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Picture is used with permission 
by Michael Rapp 
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DECEMBER 18, 1999


**** LATEST ON RASPUTIN!!!  See details in the update section below!



Rasputin 3 CD Box Set with Libretto - for a limited time only $24.95 + s & h

Starring Ted Neeley from "Jesus Christ Superstar"


Narrated by John Hurt  ("Elephant Man" & "Harry Potter")

and featuring  Amanda McBroom from "The Rose"


Words and music by Michael Rapp

Rasputin” is a musical exploration of the people, places and events surrounding compelling historical figures - Tsar Nicholas II and wife Alexandra, their four beautiful daughters, son Alexei and Rasputin, the “peasant priest” whose enigmatic mixture of sensuality and spirituality held sway over the Russian court.  At the core of the show is the connection between Rasputin and the heir to the throne, Alexei.  Suffering from hemophilia, the young Tsarevitch sees Rasputin as a mysterious healer, while others see him as an unscrupulous opportunist bent on exploiting his relationship with the Royal Family.  Through the eyes of intolerance, Rasputin is a cunning manipulator.  Through the eyes of acceptance, he is a miracle worker.  A savior?  A Charlatan?  The miracle of Rasputin ultimately lies in the eye of the beholder.



*** AT LAST - IT'S FINALLY HERE!!!  See details in the update section below!




Well, it all started when Denise posted this message to the Ted Neeley List on 11/30/99:

Hi Guys...

This 'might' be very exciting news for some of you..depending on where you live... I will be posting on my site.. most likely tomorrow, but wanted to give you guys 'first dibs'.. so to speak.. Here goes:

Ted called me yesterday to tell me that there are some seats left for the 'invitation only' showing of a 1 1/2 hour showcase of 'Rasputin Songs'. Knowing how loyal his fans are, he asked me to give you the opportunity to attend.. before it is open to the 'general public'. It is a VERY SMALL theater though, and it's a 'first come/first served' basis.. I don't know how many will be able to go... It is at:  

The Grand Opera House
818 North Market Street
Wilmington, Delaware  19801-3080

December 18, Saturday, one show only.  

If you are interested and want a seat, send email directly to:

Mention you were invited by 'Denise via Ted'... so they will know you are 'special' *smile* .. And, I'd be curious as to who is going, Would you be so kind as to email me???

Well, that's all for now.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

My Best,


Raz Group:  Left to right:  Pam, Me, Leslie, Georgie, Denise, Susan 
(not shown:  my friend Deb, and Dave - who took the picture)


Which led, eventually, to an INCREDIBLE evening that 8 of us from this list were able to spend at Ted's show in Delaware. Below is a slightly updated copy of the e-mail I originally posted, with the gaps beautifully filled-in by Susan ( and some by Mary from Delaware (on TN list) (gotta give credit where credit is due, right?). Again, if I've left anything - or anyone - out, sorry, sorry, sorry, but I'm sure Denise will fill the blanks in. So, here goes:

         - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
Okay. I'll start this, because I'm SURE all of you guys are just DYING to hear about Saturday night. This will probably be a VERY long e-mail - so I apologize in advance, but the whole evening bears relaying -, so skip ahead if you have certain parts of the evening in mind you want to know about first. ALSO - if I left anything or anyone out, I apologize, but it's 12:30AM -and I'm BUSHED! I'm sure they - or you - will tell me, and you'll all hear it from them anyway, I'm sure. 

The Grand Opera House in Wilmington, Delaware is a  charming old jewel of a building, built in 1871, and a perfect setting for the show. It holds some 1100 people, and was sold out for the performance. In case anyone is wondering "why Delaware", it was stated that Michael Rapp, who wrote the show, is a Wilmington native. This is not actually the case, Michael is from the Philadelphia area, but he certainly has spent a good deal of time in Wilmington in any event. Ted has said they did this show in Wilmington because the people of Wilmington made it possible for them to be there. Anyway, so much for history. For those of you who LOVE to collect mementos, there was an AMAZING souvenir table at the show. It included: programs ($10), pins ($15 - these were specially made fabric pieces that are just lovely - I have mine on as I write this, and I put it on at the show (you can see it in the pictures on this page and my home page), CD's $15 (these included:  Ulysses  (NOTE:  Ulysses, The Greek Suite and Quasimodo, Prince of Fools CD's are no longer available through Lazeria Music and not sold in any stores. To hear musical excerpts or to place an order for Ulysses and Quasimodo and other musical recordings by composer/lyricist Michael Rapp, please log on to:, and a special 20-minute selection from Rasputin which includes: 1. Grand Waltz/Heaven Help Us, 2. Three Themes: God Save The Czar/ We'd Rather Die Than Live Like This/Father Gregory, 3. With Every Drop, 4. Blood On Your Hands, and, finally, 5. Nasdrovia. - I'm listening to it as I write this, it's very well-done), shot glasses (with the  words "Never Say Die" & "Rasputin" in red painted on them), coasters, t-shirts ($10 - L & XL only - can I lobby for smaller sizes?), (DENISE, I JUST GOT MINE FIXED SO I CAN WEAR IT NOW!) and a book about Alexei Romanov  

which the author, Greer Firestone (who was at the show), would personally autograph for you if you desired. (Note: If you are interested in the book, here is some info. The back of the book has this listing for availability: Thief of Love Publishing, Wilmington, DE -  1-800-962-2713, and the book costs $15).  (NOTE:  Prices listed here were for this evening only.) I went a little crazy (my one moment of madness for the year) & bought the program, pin, t-shirt, & Rasputin CD. I couldn't tell you if these will be made available outside of the show, but you might write to Leeyan and ask (I hope I'm not opening a  Pandora's Box with that suggestion, but the proceeds for these things go to help support Rasputin, so it's possible that arrangements could be in the works to do this anyway). If they are made available, I recommend checking these things out, they're beautiful. 



Apparently, Ted and company had been in Wilmington for the past month rehearsing the show.  


