August 13, 2006 was a wonderful evening for JCS fans and friends. A benefit featuring the reunion of the original stars from the JCS film (Ted, Yvonne, Barry), the original Broadway production (Ben Vereen), the AD Anniversary Tour (Larry Friedman, Chris Carey, Scott Spalding), and new friends (Jack Black, Clint Holmes), who, along with the world-famous Agape Church Choir (which I had the great fortune of singing with in the show) and an ensemble of extremely talented actor/singers, put together a FABULOUS evening of theatre in about 3 weeks (2 after casting - and with only 5 actual rehearsals)! The evening benefited YouTHeatre - America! and The Ricardo Montalban Foundation, and was lovingly dedicated to Carl Anderson. An AMAZING time was had by all! It was the culmination of all things bright and beautiful for Jesus Christ Superstar. Here is a look at what a special evening it was.

You can find pages on the publicity from the show, and pictures/program from the show here:







UPDATE:  12/24/10

A list member on FTNL found this treasure on YouTUBE back on 10/22/08, then it disappeared for awhile, and I just found it again today. The video was made partially during the Benefit and rehearsals, and Barry and Jenean filmed their portion a few weeks after the event. It was posted on the YouTube public website on 10/18/08, and it brings back some beautiful memories for me (and, no doubt, for anyone else who was part of this event), as well as doing a great job of advertising YouTHeatre - America!, which is truly one of our greatest treasures!  Enjoy:





This two-sided postcard below is from the Benefit production office, courtesy of Jenean Bugiada
(  Thanks, Jenean!

Flyer from YTA Site:



Sunday, August 13, 2006 at 8:00 PM
Ricardo Montalban Theatre
1615 North Vine Street
Hollywood, CA 90028
Phone: (323) 462-6666
E-Mail: youtheatream@
Map & Directions

Price range: $110.00 to $520.00

Tickets for this event are not yet on sale.
Please try again later.

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Gary Goddard Entertainment, and, more specifically W. Lee Roe and Steven Trowbridge, designed this beautiful program, printed by Mark Bell and Stallion Graphics, Inc., which was given to everyone involved in the Benefit, and sold to the public audience at the performance. Click on a thumbnail to enlarge the picture, and place your cursor on the top left and right sides of the enlarged picture to go forward and backward in the slide show. ENJOY!





LATIMES - 8/15/06

Susan Horlick (Da:S) ( found this:,0,4792143.story?coll=cl-stage-features

August 15, 2006


'Jesus Christ' returns, and the faithful say amen

Pricey tickets and a hot theater don't deter fans from a farewell revival with the '73 film's stars.


Jack Black as Herod

(Ringo H.W. Chiu / For The Times)

Ted Neeley reprises the role of Jesus

(Ringo H.W. Chiu / For The Times '

By Greg Braxton, Times Staff Writer

The celebrity-heavy audience gathered in a toasty theater at Hollywood and Vine was overcome Sunday by its passion for the Christ as well as its passion for the Mary Magdalene and the 12 disciples. It even showed its passion for the Judas.

An eclectic mix of baby boomers, tweens, Hollywood heavyweights (DreamWorks' Jeffrey Katzenberg and Harrison Ford) and lightweights (reality show terror Danny Bonaduce) descended upon the Ricardo Montalban Theatre to worship the one-night concert staging of Andrew Lloyd Webber's classic rock opera "Jesus Christ Superstar." The near-religious fervor of the attendees was stoked by the reunion of three stars from the 1973 film version Ted Neeley, Yvonne Elliman and Barry Dennen as well as appearances by Ben Vereen and a wicked cameo by Jack Black as King Herod.

Even the lack of air conditioning (the theater has been largely dark for the last few years), high ticket prices ($110 to $520) and the advanced age of the show's veterans could not wither the response of the faithful, who showered the performers with continuous rapturous ovations.

The staging of the rock opera, which chronicles the last days of Jesus, was a benefit for the Ricardo Montalban Foundation and YouTHeatre-America!, a nonprofit national theater arts program for young people. The performance was dedicated to Carl Anderson, who had played Judas in the film version and served as the Broadway understudy for Vereen, who originated the role on stage. Anderson died of leukemia in 2004.

