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UPDATE: 3/13/07 - Ted now has his own website!  You can visit it at this link:






1. UPDATE 2/13/19 (From Ted Neeley.com and Ted's Facebook Page)






April 4-7, 2019

Groningen, The Netherlands


April 12-14, 2019

Amsterdam, The Netherlands


April 18-21, 2019

Den Haag, The Netherlands

World Forum Theatre

April 26-28, 2019

Cologne, Germany

Musical Dome

May 22 - June 9, 2019

Madrid, Spain

Teatro de la Luz Philips Gran Via

More dates may be announced, please keep checking here, on Ted's Facebook page & on tedneeley.com for updates.


For more details on this tour, you can also go HERE.



One of Ted's more recent press photos - thanks to Tina Henley (Itsokimcrazy2@aol.com) for this one!






had the privilege of watching Ted Neeley perform live since 1973, when he came here to perform in Tommy at Musicarnival.  Throughout the years I have seen Ted numerous times in Jesus Christ Superstar (both live onstage and in the film version), and I have also been lucky enough to see him perform in Rasputin (12/18/99), Murder In The First (6/10 & 6/11/00), Waiting For Godot (9/2 - 10/4/04 - (in BeckettFest 9/18-10/4)), the JCS AD Tour (2006-2009) and Ted Neeley and the Little Big Band (3/23/13 in Cleveland).  I have also been fortunate to perform with him in the JCS YTA Benefit  at the Ricardo Montalban Theatre in Los Angeles in August 2006 with the Agape choir. While I could not made the trip to Italy and the Netherlands to see Ted's latest incarnation of JCS (no $$$), I was very glad that he, Barry and Bob stopped in Cleveland during his 2015 JCS 40th Anniversary screenings once he came back to the US.

I have also had the privilege, as have many of us ("Tedheads," as we are called these days, though I prefer the phrase "Ted Family"), of meeting and spending time with Ted. I have found him to be one of the kindest, most gracious and most compassionate people I've ever met.  I am honored to call him a friend, and to know that he considers me his friend as well.  

The Grand Forks ND Herald published an article that, I think, can give the best illustration of the special man that Ted is.  It's entitled:  "Looking Inside Ted Neeley's Heart".  You can find it here:

Looking Inside Ted Neeley's Heart

This article was part of an entire Ted/JCS Directory on skynet.  For the entire skynet JCS article directory, see:

If any of the articles don't come up on their links, let me know. 

Ted, to this day, is still humbled by all the attention he gets.  When we spoke in June, 2000 in Ventura he told me:  "I don't know what I did to deserve all of this, but I must have done something good in a past life."  It takes a very special person to be that humble in the face of all the notoriety and fandom that Ted experiences, and this is what makes Ted so special.  He is always polite, and never dismisses a fan, no matter how late it gets (he's held fort after shows as late as 5AM, and past sunrise  in the past!), and the best thing is that he remembers everyone he meets, AND where he meets them. 



Then and now:  The picture on the top left is my favorite picture of Ted and me, taken backstage after "Rasputin" (12/18/99) at 2:30AM. The one on the top right was taken at "O'Neil's Dennys" on the last night of "BeckettFest" - (10/3/04). The one, just below those, was taken 3/23/13 after the Ted Neeley and the Little Big Band Cleveland concert, and the most current one, just above, was taken 3/30/15 after the JCS 40th Anniversary Screening at the Cleveland Cinematique. I'm not usually "curly" these days - and hope I don't look too much older, but Ted - in three "colors" - hasn't really changed much  at all!

To illustrate this, I will tell you the tale of our first three meetings.  I first met Ted here in Cleveland after Superstar in 1993 (I think), and spoke to him briefly for about 5 minutes.  This was in the very first autograph line Ted and Carl had.  I mentioned seeing him in Tommy here (in 1972), and he told me that another fan had also mentioned Tommy, and that she had brought a picture he had taken with her at Tommy to show him.  A year later, during our second meeting, which was, again, not more than 5 minutes, I showed him a copy of the then 22-year-old program from Tommy (itís now 43 years old).  Well, he was knocked out by it, and showed it to everyone.  Three years later I was in line after another performance of JCS, this time in Akron.  When I got to the front of the line, Ted turned around to say hello, saw me and said (and I will NEVER forget this): ďWeíve met before.Ē  Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather!  I figured, different city, different theatre, 3 years later, and only 5 minutes per previous meeting, there was NO WAY he would connect the two places, or remember meeting me at all.  But he did.  He even remembered the Tommy program!  Whenever I saw him after that, he still remembered, and he remembers today.  (We should all have such good memories, shouldnít we?) 