Ted and company in rehearsal for "Rasputin"
Photo courtesy of Tom Murray

Ted with Debbie and Larry Friedman backstage at "Rasputin".
Photo courtesy of  Mike Soper and - e-mailed to me by Rita Liekens (


What Denise (, Dave, Susan (, George-Ann, Leslie (, Pam (a friend of Leslie's and good friend of Donna Rucier (Memorial on DaGirLS' page)), my friend Deb and I ( (and I hope that is everyone - again, my apologies if I left ANYONE out) saw was a concert version/workshop/ backers' audition, consisting of musical excerpts from the full length version of the show, but it was a step above a typical one. Apparently a costume designer, set designer, and other individuals "opened their doors" to Rasputin, and we saw suggestions of costumes, sets, and production numbers for the show. The philosophy stated in the program said that the evening's performance was less about what one sees, and more about what one hears - and less about what one hears than how one listens... Rasputin, for anyone who doesn't know the history, was the healer hired to treat Alexei, the hemophiliac son of Russian Tsar Nicholas and Empress Alexandra Romanov. Here is the introduction in the program: ""Rasputin" is a musical adaptation which explores the people, places and events that eventually lead to the demise of the Royal Romanov Family - a dynasty which ruled Russia for three centuries. Though history provides innumerable facts on the subject, our show will focus on the personal relationships and perceptions that helped forge those facts. At the core of the show is the bond between Gregory Rasputin and Alexei, heir to the throne and cherished son of Czar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra. Suffering from life-threatening hemophilia, the young Tsaravitch sees "Father Gregory" as a mysterious healer and friend. While Rasputin's seemingly divine ability to heal Alexei affords him great influence over the Empress, his enemies view him as an interloper of the Court, an uncouth peasant bent on exploiting his relationship with the Royal Family. As Rasputin's notoriety grows, gossip and rumor regarding his escapades lead to published reports portraying him as "The Mad Monk". This perception is disseminated by political factions who use Rasputin as a convenient tool in their cause to end Russian imperialistic rule. With oppression and grinding poverty fueling the fire for revolution, the stage is set for the death of the Romanovs and the birth of Communism. Throughout the show we see how perception and prejudice define our view of right and wrong, good and evil; how we see the family next door or a dynasty across the world. Through the eyes of intolerance, Rasputin is a cunning manipulator. Through the eyes of acceptance, he is a miracle worker. Charlatan or savior, miracles ultimately lie in the eye of the beholder." Susan mentioned to me that while the story was narrated by Ken Wesler, the Executive Director of the Grand Opera House, apparently the original plan was to do a kind of slide show.


The Cast:

Rasputin - Ted Neeley

Czar Nicholas - Jim O'Neil

Empress Alexandra - Eileen Ward

Alexei - Ross Ramone

Olga - Sara Gliko

Tatiana - Sara Salvatore

Marie - Rachel Murray

Anastasia - Caitlin Custer

Dr. Botkin - Christopher Carey

Prince Yusapov - Louis Palena

Soldier - Ed Corsi

Derevenko - David Holmes

Mystery Lady - Karen Murdock

Peasant Woman - Regina Rossi

Peasant Man - Mike Soper

Royal Attendants:

Anthony DiBenedetto
Shawn Doyle
Debbie Friedman
Larry Friedman
Mary Goyette
Kimberly San Flippo

The songs performed:

THE OTHER SIDE - Vocal ensemble (45 AMAZINGLY talented people) (Ted is introduced as Rasputin in this number - (he actually sings "Heaven Help Us" in the "Grand Waltz/Heaven Help Us" section below) he looked SMASHING in his costume, and sounds wonderful - as he always does.)

GRAND WALTZ/HEAVEN HELP US - Vocal and Dance Ensemble

NEVER SAY DIE - Soldier at the Front (a nice surprise, Anthony DiBenedeto of JCS played this role)


DON'T DRESS ME IN GRAY - Tsar Nicholas (Jim O'Neil, former Pilate in JCS, now Artistic Director/Co-Founder of The Rubicon Theatre Company - where Ted performed in "Murder In The First" last June (2000), played this role)

FATHER GREGORY - Gregory Rasputin & Alexei. Susan adds: "The part of Alexei was played by a 12-year-old boy named Ross Ramone...and what an incredible talent he has!! He is awesome. If this production can keep him, and they can get it going before his voice changes, I think he just might steal the show. "Father Gregory" is the number with young Alexei and Rasputin, it brought tears to my eyes. I can't let this chance get away to put in a word for hands-on healing either. As some of you may know I do Reiki, a form of hands-on energy healing. I had to comment to Ted on his "healing hands" afterwards. (I think he has that gift also anyway) He just chuckled and said "Well, I'm working on it." When Leslie asked Ted if he was voice coaching this boy, Ted had a "guilty" grin."

ETERNITY - Peasant Couple

NASDROVIA! - Rasputin and Vocal Ensemble (A REALLY rousing piece of music - comparable to something you might see/hear in "Les Miz").

NEVER GIVE UP ON YOU - Royal Bodyguards/Alexei & Royal Attendants (Another nice surprise, Larry Friedman (JCS A.D. Tour Annas) played one of the attendants, Debbie Friedman was there as well. ).

WITH EVERY DROP - Nicholas & Alexandra (A lovely duet that represents letters the Tsar and Empress wrote to each other over the years of their lives. It was staged with each of them on opposite sides of the stage, sitting at desks. I think this song has the best chance to be cut as a single off the CD once it is released. It is certainly the most "commercial" song in the score.)

RASPUTIN THEMES - Piano Solo & Rasputin/Lady Lover

HEARTBEAT OF LIFE (PEASANT DANCE) - Dance and Vocal Ensemble

LET'S ALL MOVE TO SIBERIA - Olga, Tatiana, Marie, Anastasia (OTMA). Susan reminded me that after the show, Ted said that when the actresses portraying the Romanov daughters froze in the ending scene of this song, they were positioned exactly as Olga, Tatiana, Marie and Anastasia were photographed in the snow in Siberia.

TELL ME IF YOU THINK I'M RUSSIAN - Prince Yusupov and Soldiers (A fun number which takes place in a bar. Chad Hudson played Prince Yusupov - and did a fabulous job - with only 3 days' rehearsal. The prince is a transvestite, and Chad looks better in women's clothes than a lot of women I know - myself probably included!)

GOD WHERE ARE YOU NOW? - Alexandra (a heartbreaking plea from the Empress to God while she watches her son Alexei sleep. Eileen Ward, who played the Empress, did a masterful job with this incredibly difficult and rangy song. Deb found out later that she has no formal vocal training (we should ALL be such naturals!).

BECAUSE OF YOU - Rasputin/Doctor Botkin & Royal Attendants (A very powerful musical argument between Rasputin and Botkin about who is really responsible for Alexei's being alive). Susan adds: "...the part of Dr. Bodkin was sung by Chris Carey (Caiaphas in the JCS A.D. Tour). What a thrill to hear Chris' incredible bass up against Teddy!!! I had goose bumps!! This piece was reminiscent of Carl and Ted in "The Last Supper"."

BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS - Rasputin (Ted's big solo of the evening. Susan told me later that this song reminded her of Gethsemane - I heartily agree!)

NASDROVIA - Curtain Call! (This time, some of the cast members handed out little plastic cups with the word Nasdrovia painted on them - to the audience members. Unfortunately, for us, this happened only on the main floor. We were all sitting in the balcony.)


The show is a very powerful piece of work. It has many wonderful moments, and a very positive future with the right backing (the house was filled with backers last night). Both Ted and Mary Davis, the PR person from the Grand Opera House, said there was a backers meeting today (Sunday 12/19), but that things looked very good for the show to be further developed (judging from the standing ovation Ted and the show received, one would think it's a reasonable assumption that things could happen very quickly for "Rasputin"). The performance lasted close to 2 hours.   

