Look below to view links to pages pertaining to Ted Neeley/JCS/Rasputin/BeckettFest/Michael Rapp/Murder In The First/ or The Rubicon Theatre Company.  I have listed all those that I have found.  If you know of any I have missed, PLEASE let me know.  Some of the pages below are more movie info, some more stage production, some are e-mail lists, some are list member/friends and some just offer opinions.  But ALL are of interest:




Ted's new Tour website came online in late September/early October, 2012, in conjunction with the announcement of the Ted Neeley and The Little Big Band tour.! It is now being used for the JCS 49th Anniversary Screening Events, and news on the Italy and proposed European Tour JCS performances, and includes a publicity photo gallery, a Tour Date tab which shows current and past JCS Screening Dates and past LBB tour dates, Ted's updated bio, a "Ted Shop" (Ted Neeley Official Web Store) page link (now boasting T-Shirts, Programs, Glossies, the Workin' for the Words CD, the remastered 1974AD CD, the Paradise/Don't Let It Mess Your Mind and O Holy Night singles, and VIP JCS Screening packages and merchandise), a press release page, and a contact page. Here are the two links:



Ted's website came online fully on 3/13/07!

It included a page for a letter from Ted, and a photo gallery - with some great rehearsal/backstage/cast party pictures, a Tour Date tab which shows the JCS tour dates (for the fourth, and final, leg), a "Ted Shop" page (which now boasts a special collected limited edition t-shirt HERE, and a new limited edition poster HERE, designed by Zack), and a contact page (with Morgan’s (Ted’s Webmaster) e-mail). There is also a guestbook, which Ted had originally posted on whenever he had the time (a very rare commodity!). The site seems to have been removed from the web, perhaps in favor of Ted's other official site (, or perhaps it's just talking a leave of absence for the time being. Hopefully, sometime in the future, the site  will be fully active again soon. Here's the link:  




Ted's daughter Tessa started these pages for the "Ted Family."







MORGAN'S FACEBOOK PAGE (for Ted Family having trouble seeing Tessa's page):!/profile.php?id=100000795527235&ref=ts

LEEYAN'S GRANGER'S COOKIES FACEBOOK PAGE AND WEBSITE: (Scrumptious cookies handmade by Ted's wife!):!/pages/Grangers-Cookies/175462082467400  








RTC - and specifically Co-Founders Jim O'Neil and Karyl Lynn Burns (who was also a list member of the original ted-neeley list on yahoogroups) have been very generous with their permission for me to use materials from their website, which is currently undergoing a "revamp", but will soon have a new look! Check it out, it's great! (link just above)

I have a number of pages for Rubicon on my site, which include RTC's
curent and - when available - upcoming Season info, trips and show tours, educational outreach, and information on the recent preview season for the annual Rubicon International Theatre Festival (RITF), now renamed
the California International Theatre Festival (, which had an originally proposed Summer, July, 2010 inaugural date, but ultimately had its' inaugural run August 20 - 23, 2009 in Calabasas!!!

Check them out! The summary page of RTC links is here.

Rubicon Theatre Company (Theatre website link)

Rubicon Theater Company Facebook Page (Facebook link)

Rubicon Theater Company Twitter Page (Twitter link)

Rubicon Theater Company Pinterest Page (Pinterest link)

Rubicon Theater Company Instagram Page (Instagram link)

Rubicon Theater Company Threads Page (Threads link)

Rubicon Theatre Company MySpace Page (MySpace link)

Rubicon Theatre Company Yelp Page (Yelp link)

Rubicon Theatre Company (LinkedIn link) 

Rubicon Theatre Company YouTube Channel (YouTube Channel)

Rubicon Theatre Company Google Page (Google link)



NOTE: Many of the pages below are not currently active online, however, I am keeping them here on the off-chance that they may reactivate at a later date/time. That way, everyone will be able to find them if they come back online. ENJOY!


1.  The Show / Movie Itself:

The (JCS) 2006 - 2010 AD (nee: "Farewell") Tour Website:
Posted by ALW's Really Useful Company. Very nice. Take a look - especially at the pics!

The Jesus Christ Superstar Tour:
Posted by Evan, one of Ted's understudies for the current second leg of the 2007 - 2008 AD Tour, this blog is a great  
way to keep up with the current happenings on the tour first hand from a cast member!!!

Jesus Christ Superstar YTA Benefit MySpace Page:
A great page made by Ethan, one of the ensemble performers in this 8/13/06 LA one-night-only, once-in-a-lifetime event!