Many in the audience were devotees of the score, considered to be one of the most accomplished by Lloyd Webber and lyricist Tim Rice, and the film, which starred Neeley as Jesus, Elliman as Mary Magdalene and Dennen as Pontius Pilate. Some fans clutched weathered copies of the album soundtrack.

Though the movie, directed by Norman Jewison, was not a big hit when it was first released, it has developed a loyal following, and Neeley and other cast members have appeared in numerous national touring versions. Sunday's performance kicks off a national farewell tour that will include stops in Thousand Oaks and Cerritos in 2007.

"I'm just a total freak for 'Jesus Christ Superstar,' " said writer-producer Nicole Yorkin, who bought tickets weeks ago. As a teenager, she listened to the original album and has now swept up her two young children in her "Superstar" mania.

When Neeley, Elliman, Dennen and Vereen made their first joint appearance to the climatic chords of the show's overture, the whooping standing ovation drowned out the musicians stationed at the rear of the stage.

Some audience members pumped their fists and screamed as if the Rolling Stones had just walked into the auditorium. Neeley, wearing a white shirt, white slacks and a white coat that stretched down to his heels, raised his arms in Christ-like fashion and smiled warmly.

The performers, accompanied by a large ensemble of dancers and singers, stalked the scaffolding and elevated catwalks of the barebones set. Vereen, who had flown in from Massachusetts just days before, brought a guttural intensity to his portrayal of Judas, breaking into a dance during the show's title number. Elliman exhibited a soothing unease during "I Don't Know How to Love Him," the musical's best-known hit.

Unquestionably one of the evening's biggest draws, Black expectedly brought the house down when he emerged with a crown and sunglasses from a fog-shrouded trapdoor. With his signature raised eyebrow and mischievous smile, he danced and vamped through the vaudevillian "King Herod's Song," in which the king taunts the captured Jesus.

But it was the 62-year-old Neeley who earned one of the biggest ovations with his rendition of "Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)," in which Jesus transitions from fear to angry resignation as he accepts his fate. Closing his eyes, Neeley, whose hair is only slightly shorter than it was in the film, hit piercing high notes as he screamed, "All right, I'll die!"

Even audience members who were not as familiar with the show appeared to become true believers during the two-hour staging. Actress Tracie Thoms ("Rent," "Cold Case") continually danced in her seat.

"There's only one word for this," Thoms said after the show. " 'Great.' This was great."

TVJUNKIE - 8/14/06

Nidsy (niro_roni@yahoo. com) found this:

Monday, August 14, 2006

One Night Stand

I had a one night stand last night. It was planned and paid for, but it was the best 2-hours I've had in a long, long time.

Jesus Christ Superstar was performed live at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood, California last night. This was a one night only engagement made extra special and unforgettable not only because a) it's JCS, yo. I'm nothing if not a JCS fanatic; b) the production was pulled together in 3-weeks, and c) The Cast was so .. very .. special. The universe aligned and brought us Ted Neeley, Yvonne Elliman and Barry Dennen reprising their roles as Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Pontius Pilate respectively. Ben Vereen flew in from the East coast to revive his original Broadway interpretation of Judas for this production, and Clint Holmes came in from Vegas to perform as Simon Zealotes. The extra special guest of the night had to be Jack Black as King Herod. A small role which always manages to steal the show in every version I've seen - even more so with Jack Black who was apparently born to play this role.

The familiar strains of the Overture began and two screens at the sides of the stage switched from the JCS logo to the opening sequence from the film with the bus driving through the desert. As Heaven On Their Minds began and Ben Vereen stepped out on stage .. I got chills. I love Ben Vereen, I truly do, and the fact that he originated the role of Judas in JCS on Broadway is significant. But as far as Judas goes .. no one does Judas like Carl Anderson did for me. I remember seeing the JCS production in 1995 which toured with Neeley and Anderson as well as Dennis DeYoung as Pilate. Anderson was ... perfect. (But, Ben rocked! I swear.) As we moved into What's The Buzz? and Strange Thing Mystifying, Neeley's voice got steadier, Vereen got looser and everything started clicking.