At the curtain call, Ted thanked numerous people, (including Wilmington's ex-mayor - Tom Maloney, who, along with Greer Firestone, had been instrumental in helping "Rasputin" happen), all of the cast members, the band (Michael Rapp with a WONDERFUL group of musicians), and the personnel at the Grand Opera House that helped make this event happen. He said that Wilmington felt like home to him, and then told everyone to stay in the lobby for the reception, and that he would be up to hear what people's thoughts were. All of us from the list who were there connected after the show, and hung out together waiting for Ted. The backers went to a private party, held at a restaurant across the street from the Grand Opera House. The reception was very nice. Wine, cheese, crackers, and OLD RASPUTIN BEER (honest to God - Ted said later that someone found it and got it special for the show). 

This poster, and an identical copy, came into play at the reception, in what Susan refers to as: 

The Poster Fiasco 

The infamous "Rasputin" poster
Photo courtesy of Leslie Virgilio 

This was one of two identical posters that were displayed in the Grand Opera House lobby for "Rasputin". Rather than relate the entire story here, suffice it to say that Leslie and I were told we could have them, but we returned them when we found out that they were the only two posters that were made (so they are pretty valuable).  Michael Rapp, very kindly autographed the one above, as did Ted, at a later date, and Leslie is the proud owner of this poster.  Ted, of course, owns the other poster.  The girls did get pictures of the poster before it was autographed, one of which is posted above on this page.  


Anyway, back to the "Rasputin" reception. We waited for a LONG time (not a surprise, right?), and finally Deb & I got Mary, one of the cast members we'd met at dinner to take us backstage to see Ted. Getting backstage was harder than usual. There was a guard at the door, with a key to unlock it - which only happened if you had connections. We all lined up outside Ted's dressing room (actually, it was the "Male Dressing Room" - Ted was sharing it with 4 other actors from the show - (let no one say that this man has aspirations of insisting on "his own dressing room" - LOL!)) -, and waited while Denise and Dave saw Ted first. We had discovered that Leslie, Susan, I & at least 2 others in our group had gone to the Disney Store to buy Ted Xmas presents (3 guesses as to what we bought, right?). When Denise & Dave came out of the dressing room, Denise told us that she had asked Ted if he was ever going to get out to the lobby to see the rest of us, and was relieved when she saw us outside the dressing room door when she & Dave came out (they'd gotten escorted in a little earlier by one of the house staff). Then Dave took the picture of most of us - sans himself, Deb, and Ted unfortunately, which is posted on this webpage. When it got to be our turn, Susan, Leslie, George-Ann, Pam, Deb & I went in together, and there was Ted, dressed all in black, looking just WONDERFUL! He saw us, hugged all of us, then looked at us all and said: "It's too late to start crying.", and we all laughed. We all got lots of hugs (I think I got 3 or 4 myself) - and, of course, we all know that these alone are worth all the trips we could make, right? Ted signed autographs, and took pictures with all of us, then Leslie gave Ted 2 signs and a picture to hold up to say hi to Diana and Ray from Philly and Marilyn (Leslie's red-headed friend), all of whom couldn't make the trip at the last moment, then snapped his picture with the signs (which was HILARIOUS!). Ted told us that he definitely planned to see all of us in our respective cities if/when Rasputin toured, and/or with anything else he toured. I showed him a relic I'd found (a 45rpm record some of you may have -"Paradise"/"Don't Let It Mess Your Mind" - recorded in 1975). Ted was knocked-out. He showed it to EVERYONE, including Michael Rapp. It has pictures of him in "Hair", "Sgt. Pepper", "Tommy" & "Jesus Christ Superstar" on the back of the jacket, & a lovely 1/4 shot of him on the front. Everyone was teasing him about how young/sweet he looked in the pictures. (Don't you just love to see his face when these relics show up that he's done years ago? It's so cute - he's like a kid in a candy store, you know?) Susan then adds: "When I pulled out my Ventura photo for Ted to sign, Ted took it to show Michael Rapp and a few others, and someone, I can't remember who, commented on Ted's "blond" hair! His hair is now back to "normal" light brown, (minus gray of course :)) and about shoulder length. The only beard he has grown is just under his lower lip. The rest is makeup HA! Oh, and Michael Rapp is about as slippery as Carl Anderson. It took 6 tries to get him still long enough to get his autograph, but then again, I am sometimes maybe too polite for my own good. That same autographed program now has a special messed up corner, via a spilled Sprite in the dressing room.  I think it was the fiancée of the costume lady that did it." Ted opened all of our presents and loved all the Jiminy Crickets we bought him. He was just having a wonderful time - like he always does. I also gave him a card which had his picture on it, and said inside "Just a little gift to enjoy, and to give something back to a very special man who brings so much joy and gives so much of himself to all of us." I think he was touched, he looked like he was going to tear-up when he read it. Then Denise returned, wearing her Ted Neeley and Company jacket. She took a picture with Ted while holding the jacket up so the emblem would photograph. I think this picture may appear in the Grand Opera House bulletin - or maybe the Wilmington newspaper (I'm not sure, but the PR woman took her name and the photographer she had with her (I think he was her date) took the picture of them - (Susan told me that Sharon Kaufman and her husband Richard may actually have taken this picture, I'm not totally sure)). Denise will, hopefully post it, and the other pictures on her camera, which Leslie's developing afterward. Also, the PR person (Mary Davis) asked us if we would like shot glasses from the show. There were only 2 in the dressing room, and we gave them to the 2 folks who had the longest bus ride: Susan (Fla.) and George-Ann (Toronto), I think. The rest of us gave Mary Davis - the PR woman - our names and she's sending us one each, a very nice gesture. (By the way, Denise, my shot glass never showed up. Did yours, or anyone else's? - Maybe they ran out?) Incidentally, Mary didn't know about Ted's Jiminy Cricket collection, and was really as bowled-over by the presents we gave him as Ted was. I think we spent about an hour with Ted in his dressing room, a lovely time - but WAY too short. He hugged us goodbye, and we left the Grand Opera House about 2:30-3:00AM (sound familiar?). I don't know what the others did, they were staying at the Wyndham Hotel (one block over and one block down from the Grand Opera House) - Susan filled me in later: "Leslie booked the hotel, it was real close. Ted likes close, so she just asked if he was there, he's a close friend, they said yes, and she said put us on the same floor, they said OK. Viola. But we did not know which room on that short floor he was in.  I know my hackles would come up going by a certain area ... must have been lots of Ted energy there! hahaha" Deb & I went back to our hotel, the Motel 6 - about 2 minutes around the corner - where we talked about the show for a little while, and crashed about 4AM. We drove back today (6 hours out, 7 hours back - we stopped for breakfast -) and got home around 8PM. All in all - it was a WONDERFUL trip. Let's hope that Ted does tour "Rasputin" - SOON, so you can all have the experience we had yesterday, and, of course, so we can all see Ted's wonderful smiling face in our hometowns soon!  