Gateway To The Movie Mind (The Batcave):

                Another find on JCS film info, courtesy again of Linda (

Hollywood -JCS Review:
                This one is an unqualified RAVE that pulls no punches.  But with a webpage name like "Hollywood
                 Bitchslap", and a reviewer named "The Godfather" (A.K.A. Keith Perlin), would you expect it to?
                 Check out the rating, and add your own comments and rating if you like.

Jesus Christ (forum) Site:
                    This site contains pictures and posts on numerous JCS productions. Currently, you can find an
                 interview with Kurt Yahjian (Annas in the 1973 film). Other future additions include: Possible
                 interviews with Murray Head, Larry Marshall, Yvonne Elliman, and others; more articles; a
                 detailed explanation of the show; a transcription of the commentary on the new JCS DVD; links to
                 places to buy JCS albums and material; and a picture archive. There is also an open discussion
                 forum where JCS Tour info (among other things) is posted. Evan Grubbs (
                 is the site owner.

JCS - Photo and Guitar Chord Archive
                Very useful! The Movie:
                 Another JCS site, this one found by Francesca Fassina ( This one is in

The Ultimate Jesus Christ Superstar Website:
Dedicated to the 2000 Broadway Production of JCS, but does include the link to buy the Special
                 Edition DVD of the JCS film.


2. Friends/List Members' JCS Sites:

(Listed alphabetically by last name for easier location) 

Al in Jesus Christ Superstar:
              Susana Goñi Franco ( found this site. I'm not sure who Al is, or how long I
              will list this link,
but take a look. It's kind of interesting.

David Bova's JCS Page:
              Australian JCS site.

John Conti's JCS Memorabilia Page and his Big Bopper Karaoke Page:
John Conti's fabulous JCS page - thanks for the link, John!  Plus his Karaoke page - sounds terrific!

Evan Grubbs' Gethsemane Page:
            Evan Grubbs has posted 104 versions of Gethsemane that can be downloaded for free. Three of these
               are Ted. One from the film, one live from 1993 and one live from 1995. Sound on these is not so great,
               but apparently it's because of what he had to work with. also, Ted has a cold on the 1995 boot. Great
               collection, Evan!

Kellylee's JCS Anniversary Page:
Great site by an "older Tedhead", from the AD Tour days.

Adam G. Lazarus' Jesus Christ Superstar Site:
Adam posted on Musicalsdotnet site. This one has some very nice (FREE) downloads from the film
among other things. Check it out!

Susan Moar's Site:  (JCS Artist Site/Gallery):
             Some really lovely artwork!

Stormy Reiley's Ted Neeley/Jesus Christ Superstar Page:
            A.K.A. Stormy Porter Reiley, Stormy is one of our favorite "Tedheads". Checkout this great page! 

Alison Rivera's Website - with "The Temple" (JCS) Screensavers and JCS Greeting Cards:
           Ali Rivera ( is a friend of Stormy Reiley's, and has been a dyed-in-the-wool
             Tedhead for a long time. She and her daughter Samantha (a Tedhead in the making) are new
              members on Ted's e-mail list. Ali posted this link for her webpage, with 2 wonderful screensavers
              and some JCS greeting cards she is sharing with all the Tedheads. Have a look - it's GREAT!
              NOTE: While Alison's URL is still in place, her website is down for the moment, pending some
                            "remodeling", according to her online statement.
Hopefully it will be back online soon!

"Heaven On My Mind"  and "Jesus Christ Superstar":
Julene Snyder's hilarious accounts!  "Heaven" is a Ted/Carl interview story, and "Jesus" is about the
              first time she saw the JCS film, and has some of her "history" with JCS. Great writer!!!.

"I Met Jesus At The Hard Rock":
Paisley Yankolovich's experience meeting Ted during the AD Tour (2nd article down).

3. AD Tour/Film Members' JCS Sites:

Carl Anderson's (Judas) Site:
              The man many consider the "ultimate" and "only" Judas.  He is very missed by all.

Bob Bingham:
              The man who originated Caiaphas in the JCS Film.

James Delisco’s Site:
               Judas on Leg Three of the JCS AD Tour.

Barry Dennen's Website
Barry Dennen's Facebook Page:

              The man who originated Pilate. On the "website" link, there are some interesting JCS stories and Ted mentions under
               "Previous Questions," and some great pictures taken at the JCS YTA Benefit on 8/13/06. Great talent, fun guy!