Then came Everything's Alright. Seriously? I got chills typing that. Yvonne Elliman was amazing. There are no words. Her voice was so rich and full .. so much better than on the soundtrack recording that lives in my CD player. She finished the song to a standing ovation. (I should mention that both Neeley and Vereen had received standing o's by this point as well.)

This Jesus Must Die brought out Caiaphas (played by Chris Carey) and Annas (Larry Friedman). Again. WOW. Vocally, Carey was CRAZY good. The deep bass of his voice BOOMED in the theatre and people around us literally gasped at his flawless delivery. Friedman could have been Kurt Yaghjian, he sounded that similar. Again, my mind was buzzing with the awe that this could have been pulled off in 3-weeks.

Hosanna gives us the cheery Company giving it their all and leading us into Simon Zealotes (Clint Holmes). Now, I've never seen Holmes in Vegas, but crikey! That man can sing. Holmes gave an all out performance and rocked the house. By this time we're at Poor Jerusalem, and Neeley is firing on all cylinders. Things get toned down for Pilate's Dream and .. once again .. the JCS veterans show their stuff with Barry Dennen bringing down the house with his vocals.

The Temple brings back the video screens with clips from the film as the Company tells us what they wanna sell us and how we won't be sorry .. until Jesus comes in and gives them all the boot. Neeley's trademark wail brought hoops and hollers from the crowd. Yvonne comes back out and sings I Don't Know How To Love Him and I turned to PB who attended the show with me, and said "she made me cry". She made PB cry, too. Seriously, there are so many ways to fuck that song up, but she sings it with so much heart, soul and compassion .. it's indescribable.

Vereen tells us he's Damned For All Time before heading off to the garden for a classic moment where Jesus and all the Apostles settle down on the stage to give us the classic pose from The Last Supper (if I hadn't been so lost in this show, I would have snapped a picture since there didn't seem to be any rules against photography at the show). Gethsemane was probably Neeley's best song of the night. He owned that moment. He owned the crowd. Fucking brilliant.

The timing of The Arrest seemed a little off, but not so much that I cared because .. first of all it gives me my 'jaded faded faded jaded jaded mandarin' moment, and then it leads right into Peter's Denial when I finally got to hear Doug Crawford solo as Peter. To see Doug up there with people I've woken up with almost every morning (The JCS soundtrack is my weekday alarm) warmed my heart and I was so happy for him.

Pilate and Christ played out perfectly. And I found myself, once again, marveling at Dennen's voice. I also was thankful that Neeley has reasonably good hair, since the "soldiers" hanging on to him kept grabbing him by the hair and roughing him up. Part of me wanted to say "Hey! Do you KNOW who you are manhandling there?" Heh.

You know what comes next, right? Yeah. Herod.

King Herod emerges from a trap door in the center of the stage. Jack Black with his Burger King looking crown on knocked this performance out of the damn park. Hell. He knocked it out of the State. Everything was perfect. His entrance .. his voice .. his campiness factor .. his interaction with the Company members who carried him around on his bench .. his interaction with Jesus (which, again made me think "stop throwing bread at Ted Neeley!") Really. I have a whole new respect for Jack Black. Maybe the part and he were perfect for each other and something like this will never happen again? I dunno. But I, once again, found myself sorry I didn't snap a picture or two instead of being so absorbed by the performances.

Could We Start Again Please? gave me the chance to lose myself in Doug singing a duet with Yvonne Elliman. Seriously, folks. That is such a gift. Doug sounded great and I found myself being envious of the fact that Yvonne was cuddling up to him. Not that I was jealous of HER, I was jealous of DOUG! Lucky bastard. Yvonne was so obviously having a good time at this show (how could she not - she did get to snuggle hunk-a-licious Dougie), but seriously, she was just .. perfect. Amazing.

