DAY 10 - Yvonne, Jack Black and Chris Carey's First Day in - Teddie the Comedian

We started the day with a vocal rehearsal. Chris Carey (Caiaphas) and company got in very late last night - like 5AM - (due to the terrorism threats, and a very delayed, harrowing flight). They seemed to have weathered it all, however, and Chris sounded smashing at rehearsal, regardless.

Jack Black's Herod scene was staged today, but the theatre was closed to all during that rehearsal, including cast members. When I say "closed," I mean there were "security-type" employees at all the doors to the inside of the theatre, sitting in chairs and with a velvet rope in front of them! I remember thinking that anyone who didn't know better might think the President was in there - or something. Everyone not involved was out in the lobby during that time. However, Jack did pop into choir rehearsal to say hello. He seems like a very nice guy.

Yvonne made it in early yesterday evening. She was at the blocking rehearsal tonight and sang "I Don't Know How To Love Him" to thunderous applause and cheers - and also sang "Everything's Alright" beautifully. She looks great too.

Teddie played comedian today and tonight. During vocal rehearsal, we were singing "Judas' Death" and had just sung: "So long Judas, poor old Judas", when Ted ran into the room and yelled: "What about poor old JESUS?!" and ran back out. Later, in rehearsal, "The Temple" scene was up, and everyone waited for Ted's "money note", and when it came up, instead we heard: "Now, children, you really must learn to behave yourselves and stop acting this way." (or something like that). Another time, when the money note came up, Larry sang it from backstage while Ted just stood there, holding the mike! We were all in STITCHES. It's good to see Teddie in such good spirits.

Tomorrow blocking will be completed, and the show will be run, hopefully.

It's been a long few days, and time is short, but the results will be nothing short of spectacular.

More tomorrow.


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