In case you've all wondered why "Rasputin" was not apparently reviewed in Delaware's Wilmington News Journal, Mary filled me in a few days later on an event that none of us were aware of at the time:

"Hi Cindi:

I talked to Greer about publicity a while back and he told me it was not at all the main focus but that the commitments were what it was about, but I do know of at least one critic who was invited. There was nothing in the paper on Sunday or today - but I wrote an email to the paper and asked if there would be one. They haven't answered me yet. Here's part of what I'm thinking - I don't know if you are aware that there was a murder of a 36-year-old mother of four right around the corner at 10 pm that night - it has been a main focus of the news - tonight they have a suspect. I have to wonder if that was overshadowing any coverage? The events at the Grande are usually covered bigtime - but then again - this was not open to the public. That might have something to do with it. If I see any kind of review - I will let you know." 

To the best of my knowledge, I believe this person was caught, but you'll have to ask Mary if you want to know for sure. I can only say that I guess good fortune was with all of us that night.


Since this e-mail, 4 websites for Rasputin have popped-up that I know of: 

 ( the official site - which includes the Rasputin Newsletter page: )  

(this one is owned by Kathy Herder: or

     Raffaella and Sylvia's new Rasputin site.

     Mike Soper's new site, designed by Kathy Herder, which includes pictures
     from Rasputin, and from the Rasputin recording sessions.


10/14/04 - This BEAUTIFUL piece of art was created by Shevonia (Von) Thompson (, after being 
                  inspired by Kathy's new additions to the Rasputin website today.  Von graciously gave me permission to post this 
                  on my website.  Enjoy, everyone!


Picture from

Photograph of Ted Neeley by "Bucky"
from the official website at:




The updates you will find below are mostly from Kathy Herder, and Michael Rapp via Kathy, but there are some from Ted as well, and those are below "red" paragraphs, such as this one, so that they are easier to find, for anyone who chooses to see what Ted has to say directly on this piece and it's progress.  ENJOY!


UPDATE 1/19/06:

The latest word from Kathy Herder:



Dear Rasputin Friends,

While we are working hard to bring "Rasputin" to the stage as soon as possible, we thought we would extend our Christmas CD special offer until the end of January.  Normally the purchase price to acquire the Rasputin 3 CD box set with libretto is $36.95 + shipping.  Right now fans and friends can pick up a second copy for just $29.95 plus shipping.  This is ideal as many of you will see Ted Neeley on his JCS farewell tour this year.  A second Rasputin CD set would be ideal as an autographed keepsake for your collection while you still enjoy a listening copy.

With Valentine's Day approaching - it would be the perfect gift too for the new loved one in your life or for special friends or family near or far away.

The Rasputin 3 CD Box set can be ordered securely at:

Feel free to pass this e-mail on to friends or family - anyone who may be interested in hearing Rasputin.

   Kind regards,

 Kathy Herder

for Rasputin the Musical

Nasdrovia, LLC

   Miracles lie in the eye of the beholder



FINALLY - something visual!!!

The latest word from Kathy Herder:


Dear Fans,

We would like to announce the release of the fifteen minute Rasputin video on the website.  It is not recommended for dial up users.  DSL connections or higher will be able to view this video by going directly to this link:

You may add this link on your website.  Feel free to pass this e-mail along to fans, friends or others who may be interested in Rasputin. 

Nasdrovia, LLC
1035 E. Woodland Ave., Suite 2
Springfield , PA 19064

Phone:  1-866-RASPUTIN


With Kathy Herder's and Michael Rapp's knowledge and permission:



Michael said you can post post Anthony's and Sue's note as it is the truth - and you can post your comments about signing up at the Forrest Theatre.
I have no other comments I'd like to share at this time. 

I previously posted the information Matushka/Spanish Sue ( received about the current status of Rasputin here, in an e-mail she had received from Anthony DiBenedetto on June 16, 2005, but at her request, I've removed it.  The e-mail, to summarize, basically stated that while they are still looking to raise some more money, the play is not dead, but right now it is asleep, and, hopefully, it will "awaken soon".  So, keep in mind that this show is still being very actively worked on, regardless of it's current status, and we may see it yet!  I have left her e-mail with the comments from the Forrest Theatre, so you can read what they've said on the project.  Thanks, Sue, for your efforts.

- - - - - - - - - 


hello all :**

Few days ago, I wrote to the Forrest Theater asking for Rasputin. Here´s my message and their answer (I have just to receive it)

----------------------------- Original Message ----------------------------------


Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 18:43:00 +0200


I would like to know if you have any date for Rasputin The Musical´s performance, by Michael Rapp.

Thank you very much in advance




Thanks for your inquiry. Unfortunately there are no immediate plans to present Rasputin. Apparently the producers are still trying to raise the money.

Forrest Theatre Customer Service

- - - - - - - 

Now, we all know that there are certain plans, etal. being worked on and/or already in motion to get Raz to become a reality sooner, rather than later, and I didn't post the above to quash anyone's efforts, only to keep those who weren't aware already of the current status. Hopefully, things will move forward again very soon!


At last, there is a light at the end of a  LONG, long tunnel!!!

Here is Kathy Herder's 2/27/05 e-mail on the latest Rasputin developments:

Sent: Sun 2/27/05 - 3:12PM
From: Kathy Herder: (
Subject: [ted-neeley] Rasputin is coming

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

So glad to hear that some of you have enjoyed the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper article in the Arts & Entertainment section released today. Yes, we have had meetings with Moscow's Bolshoi Ballet and hope to bring them on board. The show is set to open late fall in Philadelphia and no show dates have been released as of date. We are very excited about the progress Rasputin and we know that some of you have waited a long time for this show. Rasputin is almost here!

I know a lot of you have websites for Ted Neeley which mention Rasputin. Officially I must place a note here in this Ted Neeley venue on behalf of Rasputin. The article which you have read, cannot be reproduced or photos from the newspaper article scanned and used on any website due to copyright legality issues. I must instruct you to provide only the following:

Philadelphia Inquirer

Can't Keep Good Mystic Down

Released February 27, 2005

I look forward to staying in touch as Rasputin progresses. We will be adding some new things to the website soon. So mark your favorites and come see us soon at:

In the meantime I want to thank everyone for their continued support and patience. Rasputin is coming...

Kind regards,

Kathy Herder

for Rasputin the Musical

You can also see the entire article - with pictures - on the Rasputin website here:


Michael Rapp has put together a WONDERFUL Rasputin montage for all to listen to and enjoy!  Click on the Rasputin icon below to be directed to the download page on the Rasputin Website.  Enjoy, everyone:





Kathy sent us some great news with the Rasputin Thanksgiving Newsletter, and a further update on MP3:

11/17/03 is closing its service on December 2nd and being taken over by C-Net.  It's sad that we are loosing this venue - but at least we can say that Rasputin is going out on TOP!!




