DAY 7 - Last Day of Rest


I say "rest", because, with this event, there really is none. Forbes (Producer) was up 36-hours-and-running when we came in this afternoon. That's an example. But for us, it was a pretty quiet day. I spent what few hours we were at the Montalban helping Forbes type up the program, and getting names in place that we didn't have. There were discussions about what days the stars needed hotel rooms (which tells you when they're coming in, if you listen :-) ) and when they will be rehearsing for the rest of the week.  Also, I got the new red postcard on my site and in the List Files.  Gary (Director - and it's his Production Company Producing the Benefit) wants a link to my site on his site, so I will drop that in tomorrow, and we'll call his office to get them to do it on their end on his site.  It was a very quiet day - we were done by 4 and home by 4:30PM.  So we actually had dinner here - at a NORMAL time.  We kidded about calling it "The Last Supper", because from here on until the curtain goes up, it's going to be INSANE.

Tomorrow starts cast rehearsals which are 1-5, 2-hour break, and 7-10.  ALL DAY - EVERY DAY.  Plus fittings, stars, staging, the scaffolding is still being finished (WAIT until you see it - those of you who are coming - it's pretty IMPRESSIVE :-) ), the V.I.P. party is being planned, more advertising is being bought, tickets are going, BIG NAMES are booking - it's going to be a CRAZY, CRAZY week.  And I'm just really glad I'm part of it.  And maybe.....I'll be doing something people will see by the time we open.  We shall see...

More tomorrow.

Cindi :)

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