Charles DiMaria's Sites:
Chuck DiMaria (the other Judas) understudied Carl on the AD Tour, and appeared in the JCS YTA
               Benefit (8/13/06) (u/s Ben Vereen, High Priest). However, he is a "star" in his own right outside of
               JCS, and a pretty unique individual. I got to know Chuck during the LA JCS Benefit, and we spoke
               at length. He is a funny, crazy, very talented guy who is definitely going places. Take a listen to his
               MP3s. On the sites above you will also find links to his band sites (there are three - and he fronts them
               all: Under Pressure, Ziggy Barlust and Bootie and the Whorefish).  Take a look and enjoy!

Tiffini Dodson's Website
Tiffini Dodson's Fans MySpace page
Two websites by the Mary Magdalene portrayer on the second leg of the JCS 2007AD (nee "Farewell") Tour.

Yvonne Elliman MySpace Page
Yvonne Elliman Facebook Page:
             Three websites by the originator of the role of Mary Magdalene.

Aaron Fuksa's Website:
A website by the first, second and third leg Herod portrayer on the JCS 2007AD (nee "Farewell") Tour.

Corey Glover's website:
A website by the Leg One and Two Judas portrayer on the JCS 2007AD (nee "Farewell") Tour.

Ricky Johnston's Website:
A website by an Apostle portrayer on Leg Three of the JCS 2007AD (nee "Farewell") Tour.

Larry Marshall's Site:
A website by the man who played Simon in the film.

Matthew G. Myers' website:
A website by the Simon portrayer on the JCS 2010 AD (nee "Farewell") Tour.

Troy Valjean Rucker's website:
A website by an Apostle portrayer on Leg Three of the JCS 2007AD (nee "Farewell") Tour.

Craig Sculli's Site:
Craig Sculli's second website link
             Two websites by the Pontius Pilate portrayer on Legs Two and Three of the JCS 2007AD (nee "Farewell") Tour.

Kendrix Singletary's Website
Kendrix Singletary's FacebookPage
Kendrix Singletary's MySpace Page:
             Three websites by an Apostle portrayer on Leg Three of the JCS 2009AD (nee "Farewell") Tour.

John Twiford's Music Website:
John Twiford's MySpace Page
John Twiford's MySpace Music Page
              Three websites by the Judas portra
yer on Leg Four of the JCS 2010AD (nee "Farewell") Tour.

Ben Vereen's Website
Ben Vereen's Facebook Page
Ben Vereen's MySpace Page
Ben Vereen's YouTube Channel:

              Four websites by the original Judas on Broadway, and in the JCS One-Night-Only Benefit Concert in LA.

Kurt Yahigian's Site: http://www.planoton
              Kurt "Frenchy" Yahjian (Annas from the JCS film) plays with the Planotones. Wow - He looks so

Danny Zolli on-line:
A website by the man who played Jesus on another JCS Tour.

used with permission by Michael Rapp


The New (Official) Rasputin Website:- thanks for the link, Kathy!
You can find absolutely everything "Rasputin" here - from MP3's (the Montage) to Showcase photos
               and audience comments, and the order information for the fabulous triple Rasputin CD! This is the
               place to find any information on Rasputin's past-scheduled Philly engagement and any future plans
               for the show. Kathy did a beautiful job on the site - so check it out!!!

Kathy's Michael Rapp/Rasputin Page: and Kathy's direct Rasputin URL:
               Kathy has given me A LOT of much-needed guidance getting this site together. Check hers out!

Raffaella and Silvia's New Ted Neeley/Rasputin Site:
              Raffaella and Silvia are two of our sweet Tedheads from Italy (see their picture on this page). They got
               together with a friend of Kathy Herder's named Dario and made this new site for Ted. You'll find that it is
               completely in Italian, but somehow I'm sure we'll understand the gist of things just the same. Designer:
               Claudio Miranda - and thanks for the link, guys!

Mike Soper's Rasputin Site:
               A new site by Rasputin cast member Mike Soper, with pictures from Rasputin we haven’t seen
               before, including some taken in the Rasputin recording studio (yes guys, Ted has a full head of hair
               again - and it looks great!). And ... it was designed by Kathy Herder!


Three friends:  Mike Soper, Ted Neeley and Jim O'Neil 
at the studio while recording Rasputin.

The Rasputin crew.

Courtesy of  Mike Soper and



Marky Ellison's Rocky Horror Picture Show Website:
Marky's still working on this amazing website, and it's SO full of info, it's incredible, take a look!

Denise/Susan's Website:
            "SuKaDe" - " TNT - Teddie Neeley Three - Circle of Love". Denise and Susan are charter members of the original
            ted-neeley yahoogroups list, and also known as two of DaGirLS.
(Offline at this time - but here for reference.)