 On October 28th at Easy Listening\Broadway the top 100 list was released.  We are very honored to announce that there were 8 songs appearing in the Top 10.

  • No. 1 - Kill The Devil
  • No. 2 - Never Say Die
  • No. 3 - Peasant Dance
  • No. 4 - Grand Waltz
  • No. 5 - The Meeting From Rasputin
  • No. 6 - Rasputin
  • No. 7 - Grand Waltz - Heaven Help Us
  • No. 9 - Prelude to Peasant Dance

We were also No. 1 in Opera and had 2 in the top 5 for the Symphonic list as well!  We thank each of you for listening and making this possible.  Your continued dedication and support is always appreciated.   

 I’d also like to take this opportunity to mention our special limited time offer.  If you met a new friend this year, have a loved one who has not heard our musical, or you simply wore out your copy of the Rasputin 3 Box Set; this is your opportunity to pick it up for Christmas at $35 each with FREE shipping in the USA.  To order at this special price, please visit our website:

 If you know of someone who would be interested in our musical, feel free to pass this e-mail on.  Significant news regarding the progress of Rasputin is forthcoming and I look forward to sharing it with you.  Until then, Happy Holidays to you and your family.

 Kind regards & Nasdrovia,


 Kathy Herder

For Rasputin the Musical




Received an e-mail from Kathy today with some great Rasputin news today!

I can tell you one thing.  Michael and Ted were in heaven two weeks ago today.
8 songs from Rasputin were in the top 10 at Easy Listening\Broadway.
I never saw anything like that, so I snagged the page and made a poster of it and framed it.  It now hangs in the studio for all to see.  Very happy guys right now. 
No other news but that!




Ted sent this message to me today in response to Diane's post on the Ozzy Osbourne Rasputin Project she found listed in a Texas newspaper:

October 3, 3003

Hello Cver,

he Ozzie project is the "Ozzie" project and I wish him all good things on his journey. His is not the only piece being developed, written or produced about this material. A new opera, Nicholas and Alexandra, starring Placido Domingo as Rasputin, just had it's world premier in Los Angeles. In a perfect world, having the sole production on a public domain material source might be possible. However, the real world, and certainly that little corner called the entertainment business, thrives on competition.

So, we must be forever grateful as the songs of life fall generously into the souls of the singers and hope we ultimately achieve harmony among all who sing.

Please give my thanks to Diane for her concern and tell her that I grew up reading the Fort Worth Star Telegram.

I hope all is well with you, Cver, and I am glad you are still interested.

Take care,




3/2/03 (for 2/28 & 3/1/03)

I've received 2 e-mails from Ted this weekend, in which he mentions the progress on "Rasputin".  Those mentions appear below.  Enjoy, everyone:

3/1/03: (part of an e-mail where Ted mentions Rasputin)

March 1, 2003

Good Morning, Cver

Rasputin is moving along beautifully.  While developing a project of this magnitude, you begin by working on it until you feel you can work with it.  Then, you grow into working through it for the best it can be.

And every creative moment of each individual phase is so fulfilling because you see and feel and hear the results each day.  I could talk on about it for at least twenty pages, easily, but I would rather, simply continue the developmental process in silence, until the production is ready.  And then, let the Rasputin project speak for itself through the passion, the power, the pathos, the visual imagery and the visceral dynamics of the story in the music.

Let me just say this.  Michael does a magnificent job creating the music.  All of the artists deliver their powerful and moving interpretations of the melodies and the words.  The dramatic content grows more and more passionate with each turning of the artistic page.  Underneath it all, an amazing story actually happened at the turn of the last century, in truth, within the family, as the three hundred year rule of the Romanoff Dynasty fell into destruction, then extinction. The Royal Family, Nicholas and Alexandra, their four amazing daughters, Olga, Tatiana, Marie, and Anastasia and their only son, Alexei, who would have followed in his father's footsteps as Tzar of all Russia, all placed their faith in a very dark, spiritually mysterious confidant, a common peasant priest from Siberia named, Gregori Rasputin,  the saint who sinned.  In this man, and through his hands on healing through prayer showing a miraculous release of the previously unbearable pain suffered by young Alexei,  for the very first time since Alexei was born, the Romanoff Family found hope.
Rasputin gave the Romanoffs a new resolve that none of the great medical minds of the period could reach. Rasputin gave Alexei the will to live on, even though his frail, tortured body was devastated by hemophilia, the incurable disease, carried down by the Mother, Alexandra and passed on to the male child, Alexei.

In the end, I believe anyone who sees the production will walk away, having felt a powerful and emotional connection with at least one element of Rasputin.

Until we speak again,
I wish you well.


Hello Cver,

Rasputin is moving along beautifully. Each new day brings us one step closer to finalizing the powerful developmental period, and moving into our pre-production rehearsal phase. I look forward to every new moment of artistic growth as we carefully continue on this wonderful creative journey of discovery! What an amazing experience! How fortunate I am to be a part of such a fulfilling process!

Thank you again, for all you do.

Warm regards, TN.







Everyone, I HIGHLY recommend this GLORIOUS CD!!! I cannot say enough about how INCREDIBLY FAR "Rasputin" has come since the showcase in Wilmington!  Here is the principal cast, as listed in the libretto that comes with the CD:


Rasputin............................................................    Ted Neeley
Narrator............................................................    John Hurt
Alexandra.........................................................    Amanda McBroom
Nicholas............................................................    James O'Neil
Alexei...............................................................    Ross Ramone
Olga..................................................................    Sarah Gliko
Tatiana.............................................................    Katie Walsh
Marie...............................................................    Tracy Stephens
Anastasia.........................................................    Krissy Doyle
Prince Yusupov................................................    Bradley Dean
Dr. Botkin........................................................    Christopher Carey
Rebel................................................................    Anthony DiBenedetto
Mysterious lady / Peasant Girl.......................    Christine Rea
Derevenko.......................................................    Larry Friedman


As we were told, the recording is a triple CD.  The libretto divides the pieces and CD's by color.  The first CD is Gold, the second Green and the third Purple.  Here is the list of pieces, per the libretto, which, by the way, is beautifully done:




1 -   The Assassination 1 -   Eternity / Prelude 1 -   Prelude
2 -   Grand Waltz / Heaven Help Us 2 -   Never Say Die 2 -   Because of You
3 -   The Meeting 3 -   The Bishop & the Empress 3 -   Prelude
4 -   Don't Dress Me In Gray 4 -   God Is Good 4 -   With Every Drop
5 -   God Save the Tsar 5 -   Let's All Move to Siberia 5 -   Kill The Devil With a Kiss
6 -   We'd Rather Die 6 -   Prelude 6 -   Blood On your Hands
7 -   Tell Me If You Think I'm Russian 7 -   Peasant Dance 7 -   Kill the Devil Too
8 -   Never Give Up On You 8 -   How You Gonna Know? 8 -   Rasputin's Death The Letter & Montage
9 -   Prelude 9 -   I Owe You 9 -   God Where Are You Now?
10 - Father Gregory 10 - They Must Never Know 10 - Epilogue
11 - Prelude 11 - Prelude 11 - The Other Side
12 - Sweeter When Love Is Secret 12 - Nasdrovia! Bonus - Eternity Too

Even for those of us who were fortunate enough to see the Wilmington Showcase, this CD is much further developed, and makes for quite an "educating" and "entertaining" listening experience.  IF  YOU HAVE NOT YET ORDERED THIS MASTERPIECE, ORDER IT ASAP!  YOU WILL BE MORE THAN GLAD YOU DID!