Judas' Death brought us a little too much smoke effect (haha), then to the Trial Before Pilate (Dennen stayed consistent with outstanding vocals) and .. hell yeah ..


Vereen? Kicked .. ASS. I think this particular piece was the one he was most comfortable with. He sang, he danced, he moved, he grooved, he blew me away. It was too much fun.

One thing I wish they would have used the screens for was the clips used in the film of Christ being crucified. Visually, it's stunning, and would have played well instead of just darkness during that segment. The theatre was very small, so there was one set and a lot of different uses for different sections of the set. They obviously weren't going to bring a cross in like they've done for some of the bigger productions, so the screen shots would have worked perfectly.

The crowd, while not very animated was definitely appreciative. There were a lot of friends and industry types there (I saw Harrison Ford, Calista Flockhart, Mark Harmon, Wayne Brady and a few familiar faces that I couldn't put names to. I know! ME!) The guy seated next to me (Eli) was fantastic fun to be next to because he was equally as blown away at the opportunity to see this production with so many of the original film cast. The three of us (me, PB and Eli) were singing (quietly) through the whole show - giddy with the absolute JOY of seeing this show with this cast. I would have loved to have seen Anderson in the role of Judas one more time, but he passed away in 2004. The performance last night was dedicated to his honor. And honor him they did.

I know a lot of people don't "get" Jesus Christ Superstar. Where one person sees blasphemy, another sees an amazing work of art. Where one person sees a lighthearted hippy romp, another sees an important social commentary.

In the end ....

Tickets to JCS:                         $530.00
Parking:                                    $10.00
Commemorative Program:         $20.00
Commemorative T-Shirt:           $20.00
Experiencing JCS with
  this cast?                               Priceless

By the way. Neeley is doing what will apparently be his last foray on the road as Jesus in JCS starting September, 2006. Judas will be played by Corey Glover of Living Colour.


I hate you. I HATE YOU!! Waaaa! So fracking jealous.

We may have discussed it in the past, but I was at several of the 1995 tour shows. I adore Carl Anderson (RIP) and have a couple of his cds. Just love his style and tone. He should have had a huge career. Dennis De Young was fantastic as Pilate - his voice and theatrical style was just perfect for the part. In fact, "Pilate's Dream" is on his "10 On Broadway" cd.

Sigh. Stop making me miss L.A.

Gee, thanks for sharing those moments.
Made me feel like I was there watching too.
I just love and admire Ted Neeley! Most especially in this signature role.
Unfortunately I'm all the way in Europe and might not have the chance of seeing any of his farewell JCS tour--- sigh.








                                                          My unexpected claim to "fame".

Thanks to Da:S ( for finding and posting these articles!

http://www.calendar stage/cl- et-jesus12aug12, 0,7455887. story?coll= cl-stage- features

August 12, 2006

It's the final curtain call for 'Jesus Christ Superstar'

*But before the farewell tour kicks off Sept.8, a benefit reunion concert version will shake things up Sunday.

(California Youth Theatre)
By Lynne Heffley, Times Staff Writer

"Well, I think I've been doing it for 2,000 years now," Ted Neeley says by phone in a warm Texas drawl. "But I have never once walked on a stage and not felt like it was the very first time."

Neeley is referring to his title role in the 1973 film "Jesus Christ Superstar" and in the many subsequent theater productions of the seminal Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice rock opera.

But now the actor is ready to hang up his flowing robe and crown of thorns. At 62, he will play his signature role for the last time, in a national "farewell tour" of the show, beginning Sept. 8 at the University at Buffalo's Center for the Arts in New York.

First, though, he'll join Yvonne Elliman and Barry Dennen (the film and original Broadway show's Mary Magdalene and Pontius Pilate) in a benefit concert version of "Superstar" on Sunday at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood.

Other headliners are "School of Rock's" Jack Black as King Herod, Clint Holmes as Simon Zealotes and the Broadway show's original Judas, Ben Vereen. (Carl Anderson, who played Judas in the film version, died in 2004.)