Jenn Bernbaum's Website:
Jenn just posted this website, with some sweet shots of Ted and "friends", take a look!
(Offline at this time - but here for reference.)

Emily/Blackjack's Website:
A very interesting website by one of our Tedheads, Emily, and her husband. Take a look!

          Christine Buerger's (ted-neeley and FTNL list member) Cancer log.

Lauren Campbell's "Superstar - Official Ted Neeley Fanlisting"
            Lauren Campbell (, one our newest Tedheads has created this great
            new website for all of us to join! It's kind of a messageboard/chatspace. Take a look by clicking on
            the links above, or on the fansign/link below that Lauren made for me (thanks for the link, Lauren!):


Shane Earnest's Ted Neeley Story "Blues Beans With Jesus":
            Thanks again to Linda ( for finding this little gem. Shane tells me that he met
             Ted in 1993 and helped coin the term "Tedhead". This page is a story about a trip he took with Ted to
             Memphis, Tenn. I've told him that we'd all LOVE to read more stories about his times with Ted, and, as
             he puts it:
"I have debated adding to the blues beans page other details of
that trip, and perhaps more stories of Ted. Since
                 it seems there are people
out there who want to hear it, I'll start writing more for the site!".

             NOTE: There is a second Ted story attached to this link now, but at the moment, I can't raise either
                          link. I think they may have been moved. As soon as I find them again I will post both links here
                      The site is predominantly about Shane's current project: "The Southern Comfort Band - A
                          Janis Joplin Tribute", a project that Shane attributes the beginnings of from his discussions
                          with Ted. All Janis Joplin/Big Brother & The Holding Company fans can check out the info
                          on this project on Shane's Homepage:


Photo courtesy of Shane Earnest

Here's Shane and his lead singer Michelle backstage with Ted at the Fox Theatre after JCS.


Francesca's JCS Movie site:
               Francesca Fassina (ted-neeley list member)'s JCS film site - in Italian.

Sue Goñi Franco's Website:
Susana Goñi Franco (, a.k.a. Matushka, is one of our Spanish Tedheads.
               She is adding on some pages for Ted, Carl and JCS, but has a lovely site, even without them, even
               though it's in Spanish. Take a look!

Grannie's Letters Website:
Bertha Pinpoint (Annitta/Grannie) A.K.A. Grannie from Alaska ( has a
                website - that Mark From OZ found. Check out more of her letter here!

Jesus as a BFF:
              Becky H's Jesus Website.

                Becky H's Abuse Recovery Website.

Veth Javier's Blog:
                Veth Javier's ( experiences for all to see. Go take a look!

Stale Coffee:
              Maureen Kuppe's (ted-neeley list member) Blog.

Lunita's Fotolog:
                 Luna (, our Portuguese Tedhead, has a classic picture of Ted here on her
                 fotolog, and requests we sign-in and look!

Kathleen McGowan's Book Website:
Kathleen's (a.k.a. sherdhana22) site for her incredible book: "The Expected One". It's been
                 translated into numerous languages, and has a sequel due soon! CONGRATULATIONS,

Gena's World:
Gena Osborne ( has a lovely site with her personal treasures. Take a

Rachel's Ted Neeley Tribute page:
                Rachel Pouliot's Ted Neeley Tribute page.
Wildwind Siamese & Oriental Shorthair Cattery:
                Rachel Pouliot's Siamese Kitten Adoption Site.

"A Tribute To Ted Neeley" - by Janine Rickner:
                    Janine's experience meeting Ted during the last year of the AD Tour. Has some great midis and links!

Von's new Website:
                   Shevonia (Von) Thompson has just started this new live journal/picture community called:
                   "Chronicles of the Adder". Go take a look!

James Worth's Website:
James is our newest English Tedhead! This website is his first foray into cyberspace, and contains the "story of his 
                 life" and some JCS pictures as well. Take a look!




Come join us on and!!!


NOTE: New "Ted Family" Members join us almost every day, and many have pages on MySpace and 
             Facebook, I'm sure, so not everyone is here, but there are family members who have been with 
             us for a little while.  As more come, their pages will be added to this list when possible. Those 
             of you who would like your pages added here, but don't see them, please e-mail me your link, 
            and I will gladly add it to this page, if you would like your link not to be listed, do the same, Thanks!.