6/18/02 & 6/28/02

used with permission by Michael Rapp

Received the following e-mail announcements from RazMaTaz!


Dear Fans of Jesus Christ Superstar,
We have taken the liberty of sending you this email to make you aware of an extraordinary new work starring Ted Neeley from Jesus Christ Superstar, international film star John Hurt (Elephant Man, Alien, Harry Potter) and Amanda McBroom (The Rose), entitled RASPUTIN.  We are announcing the release of the Triple CD Box Set with full Libretto. 
For those of you familiar with the reunion tour the CD  also features:
James O'Neil - (Pilot)
Christine Rae - (Mary)
Chris Carey - (Caiphas)
Anthony DiBenedetto - (Simon) and
Larry Friedman - (Annas)
Click below for more information and to order your personal copy.
Thank you for your interest and enjoy the music!
Kind regards,
The Rasputin Company



Rasputin Is Here

Greetings Dear friends,

It is a pleasure to send you some very exciting news.  After a great amount of hard work, time, effort, energy, patience and the talents of many,
the RASPUTIN CD is complete!  We are also proud to announce that we have international film star, John Hurt as our narrator.

Kind regards,
The Rasputin Company






AT LAST - IT'S HERE!!!  Many of you have already received Kathy's e-mail, and/or the special snail mail "Rasputin" postcard (it arrived on 6/6).  In case you haven't, here is the e-mail I received from Kathy on 6/5/02:

Greetings friends,

The time has arrived!  The triple CD Rasputin starring Ted Neeley is complete and available now.  You'll be getting a e-mail from our new store front that will allow secure encrypted ordering.  We have also set up a toll free number and mail orders will be accepted as well. 

At this time -- if you are living outside the United States please use the alternative ordering methods as noted inside the store.

Look for the newsletter arriving in your mailbox from
Rasputin has arrived....

Kind regards,
Kathy Herder





In a related note to the 11/21/01 post below, Kathy has been receiving numerous questions concerning Michael Rapp's new CD release of "Uncle G" and it's connection with "Rasputin".  Here is the official statement on this project from Kathy:

"In regard to Michael Rapp's release of Uncle G, it is imperative that it be understood that this comedy was written in 1994 and the project was already finished prior to Rasputin.  It is not a "musical project" and Michael spent NO TIME on it other than put this comedy on CD format.  Although Ted is a fan of it, it was nothing he would be involved in.  Artists have projects that they are involved in separately and jointly.  Uncle G is such a project that was written and performed solely by Michael Rapp.

Concerning Rasputin news, we are hoping to have it released in February or March."




Received this message from Kathy today:

In a message dated 11/20/2001 5:22:37 PM Pacific Standard Time, Michael Rapp  writes:

Raz will be different from anything in its genre and will probably be a triple CD.  A long process worth waiting for.

At your earliest convenience, if you haven't done so recently, we're asking that you please respond back to in providing us with your name and address to prepare for the release of Rasputin.  This is needed to update our address book to prepare our system for mailing labels.  Also in case you change your e-mail address we would still like to stay in touch with you.

Ted and Michael will take a break to spend Thanksgiving with their families.  We hope that you will do the same.  Be well, travel safe, enjoy your holiday, pray for world peace, hope in all good things and Rasputin is coming.....

Kind regards & Happy Thanksgiving!
Kathy Herder




I have had some further messages on Rasputin from Ted.  Basically, he states that the project is "growing beautifully", and that he will let me know when the Project/CD is nearing completion.  Until then, however, there are no official plans/dates/anything that have been set. Kathy sent out a Rasputin newsletter on Friday (7/20) basically saying the same thing.  As soon as one of us hears, so will all of you - PROMISE!



I received a short message from Kathy today, in response to my inquiry about Rasputin's recording progress.  Kathy basically said:  "No news yet.  I know that Michael and Ted are still in the studio recording and mixing is to start soon.  I know everyone is anxious for the CD to come out, but I know how Michael is and Ted as well that they won't put anything out until it's ready.  News will be released soon."  Also, some of you have asked me where Rasputin is being recorded.  Kathy informed me that it is being recorded in Philadelphia, PA.

So guys - once the CD is finished, and if this concert tour does come to pass as planned, we may all see each other - and Ted - sooner than we think!  Again, Michael and Ted, and/or Kathy will let us know any  news as soon as it becomes available, but until then, let's keep our fingers crossed!!!!!




I received this short message from Ted today, with a quick Rasputin mention:

Hi, C

Thank you for forwarding the information about my friend Bill Auvenshine from Diane Barnes in the Hillsboro, Texas area.  If you get the chance, please thank her for me. 
(NOTE:  PER DIANE'S LIST E-MAIL, DR. AUVENSHINE WAS TED'S high school band director.  He's now the president of Hill College in Hillsboro. THANKS DIANE).

Rasputin and I have become the best of friends.  After all, that is where I have spent the lions share of my time since we last talked, face to face.

I hope all is well with you.
Take care.

And this message from Kathy:

Good evening friends,

It's been awhile since I've written and wanted you to know that you haven't been forgotten.  Just to let you know, Michael Rapp is still in the studio recording the double CD Rasputin starring Ted Neeley.  Some key players have completed recording with several parts still in the works.  Recording a musical of this magnitude is a very complex task and your continued support is greatly appreciated.  The release of Rasputin is still forthcoming and as soon as a date is available, you will be promptly notified.

I would like at this time to encourage you to listen to the music at If we each make an effort whenever we can to listen, the money earned at goes towards Rasputin.  Our efforts together mean, Rasputin will be more sensational and the results will come back to us by what we hear, what we will see, and how we listen to the music that will soon bestow us all.  

Here is a link for you to bookmark. - " TED NEELEY AND MICHAEL RAPP

Many have asked about show\tour dates.  No dates have been scheduled and those will be announced following the Rasputin CD release.  I will keep in touch with you regarding any pertinent news as it becomes available.  Thanks again for your continued support.