"Superstar," which began as a concept album before becoming a stage and film musical, is considered by many to be Lloyd Webber and Rice's best collaborative effort.

"There's something about this piece and what it represents that keeps it fresh and alive," Neeley says.

The one-time event on Sunday was pulled together scant weeks ago, as a benefit for YouTHeatre-America!, a newly formed nonprofit national theater arts program for young people founded by Jack Nakano, artistic director emeritus of the California Youth Theatre. Proceeds will also benefit the Ricardo Montalban Foundation.

Neeley couldn't pass up a chance to reunite with former cast members and, he said, to pay tribute to Nakano, whom he met 30 years ago when he, Anderson and Elliman agreed to reprise their film roles for Nakano's Santa Barbara-based Youth Theatre Productions alongside student actors.

That 1976 alfresco production ran for a month and helped Nakano launch CYT a nonprofit theater arts training program for ages 12 to 21 that is now based at the New Ivar Theatre in Hollywood.

Among Nakano's alums are Black, Anthony Edwards and Eric Stoltz. The new program, with its national focus, would operate separately from CYT.

"We were so excited about having the opportunity to help a youth organization provide access to kids to get into theater," Neeley said, referring to the 1976 production. "We had a beautiful time doing it."

With other CYT veterans and original cast members from the film and Broadway show, Sunday's concert version of the musical, depicting Jesus' final days, will be directed by program graduate Gary Goddard, co-founder of Landmark Entertainment Group, now head of Gary Goddard Entertainment.

Goddard, who staged the 1976 show and a reprise of that production with Neeley in 1977, had been an enthusiastic participant in the Santa Barbara program from fourth grade through high school. He and Forbes Candlish, another CYT alum, are co-producing the concert.

"I've always loved the show," Goddard said. "This is a classic piece of theater that kind of defines the whole idea of rock opera."

In recent years, Goddard said, he had been talking to the film's lead actors about a reunion show. When he heard of Nakano's newest venture, he contacted Neeley, Dennen and Elliman, who signed on immediately.

"It's been so long," Elliman commented by phone from her home in Hawaii. "You think you're over it, but it's not true."

Black got involved because of his participation in CYT, "and then Ben Vereen changed his schedule so he could do it," Goddard noted, "so it's become this amazing reunion and celebration. "

With CYT in the hands of his successor, Edward Wilson, former artistic director of Britain's National Youth Theatre, Nakano is looking toward creating a different kind of program.

YouTHeatre America would help establish and complement a network of similar programs across the country. It would also serve as a clearinghouse for technical and artistic resources and advice, Nakano said.

Nakano, 73, is "a genuine, loving human being who wants to help people get involved in theater," Neeley said.

"I think he'll always remain involved in some way. It's in his blood."

'Jesus Christ Superstar'

Where: Ricardo Montalban Theatre, 1615 N. Vine St., Hollywood

When: 8 p.m. Sunday

Price: $110 to $520

Contact: (323) 462-6666, (800) 595-4TIX.

http://www.theaterm content/news/ cfm/story/ 8739

L.A.'s Jesus Christ Superstar in Concert to Star Neeley, Dennen, Elliman, Holmes, Vereen, and Black


Ted Neeley in the film version of
Jesus Christ Superstar.

Ted Neeley, Barry Dennen, Yvonne Elliman, Clint Holmes, Ben Vereen, and film star Jack Black will headline a special concert performance of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical Jesus Christ Superstar at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles on August 13. Additional casting will be announced shortly. Proceeds from the evening will benefit YouTHeatre America and the Ricardo Montalban Foundation.

The show will be directed by Gary Goodard, with musical direction by Craig Barna. Jesus Christ Superstar tells the story of the last seven days of Christ's life; it began life as a concept album and opened on Broadway in 1971, where it ran for two years. The show received five Tony Award nominations and earned Lloyd-Webber a Drama Desk Award as "Most Promising Composer."

