, Joseph withdrew from this production. Joseph did direct the Youth Production of Much Ado About Nothing, which played July 21-23. Joseph also appeared as Actor One in Incognito, which played RTC September 13-October 1, 2017. He was also scheduled to appear as The Duke of Cornwall in King Lear this coming October, however, this production was postponed, and played this past 2018-2019 RTC season. Joseph's also appeared as Fred in A Christmas Carol, which played RTC December 6-23, 2017.


In RTC's (2018-2019) Joseph directed All Sales Final, which played RTC 2/6 & 13/18 as part of the Free Plays-In-Progress Reading Series. Joseph also appeared as The Duke of Cornwall in the aforementioned King Lear, which played RTC March 14-April 1, 2018. He also directed Julius Caesar for last summer's Fearless Shakespeare youth production, which played RTC July 20-22, 2018, and appeared as Commander Harbison in RTC's South Pacific, which played RTC December 5-23, 2018.


In RTC's (2019 -2020) season, Joseph appeared as Richard in Fuddy Meers, which played RTC March 13-31, 2019. He also directed The Tempest for last summer's Fearless Shakespeare youth production, which played RTC July 12-14, 2019


In RTC's (2020) season, Joseph appeared as Pap/Finn/Hank/Andy/Lafe/Lazy Idiot/Harvey Wilkes in Big River. He also appeared as John in The Mullah of Downing Street, which played RTC on 2/11 as part of the Free Plays-In-Progress Reading Series. RTC, and their season was then unceremoniously shut down by COVID, so Joseph's scheduled mainstage performance as Richard Hanney in The 39 Steps (9/9-27/20) was postponed. RTC put their summer online for the season, so Joseph did direct that summer's Fearless Shakespeare youth production, Macbeth, which we were able to view online.


In 2021 RTC was mostly virtual, however, Joseph did again direct the summer's Fearless Shakespeare youth production, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and is still slated to appear as Richard Hanney in The 39 Steps, as soon as the theatre gets a green light to reopen. Play dates for this show, and the rest of the shows that were postponed, are TBD at this time.


In (2022-23), Joseph appeared as Jimmy/Chad (Alternating Nights)/Danie in their mainstage production of Almost Maine, and as Thomas Allen in RTC's current production Dark Of The Moon. He directed that summer's Fearless Shakespeare youth production, As You Like It. And also appeared as Polonius in Hamlet with the Pinehurst Players in North Carolina. The 39 Steps was slated for rescheduling later this season, but was delayed again. Also this season, Joseph was named RTC's new Educational Outreach Director, a title LONG overdue, since he founded and has directed RTC's Fearless Shakespeare Summer Program for the past 14 years. I think this is FABULOUS news, and it couldn't happen to a more deserving person!

Last season (2022-23), Joseph directed last summer's Fearless Shakespeare youth production, Henry V. The 39 Steps was originally to be slated for this season, but was delayed in favor of the availability of Eisenhower: This Piece of Ground. Joseph also continued as RTC's new Educational Outreach Director.

This season (2023-2024), Joseph is not slated to be onstage, so far, however, he is directing this Summer's Fearless Shakespeare youth production Richard III, and continues in his role as Educational Outreach Director. While The 39 Steps has yet to be slated for this season, we could see Joseph next season as Richard Hanney!






Joseph announced about 12:30AM this morning on his Facebook page that he is on a new Home Design TV Show called "The Decorators"! He's part of a team of home designers! See his post below (click on the picture for a link):

Watch a sneak peek of this show HERE.


While we are fortunate that Joseph has become the first Company Member at RTC, (per Karyl Lynn Burns' 3/3/03 Rubicon Patrons' Crossings Newsletter e-mail: Rubicon's first company member Joseph Fuqua (who has appeared in 6 Rubicon productions,(which as of 2023 is now 23 years with RTC) (NOTE: Joseph's first appearance at RTC was in The Little Foxes in 1999, and, with his performances in their 2016-2023 seasons, the number increases to 37 - with Dark of the Moon included -, plus one Associate Directorial slate and 13 Directorial Slates - one mainstage and 12 Summer Youth Program/Fearless Shakespeare, and a moderator slate at BeckettFest)), he is definitely going places fast.  I recommend you catch Joseph while you can, because he's a very special commodity. I was told back in 2001 that Joseph got picked up by a major agency, and his career could really take off at any time! So if you'd like to see him before "we knew him when" becomes a reality, it sounds to me like you'd better hurry!


Saw both of these go-quizzes on Denise's My Space Site (see my links).  


Here are two for Joseph:

How to make a Joseph

How to make a Joseph Fuqua

3 parts mercy
1 part arrogance
1 part joy
3 parts anger
3 parts silliness
1 part empathy
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add emotion to taste! Do not overindulge!
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Serve with a slice of fitness and a pinch of salt. Yum!

2.  What's your Name Acronym?

One for Joseph

J Juicy
O Outrageous
S Scary
E Enjoyable
P Plain (!)
H Handy




These were the first of many e-mails, the beginning of my communication with Joseph.

UPDATE 5/2/03

I have communicated with Joseph mainly through Diana Smith at RTC until today, (he does not use computers much), and wanted to post the latest below.  I received this note in the mail from Joseph today, which I thought was so sweet!  I wanted to post it here, so you can all see what a great guy he is!

I will continue to post any news I hear from Joseph in this section of his page.  Enjoy!:


Dear Cindi - 

At a friend's house I visited your website and I am again - so honored and moved to be a part of it - alas I am never at a computer for long.  I am tech-challenged - can't type and ... it's all math to me.  And me and math ... yikes.

Gods and Generals was a great experience and you spotted all my scenes (none were cut, thank Goodness).  I wasn't allowed to ride - but for a little - and had a talented stunt double do the fancy horse stuff.  -  The beard I wore - was comfortable except to eat in.  -  In the Xmas party scene - one take of it - I had sipped my punch - then it dripped for the next 20 minutes, so I decided not to sip again!

Hope you are well Cindi - forgive my aversion to the computer - and I wish you continued success.


Joseph Fuqua 

UPDATE 5/22/02:

Diana from RTC sent me this e-mail today about Joseph viewing my site:

Hi Cindi!

Finally I got Joseph to look at your site, and he was just totally amazed that you had done all of that about him. He liked the site and saw just a few things that he would like to be changed. He would like for the opening page to have the picture that is currently on the part which has info only on Joseph (rather than the signed picture of him from the "Murder in the First.") He would like for his birth year and age to be removed. He doesn't mind having the Taurus part, but would prefer for his age not to be advertised. I hope you don't mind this feedback. :-)

Thanks so much for all your wonderful support of Joseph and Rubicon Theatre Company's work!