Kind regards,
Kathy Herder





Received this message from Kathy Herder today, when I asked if there was any news on Rasputin to report:



I haven't heard any current news regarding Rasputin which can be posted.  At this time Cindi, Michael is not ready to release any new information.  As such, all I can say in response to your e-mail is that recording a double CD of this magnitude is a tedious process and there is still much to be done.  On behalf of Michael and Ted, I will respond by noting that Rasputin is still in the process of being recorded and the double CD is forthcoming.  Thank you for staying in contact and also for your ongoing effort to keep in touch with the fans.  With utmost respect, please let the fans know that their ongoing patience and support is very appreciated.  As soon as Michael feels comfortable about releasing any current news, he will most certainly let me know.  I will pass any news along promptly so that you may forward it to those you are in contact with and post it to your website.  Thank you so much Cindi, hope this helps.   





Received this message from Kathy Herder today:


I hope you didn't think I've forgotten about you.  Besides working, I've been busy  redesigning my website to reflect more of my artistic endeavors.  I would like share with you my HerdMusic website.  I think you'll enjoy the new changes.  HerdMusic is dedicated to my friend, composer\lyricist Michael Rapp and his music, and also features Ted Neeley and Michael Rapp's current project, Rasputin.  For those of you who have my link on web pages, you'll need to update my address if you would please.  Also, I would like to extend an invitation that if anyone would like me to link their page -- please send me an e-mail with your URL.  Without further adieu, I present:

Rasputin is still in the works and soon to be a reality.  Currently, Michael Rapp is in the studio recording with an awesome cast of artists.  While we're waiting for the release of the double Rasputin CD, you can still listen,
download and order sampler CD's from  I ordered a couple of sampler CD's that I'm sending to friends for Valentine's Day who don't own computers.  They haven't heard the music yet, so they will be in for a big surprise!  For those of you who haven't heard one of your favorite Rasputin songs in a while, stop in and listen -- as I'm sure it would be very appreciated by Ted and Michael.

I must tell you that I have enjoyed all your letters, keeping in touch with you regarding Ted Neeley and Michael Rapp's progress on Rasputin.  I look forward to keeping you informed regarding any new developments as they become available.  Right now, not much to report, but I suspect in the months to come that will all change.

Wishing you well, much happiness and my kind regards.

Kathy Herder




I began corresponding with Debbie Friedman on 1/23/01.  Here's some of what she reports is happening: (NOTE: All her flattery is very sweet, but don't worry, I haven't let it go to my head (LOL!) - after all, without Ted, where would ANY of us be?)

Dear Cindi,
This is Debbie Friedman (Larry's wife).
(NOTE:  For those who don't know, Larry played Annas in the JCS tour) I just discovered your web site and wanted to let you know that it is wonderful! I have already told Michael Rapp about it and I will be letting Teddy know as well. It is so thorough and written with such heart! I hope that you do not take offense to this, but I noticed an error that was actually not yours, just quoted by you. (This was the Amanda McBroom quote I mentioned above) Teddy is starring in, and serving in Producer capacity for the moment for Rasputin. He did not however, write the show. Michael Rapp wrote the book, all of the music and lyrics. If you wouldn't mind making the correction Michael and Ted would appreciate it. I am the one contacting you because I am the Production Assistant for the show. Thank you again for all your hard work and continued support. If you have any other questions please do not hesitate to write.
Debbie Friedman

Hi Cindi,
Your attitude and enthusiasm are wonderful. I understand where the error derived from and we appreciate the fact that you corrected it so quickly. 
We have been in the studio working on the double CD for the last couple of months. The concert tour is still in the works, no definite dates as of yet.
However, yesterday we had 12 songs in the top 32 on MP3 which is absolutely unheard of!!!!!!!!!!
In addition, due to the status of "Blood On Your Hands", currently #19, it crossed over to the Easy Listening Charts!!  

(NOTE: Per Debbie on 1/30/01):  
"All the stats have changed. They change on a daily basis.
So the information I sent is now "out of date". However, the more people that download the songs and purchase them, the more attention we bring to ourselves and the higher we stay in the ratings."
We are asking as many people as possible to purchase the $5.95 CD's from as many sources (computers) as possible. This will help us mount the concert tour! It is better to buy "Blood" on Easy Listening.
Thank you again for all your help!
Debbie Friedman 




Anyone on Ted's e-mail list saw Kat Campbell's message today.  It seems that Amanda McBroom posted this little item on her website "Gossip and Goodies Page":

"...My latest excitement has been to become involved in a new musical project written and performed by my friend Teddy Neeley.   (NOTE:  Debbie Friedman (Larry's (JCS' Annas) wife and the Production Assistant for "Rasputin") very kindly sent me an e-mail today (1/23/01) pointing out this error (see additional info posted below).  Ted is starring in, and serving in Producer capacity for the moment for, Rasputin.  He did not however, write the show.  Michael Rapp wrote the book, all of the music and lyrics.) You know... THE Jesus in "Superstar" and an idol of mine forever. Every woman I know loves what happens to his neck when he sings that high stuff.

Well, he has written a new musical with his friend Michael Rapp about Rasputin (again, Michael wrote the music and lyrics, Ted is, of course, in the title role), and they have recorded a CD and asked me to sing Empress Alexandra! Which I did. Which was great. And they are planning a concert version to perform around the country next year. Yahoo... on the road again with some truly exciting music. Russian! Yummm!"  (NOTE:  Per Kathy Herder also today (1/23/01) this statement by Amanda was not cleared with Ted or Michael Rapp, and is not meant to be an official information release on Rasputin plans.  Kathy has said that Michael has heard that there are rumors going around about show dates, and wants it made know to all that ABSOLUTELY NO DATES HAVE BEEN SET FOR A CONCERT TOUR OF RASPUTIN AT THIS TIMEMichael and Ted will tell us any news as soon as it becomes available.)

Says Kat: "Amanda is a wonderful artist and a great friend of Ted's.  We met this past summer after her show in Hollywood and she was absolutely charming.  I recommend her music to all."

For those of you who may not recognize Amanda's name, you will probably recognize one of her many compositions. Amanda wrote "The Rose", recorded by Bette Midler and used as the opening and closing theme song in her movie of the same name. 


12/18/00 (12:36AM EST):

This message came from Kathy Herder today, and reminded me that at this very moment last year, I was sitting in the lobby of The Grand Opera House in Wilmington waiting patiently to say hi to our Teddie Joe and get my Tedhug. What a wonderful night that was!  Anyway, here's Kathy's message:

Hi Everybody,

Hard to believe its been a year ago today since Michael Rapp and Ted Neeley presented a special showcase of Rasputin in Wilmington, Delaware.  For some of you it was deciding the perfect outfit to wear and not knowing what to expect.  For those of you in the show it was preparing with a dress rehearsal\sound check or related task.  Most of you proclaimed it was "the
opportunity of a lifetime."  Even though I couldn't be there last December, I had no idea how much my life was going to change that night.

To my surprise I started getting e-mail from wonderful people who had attended or participated in the show.  I loved the stories that followed, even several weeks after the show and the notes from one most loyal soldier with pictures too, Michael's new nickname, "Slippery," because he never stayed in one place long enough to get an autograph.  There was the incident about a missing poster which turned up later that evening and was graciously autographed for a fan.  I have saved every e-mail and have enjoyed reading them again.