I'm sure that everyone who's reading this has either heard of, and/or experienced firsthand, a "Tedhug".  If you haven't; then you really need to get one.  Don't we all just LOVE these?  They are amazing things.  Ted hugs you so tight, it's like squeezing the juice out of an orange.  I know of no other celebrity (actually no one at all) who hugs people like Ted does.  I got the top one on Thursday (10/5/06) in Toledo, OH after JCS (and it's quickly becoming another favorite picture of mine - thank you Sean Grindle!), the one below left after dinner at The Pierpont Inn when we saw Ted in June, 2000 (someone took it on my camera - don't know who - but thank you!)  in "Murder in the First" at The Rubicon Theatre in Ventura, CA., the below right one this past April in Pittsburgh at the M&G after the JCS Saturday night  performance, and the last two on 2/27/09 after the Friday night Cleveland, OH performance.


If you have not met Ted yet, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you try to meet him after the show the next time he comes to your city, or go to the VIP meetings he sometimes will schedule for a venue. For anyone who doesnít know this (and Iím sure there are very few who donít and are reading this), you will probably have to wait for quite some time to say hello, because Ted greets each and every person like they are the only one who came back to say hi.  It is true that M&G's were much fewer and rarer during the last leg of the JCS TOUR (Ted needed to stay healthy and well-rested to perform at his best for all of us on the road!), and only happened in the lobby, if at all, rather than at the stage door, the way they did in the past. But, with the first phase of the LBB TOUR, the M&G's were more readily available, and, fortunately, during the JCS screenings are even literally scheduled and mentioned at each venue. Hopefully, this will continue to be the case. The next time Ted is in your area, if you're lucky enough to get an M&G, or a VIP event, trust me, itís WELL WORTH the wait.  



Photo courtesy of Jenn/Judy Bernbaum (j_bernbaum@yahoo.com) and Veth Javier (VJ) (vjla@netzero.com) - 12/13/03

A quick word about the photo posted above.  This is one of many photos taken on 12/13/03 at The Pierpont Inn, where 
Jenn, Judy and Veth were fortunate to have a private lunch with Ted when weather kept him from appearing in RTC's 
Winter Wonderland fundraiser.  As Ted gave me the nickname on the sign he's holding, this just seemed to be a good 
spot to post this picture. The nickname came from my
main e-mail address at the time: cverbelun@core.com, back in 2003. As Ted explained when he made the request:
"I hope you do not mind my addressing you as, "Cver." Somehow it just seems natural after reading so many E-mail messages from you and they all are addressed, cverbelun@core.com.  If you are truly at the core, then it follows that you would also be a receiver of information.  Therefore, a term of endearment for one who receives, could certainly be, "Cver." And, I say Cver with the utmost respect." So it kind of st
uck, and even though social media has made Ted and Team Neeley extremely adept at relaying their own messages directly (none of us has access to Ted directly at this time), Ted still calls me "Cver" to this day when we say hello.

(as well as fun with Ted's name)

Saw both of these go-quizzes on Denise's My Space Site (see my links).  



Here's the one that came up with the nickname Ted gave me:

How to make a C'ver

3 parts intelligence
3 parts courage
5 parts leadership
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of curiosity

And here are four for Ted:

How to make a Ted Neeley

How to make a Ted

1 part intelligence
5 parts ambition
3 parts beauty
5 parts intelligence
5 parts silliness
1 part joy
Layer ingredients in a shot glass. Serve with a slice of curiosity and a pinch of salt. Yum!
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little lovability if desired!

How to make a Teddie

5 parts success
3 parts humour
5 parts instinct
Blend at a low speed for 30 seconds. Serve with a slice of lustfulness and a pinch of salt. Yum!

How to make a Teddie-Joe

3 parts competitiveness
5 parts self-sufficiency
5 parts joy
Stir together in a glass tumbler with a salted rim. Top it off with a sprinkle of lustfulness and enjoy!

2.  What's your Name Acronym?


My Name and Nickname from Ted:

C Complicated
I Influential
N Natural
D Delightful
I Irresistible
C Controversial
V Vain
E Enchanting
R Refined

And three for Ted:

T Twisted
E Enjoyable
D Dramatic
T Timeless
E Energetic
D Dirty (!)
D Dirty (!)
I Intense
E Energetic
T Timeless
E Extreme
D Dashing
D Dignified
I Innocent
E Exquisite
J Joyous
O Odd
E Excellent



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Enjoy them all!!!