Neeley will play the title role, as he did in the 1973 film. Dennen and Elliman will reprise the roles of Pontius Pilate and Mary Magdalene, which they played on Broadway and in the 1973 film version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Holmes, the popular singer and Las Vegas entertainer, will play Simon Zealotes. Vereen will play Judas Iscariot, as he did in the original Broadway production. Black will play King Herod; his many film credits include the current release, Nacho Libre, as well as School of Rock, King Kong, and High Fidelity. He is an alumnus of YouTHeatre.

For tickets and other information, call 323-462-6666 or 1-800-595-4TIX, or email youtheatream@

Theater News  Aug 1, 2006

http://www.playbill .com/news/ article/101185. html

Original Stars of "Jesus Christ 
Superstar" Film to Join Jack Black for 
Reunion Concert

By Andrew Gans
01 Aug 2006

Ted Neeley, Yvonne Elliman and Barry Dennen, who played, respectively, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Pontius Pilate in the film of "Jesus Christ Superstar" will reunite for a benefit concert of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical.

The Aug. 13 concert will be held at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre and will also feature the talents of Ben Vereen as Judas Iscariot, Clint Holmes as Simon Zealotes and screen star Jack Black as King Herod. Show time is 8 PM.

All proceeds from the one-night-only event will benefit Youtheatre America and The Ricardo Montalban Foundation.

Tickets, priced $110-$520, are available by calling (323) 462-6666. The Ricardo Montalban Theatre is located in Hollywood, CA at 1615 Vine Street.

For more information visit www.youtheatreameri

My friend Brian found this one:

Original Stars of "Jesus Christ Superstar" Join Jack Black for Aug. 13 Reunion Concert

By Andrew Gans
13 Aug 2006

Ted Neeley, Yvonne Elliman and Barry Dennen, who played, respectively, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and Pontius Pilate in the film of "Jesus Christ Superstar" reunite Aug. 13 for a benefit concert of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical.

The concert is being held at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre and also features the talents of Ben Vereen as Judas Iscariot, Clint Holmes as Simon Zealotes and screen star Jack Black as King Herod. Show time is 8 PM.

All proceeds from the one-night-only event will benefit Youtheatre America and The Ricardo Montalban Foundation.

Tickets, priced $110-$520, are available by calling (323) 462-6666. The Ricardo Montalban Theatre is located in Hollywood, CA at 1615 Vine Street.

For more information visit

Posted: Wed., Aug. 2, 2006, 10:00pm PT
'Superstar' turn for Black
Thesp to star in Webber-Rice tuner for benefit


Jack Black will guest as King Herod when the original stars of "Jesus Christ Superstar" from stage and in film reprise their roles for a benefit performance of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice tuner.

Ted Neeley (Jesus), Yvonne Elliman (Mary Magdalene), Barry Dennen (Pontius Pilate) and Ben Vereen (Judas Iscariot) will star in "Superstar" on Aug. 13 at the Ricardo Montalban Theater in Hollywood. Clint Holmes, Chris Carey and Larry Friedman will also appear.

Show is a benefit for YouTHeatre America, of which Black is an alum. Troikastar Entertainment will take "Jesus Christ Superstar," starring Neeley, on the road beginning Sept. 12 in Buffalo.

Company is having at open casting call at 10 a.m. today for the chorus of the Hollywood show.

Date in print: Thurs., Aug. 3, 2006, Los Angeles

Home page.

02/08/2006 - 12:50:57 PM

Black to join one-off Jesus Christ Superstar show 

Jack Black has signed on to play Biblical bad guy King Herod in a stage reunion of the cast of 1973 movie musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

The original stars of the film, Ted Neeley and Yvonne Elliman, will team up with castmates for the August 13 benefit show in Hollywood.

Black will replace Josh Mostel as Herod, while song and dance legend Ben Vereen will portray Judas Iscariot, a role that won him a Tony nomination in the Broadway, New York show. Carl Anderson played Judas in Norman Jewison's film version.

http://www.slashfil php/200608020149 40310

blogging the reel world

Jack Black is Jesus Christ

Nacho Libre star Jack Black has signed on to star in a stage reunion of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Black will play villain Guy King Herod in a reunion of the 1973 cast of the Andrew Lloyd Webber-Tim Rice musical. Ted Neeley, Barry Dennen, Yvonne Elliman, Clint Holmes, Ben Vereenwill also be part of the August 13th benefit show at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Hollywood. Black is replacing Josh Mostel as Herod.

