DAY 11 - First - ALMOST Run-Through - and Celeb Surprises


Today was QUITE a day.

The 9AM sound check with the orchestra sounded nothing short of spectacular!  Then at 1PM Gary Goddard (Director - in case I haven't mentioned him by name before) blocked most of the rest of the show - "Superstar" is the only thing not blocked yet.

During the afternoon break, we had two celebs make their appearances.  One was expected and one was a hoped-for surprise.
The expected one?  Ben Vereen.  He was put into the show today - and will be wonderful with Ted.

The surprise?  Ricardo Montalban paid all of us a surprise visit.  He doesn't come to the theatre very much.  He's - I believe - 86, and paralyzed on one side from an injury sustained years ago while filming a movie.  But it was so nice to see him.  He's a very sweet man, and really enjoyed himself today.  We're all hoping he makes it to the show tomorrow night.

Leeyan came to watch today - and I heard her putting in a reservation for Karyl Lynn and Jim - so KARYL LYNN - I will LOOK FOR YOU!  :)))))

The show will be wonderful.  The whole thing is coming together better than anyone could have ever hoped! Tomorrow we put in Clint Holmes as Simon, and do two run-throughs and then the performance after dinner.  Then there is a cast meet and greet for VIPs after the show and - no doubt, a cast party to end all cast parties.

Oh, BTW, I alluded to an announcement a few days ago, and put it on hold because it was still pending.  But as of this morning, it's official that I can say "WE".  Because I am singing with the Agape choir ONSTAGE IN THE SHOW.  Hopefully, they will put us somewhere where we don't get blown offstage by the orchestra, or obscured so we can't see Craig Barna (Music Director), but it's pretty tight onstage.  Oh - those who are coming, I'm not listed with Agape, because their names were last minute add-ins sent from the church directly.  But I will be standing there with them onstage - and I will let you know what that feels like tomorrow night.

Despite how hard some of these days have been, it's hard to believe it will be over soon - and part of me will miss being involved in an event as special as this one is.  But, with the Farewell Tour to look forward to, at least we will all see Teddie's smiling face again VERY SOON.

More tomorrow.

Cindi :)

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