When Michael sent me pictures of the show for the Rasputin The Musical website a few months ago, I spent days just gazing at them.  The one photo that stands out in my mind today, is of the standing ovation from the back of the auditorium.  Michael and Ted had a hit on their hands and it is plainly evident in that picture.  Each of you played a tremendous part in how happy
Michael and Ted felt that night.  New friendships began as a result of Rasputin and writing to you to let you know how the Rasputin project is progressing has been a tremendous joy.  On the anniversary of the special presentation of Rasputin, it's only fitting that I take this moment to say "Thank You!

In this blessed season, we are grateful to those who have supported Rasputin, thankful to have a terrific cast in the show last December and currently in the studio as well.  Many of us have patiently waited for numerous months, now Rasputin is getting closer to becoming a reality.  I can tell you Michael and Ted have appreciated your continued support and thank you as well.  There is no doubt in my mind that Michael and Ted will go to their destiny with Rasputin!

If you think the same way and want to do something special to remind Ted and Michael you're still behind them, visit the website, listen to excerpts of Rasputin at, or write a Christmas e-mail and remind Ted and Michael of your most treasured Rasputin moment. That would be the most precious gift you could give them this holiday season.

Rasputin The Musical - " TED NEELEY AND MICHAEL RAPP "

E-mail address for Michael and Ted:

To each of you, I thank you for a wonderful year and I will continue to keep in touch with you regarding the progress of Rasputin.  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Rasputin New Year!

Seasons Greetings,
Kathy Herder




For those of you not on the Rasputin list (few that may still be left can get on by e-mailing Kathy and Michael at, this message came from Kathy Herder today:

Dear Friends,

To answer the questions so many of you are asking, the latest scoop on the Rasputin project is that Michael and Ted are working in the studio.  The release of this long awaited double CD is still projected for early next year.  As of this date, no disclosures have been made about show dates and I suspect I will have no information about which cities the show might be
presented to until after the CD is released. 

In regard to newsletters, I realize that some of you have come to enjoy hearing news every month, but it seems I find myself repeating myself.  We'd still like you to enjoy MP3 and visit the Rasputin web site when you so desire.  Therefore, future newsletters will only be released when there is pertinent information to share.  I hope you understand and do know that you
will not be forgotten.

On this occasion I would like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!  On behalf of Michael Rapp and Ted Neeley we are very grateful for your well wishes and ongoing support.  Travel safe, eat well and best wishes to you and your family this Thanksgiving.

Kind regards,
Kathy Herder





This message from Michael Rapp and Kathy Herder today:

Dear Friends and Fans,

I am pleased to send you the link to Michael and Ted's newsletter regarding Rasputin.



Spasibo (Thanks),

Kathy Herder


Hi Friends,

It occurred to me that some of you may have deleted the announcement regarding "Rasputin" which was sent under on October 21st - because it was from an unknown screen name.  I would like you to know that will be the site from which Rasputin info is generated. For those of you who have already seen Rasputin The Musical web site we apologize for the redundancy.  Many of us have developed the prudent habit of not opening mail from a source we don't recognize.  For those of you who missed the newsletter, I enclose it here:

To My Friends and Fans,
First and foremost, we would like to thank you all for being so supportive through the years, and especially for being patient over the last months as we have worked towards making "Rasputin" a reality. We are pleased to announce we have begun pre-production on the double CD recording and anticipate it will be available sometime after the first of the year.
We would also like to thank Kathy Herder for her wonderful work and devotion to our new website 

We have set up a Contact Address area which can be found on the Links Page at the end of the site. In order that we may keep you informed of new events, please give us YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS. We encourage you to mail us with your comments. Those who wish to be placed on our reservation list for new double CDs and other related "Rasputin" items, please send us your current MAILING ADDRESS and/or E-mail address.  In addition, you can go directly to the music site MP3 to hear musical excerpts from "Rasputin" free, as well as other music created by our team.  Again, thank you so very much for your continued support.  We are truly grateful and look forward to announcing dates for live performances of "Rasputin".
Michael Rapp & Ted Neeley
Thank you for your patience and understanding.  Hoping you are doing well and in good spirits.
Spasibo (Thanks),
Kathy Herder


"Blood On Your Hands" reaches #1 on the MP3 listening chart. 


8/20/00    Excerpts from "Ulysses The Greek Suite" are added to the MP3 site.

International Friends, use:

                            (NOTE TO ALL:  THE NEW MP3'S ADDED TO THIS PAGE ARE AS FOLLOWS:)

                            ULYSSES:                                                                   QUASIMODO

                           1. Greetings From Mount Olympus                            1.  The Gathering
                           2.  Free Them                                                               2.  Like A Miracle
                           3.  Polyphemus                                                             3.  Justice
                           4.  Find Yourself                                                           4.  The Festival
                           5.  Ithaca
                           6.  Finale

                           ENJOY EVERYONE, THEY'RE GREAT!


8/8/00    "Blood On Your Hands" climbs to #4 on the MP3 listening chart.

               > North America > USA > Pennsylvania > Philadelphia > Brookhaven



A very special DAM CD was made available for purchase at the MP3 site - featuring the following music from Rasputin and a second work by Michael Rapp: Quasimodo, Prince of Fools:  


                                    1   RASPUTIN - BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS
                                    2   RASPUTIN - GRAND WALTZ
                                    3   RASPUTIN - NASDROVIA
                                    4   QUASIMODO - THE GATHERING
                                    5   QUASIMODO - THE FESTIVAL
                                    6   QUASIMODO - JUSTICE
                                    7   QUASIMODO - LIKE A MIRACLE

                                    8   RASPUTIN - WITH EVERY DROP


 The CD is still available for order at:
                    International Fans please use this address:  




7/27/00    The new MP3 Rasputin site is officially launched:***

*** NOTE:  When shut down at the end of 2003, this Rasputin page was discontinued, but the accolades are still impressive.



On 3/2/00, Kathy posted the following to The List:  

"Dear Friends,

Still no word on a release date for the Rasputin CD. Michael Rapp and Ted Neeley are working diligently trying to complete this project. Both are aware how anxious we all are to hear the new music...and they appreciate our patience. Everyone who wrote to Ted and Michael, your letters and kind sentiments were appreciated and have been forwarded as promised.  Keep those notes coming and let's cheer these guys on! Thanks again for all your e-mail and your warm words of encouragement to Ted and Michael. Best wishes to all and let's all raise our glasses to the sky and sing... Nasdrovia!"  


Courtesy of Kathy ( we have this great "fun-maker".  As Kathy explains:

I thought you would enjoy this site that I will provide a link to. I stumbled onto it and enjoyed taking the mouse and morphing Rasputin's face. Have a chuckle, take a moment and see what you can do. Use your artistic imagination and have fun with it.  The directions are embedded on the page -- so you'll have no problem making it work.