The show will be directed by Gary Goodard, with musical direction by Craig Barna

Proceeds from the evening will benefit YouTHeatre America and the Ricardo Montalban Foundation.

I got this one (below) in my e-mail on Wednesday, 8/2/06:

CELEBRITY NOOZ August 3, 2006
Jack Black To Join 'Jesus Christ Superstar' Reunion...

Jack Black has signed on to play Biblical bad guy King Herod in a stage reunion of the cast of 1973 movie musical 'Jesus Christ Superstar.' The original stars of the film, Ted Neeley and Yvonne Elliman, will team up with cast mates for the August 13 benefit show in Hollywood. Jack is replacing Josh Mostel as Herod, while song and dance legend Ben Vereen will portray Judas Iscariot, a role that won him a Tony nomination in the Broadway show. Carl Anderson played Judas in Norman Jewison's film version.

oesn't it seem appropriate, as Carl was originally Ben's understudy?)!

As scooped initially on Ted's list by Jenean Bugiada ( 7/26:

August 13, 2006 - 8PM  --- One night only! Ricardo Montalban Theatre
in Hollywood.

Ted Neeley

Yvonne Elliman

Barry Dennen (playing Pilate this time!)

Jack Black (playing Herod)

are all "for sure" signed on!

Benefit concert performance of JCS "Youth Theatre America" and "Ricardo Montalban Foundation"

Gary Goddard will direct. Forbes Candish will produce. 

None of the above folks will be with Ted on tour.

They are also trying to get Ben Vereen as Judas!

Jenean Bugiada


and updated from the Barry Dennen website today (7/29) by Da:S ( 

After months of discussion and speculation about the Last Supper Tour, it has emerged as a one-night-only concert to benefit the Youth Theatre of America that will take place on August 13th (just a couple of weeks away) at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles.

Ted Neeley will take a brief break from working on his Farewell Tour of JCS to perform as Jesus with Yvonne Elliman as Mary and yes, Barry will reprise his best-known role as Pilate! Jack Black is scheduled to perform the part of Herod.
The role of Judas has yet to be settled but rumour has it the producer, Gary Goddard is trying to get Ben Vereen  (NOTE ON THIS: according to the Box Office, Ben Vereen has been contacted, but things are still pending at this time) who played Judas in the original Broadway show or Murray Head from the original concept album.

No word on when tickets will go on sale yet, but they will probably be sold via Nosotros, the charitable organization founded by Ricardo Montalban. As soon as we get more info, it'll be posted here.

A touring production with a different cast may be in the works for the fall.


TICKET INFORMATION  (I got this info last night from the head of the Box Office, and got the okay to post it today):

Tickets are not too bad - but with privileges it's pretty astronomical.  The low price is $110.00.  And there are only 200 of those tickets.  The Ricardo Montalban only holds about 1,200 seats total, but I think they said there are 1,000 tickets being sold.  The next price up is $265.00, and top price is $520.00.  HOWEVER, if you want a cast meet and greet - the only way to do this is buy making a donation on top of your ticket.  So the ticket with meet and greet is $1,000.00ERGO - if you're going to meet Ted - it doesn't sound likelyAt least not easily anyway.  

The box office is not selling tickets.

  Tickets will go on sale Sunday, 7/30/06 at 10AM - PACIFIC TIME (i.e. - East Coasters - it's 1PM our time).  You can purchase them one of two ways:   1.  ONLINE at:  www.youththeatreame rica.tix. com   (it's not listed on their site yet)
2.  PHONE:  800-595-4TIX  
  The Ricardo Montalban Theatre info:   1615 Vine St
Los Angeles, CA 90028
(323) 462-6666

 But don't call the Box Office.
  And this will be in tomorrow's LA paper.