DAYS 1 and 2 - Question on Me and the JCS Benefit


> > Cindi, Why aren't you coming?

> > veth

Hi Veth (and all),

I didn't answer this before, because I didn't want to jinx myself, since I had an audition appointment for the Benefit. Actually, I'm already out here. I flew out Wednesday night to work on, and audition for, the Benefit. (DAY 1).  The auditions were today (DAY 2). I don't think I made it (won't know for sure until tomorrow, but so far it's not likely, as the call we got didn't have my name on that person's particular list), but if I'm not in it, ultimately I am, and will still be, working on it. So far I've been assisting Forbes' assistants. But day-to-day, none of us really knows what we'll be doing here, so it's hard to plan for anything else. :-)

So, yes, I am here. I will give you guys some daily news on what's going on, the way I did with BeckettFest, if/when there's time. Things change moment-to-moment out here, but I'll see what time I can find.

The Ricardo Montalban is a very small, old theatre. It holds about 1,200 people, and needs a LOT of work! Right now things are being done to get the air-conditioning working (let's hope we don't have a heatwave here next week!), and get lights set for the show. They are trying to pull together a heck of an event in just two weeks. Kat, I'm sure you, more than anyone, can appreciate what it takes to do this! :-) Oh, BTW - Kat, thanks for the post on the audio/video silence request. You hit the nail on the head in a number of areas. Much better safe than sorry on this one.

We had a hell of a lot of people audition today for only 15 chorus spots. Auditions went from 10AM until 5PM, with an hour off for lunch. Interestingly, aside of the opening song for Aida, and about 50-or-so versions of "I don't Know How To Love Him" - and a few "Heaven On Their Minds", no one sang the same songs as the others at the audition, which was a good thing. Some really CRAZY stuff was sung, and a lot more sung acapella than I've ever heard at a cattle call. A real standout was a guy who sang a song that Jack Black recorded on an old album. An incredibly blue song. I don't know for sure what the title is, but the first line is:

"You don't have to f*ck her heart."

and continues with some of the bluest lyrics I've heard in a LONG time - probably EVER at an audition! We sat there hiding our faces because we were cracking up - it was very, very funny.

Rehearsals start tomorrow, and there aren't very many of them - but no one knows when the headliners will actually get here to rehearse - except for Ben Vereen, who comes in late in the process, since he is doing another show before this one.

I've seen the e-mails discussing trying to see Ted without the VIP ticket. I don't know for sure how this will work. I know the party is in a separate room upstairs from the theatre, and it will take priority for the cast, because it's what the VIPs paid for. I can't say if/when Ted will be available to say hello, though I'm sure he would want to. The best I can suggest is play it by ear and see what happens, but if there is a visiting slot, it will probably be much more limited than the time Ted usually spends saying hello. But my guess is, if you don't have the VIP ticket, generally, saying hi will be pretty difficult, if not next to impossible.

For anyone driving who is not familiar with the area, there is a parking lot next to the theatre, and another one across the street from the theatre. I'm sure the rates are atrocious, but at least you won't have to walk very far.

As I said in my other e-mail, if you are buying a VIP ticket, you need to call 800-595-4TIX, and a special person will get online to give you instructions on getting the full VIP ticket.

So - I'd better crash if I'm ever going to get acclimated to the time change and function around here. :-)

Veth and Angela, I'd love to say hello when
you get here. Kat, Jenn and Judy, it will be good to say hi again - so please find me when you come, okay? Gibson, I know you are coming. If anyone else is coming, PLEASE let me know, because Forbes wants a barometer to know how many Tedheads will be here.

More tomorrow - if there's any news to report.

Cindi :)


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