My (Cindi) MySpace Pages: My "Personal" Page
                                          My Music Page
My theatre company page for Mercury Summer Stock (my Summer "job")

              Take a look! Join me if you like - send me a Friend request

Aimee's MySpace Page Bryce’s MySpace Music Page Derrick's MySpace Page Heidi's MySpace Page Mandie's MySpace Page Shawn's MySpace Page
Alessandra's MySpace Page Claudine's MySpace Page Erin's MySpace Page Jenean's MySpace Page Marguerite's MySpace Page Stormy's MySpace Page
Allyson's MySpace Page Crystal's MySpace Page Eva's MySpace Page Jessie's MySpace Page Marky's MySpace Page Tina's MySpace Page
Barb's MySpace Page Dan's MySpace Page Gabriella's MySpace Page Krysten's MySpace Page Nor's (Rene's) MySpace Page Wanda's MySpace Page
Beth's MySpace Page Dawn G's MySpace Page Gabriella's MySpace Band Page Lonnie's MySpace Page Patty's MySpace Page
Brooke's MySpace Page Dawn T's MySpace Page Gena's MySpace Page Luna's
MySpace Page
Rachel's MySpace Page
Bryce's MySpace Page Denise's MySpace Page Gibson's MySpace Page Maggie's MySpace Page Sean's MySpace Page

Kenny ( sent me this link last night. Mario (who did this page) and I
have e-mailed, and he
obviously has his heart in the right place (I sent him a message with the
correct spelling of Ted's last name, and an
invite to join our ted-neeley list.) Go take a look, it's
a very nice tribute to Ted and JCS. Lots of You Tube videos.



My (Cindi) Facebook Page

Aimee's' Facebook Page Debbie B’s Facebook Page Heidi's Facebook Page Maria's Facebook Page Raffaella's Facebook Page Tina's Facebook Page
Aimee's Second Facebook Page Dee's Facebook Page Helena's Facebook Page Marky’s Facebook Page Robina's Facebook Page Tina's Second Facebook Page
Alex's Facebook Page Diane's Facebook Page Jean-Francois’ Facebook page Maxxi's Facebook Page Sharon L.'s Facebook Page Veth’s Facebook Page
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Dawn T.'s Facebook Page Gibson's Facebook Page Laura’s Facebook Page Rachel’s Facebook page Silvia's Facebook Page Wanda's Second Facebook Page




This section of my links includes e-mail lists for Ted and JCS.  Not all the lists on the web are listed here, but these are the ones I have had contact with, or am a part of.  Enjoy!


First Ted Neeley List Group (FTNL)**
            The original Ted-Neeley list replacement. Ted-Neeley had been on Yahoogroups since 10/5/00, but the list existed on before that. It was removed for unknown reasons, so I started this one as a replacement on 5/15/07, at the request of some members who wanted an alternative place to meet and share things about Ted and JCS, and it had 321 members as of 3/17/19 – 8 members higher than the final tally on the original ( ted-neeley list!!! We celebrated our SIXTEETH ANNIVERSARY THIS MAY!!! In December, 2019, Yahoogroups closed down, so I moved the Group to, where it's holding steady with 319 members!!! You can find all the dates for Ted's current JCS European Tour in our list calendar, and we add dates for future JCS Anniversary screenings as they are scheduled. Come join the First Ted Neeley List, we'd LOVE to have you along for the ride!





The 2010 choice for the "FTNL Ted's Birthday / Christmas Donation" is, again: Rubicon Theatre Company. Here is their website donation link:

Ted Neeley/JCS MySpace Appreciation Group:
     Just started 9/27/08 by me for fun, come take a look!

Ted Neeley Facebook Appreciation Group:
     A nice place of Facebook to join fellow-admirers.  Come take a look!

Ted-Neeley-Photos List:
Mianne ( put this list together as a sister list to the original Ted-Neeley List so that Tedhead
Cyberspace can have a place to post photos of Ted, aside of our websites.

Jesus Christ Superstar Fans List:
     A list not strictly for the original and filmed versions of JCS, but with some really nice folks who appreciate
     good talent!

Ted's Newsgroup -   OR

Map and Links of Tedheads: (two links to find)\
  Map of Tedheads - Locate and identify yourself on our Tedhead Map. We are all over the world!


Kim's Jeff Hyslop Egroups E-Mail List

Mianne's GoJo Yahoogroups E-Mail List:

Mianne's list for The Gospel of John & Henry Ian Cusick.


** I have made many new friends through the original Ted-Neeley e-mail list, and now through my First Ted
     Neeley List.  This is a wonderful group of people brought together by a very special man, and we have 
     him to thank for that.