DAY 6 - Things Start Hopping!


Today was a VERY busy day.  In fact, at the moment I'm sitting at the Production Company offices taking a crack at writing Ted's bio for the program - it's 10:45PM - and we haven't been home since 1PM today!  We've had meetings about clothing (we don't call it costuming - it's clothing for this show), food, hotel rooms, party plans, tickets, VIP lists (there are some MAJOR, MAJOR names coming to this thing!) and God knows what ELSE - and all of this has to be pulled together in under 6 days!  It's pretty crazy around here!

And, among other things, I had a pleasant surprise today, when we ran into Kat - who has also been working on the Benefit since she found out about it at almost the beginning.  Somehow we've been missing running into each other for the past 6 days!

Incidentally, I know that one or two of you wonders whether things went "as I planned" here - actually, in a lot of ways, things have gone better than I could ever have hoped!  I've made a lot of major connections, I'm working on a MAJOR project that has worldwide notoriety, and as far as getting in the show - that remains to be seen, because casting is still somewhat up in the air, in ways depending  upon things like donations and space.  So - we'll see if I get up there - but I may also help Stage Manage - which will put me backstage regardless - before the show.

It's been quite an experience so far, and I'm really having a great time here!

I managed to find a computer with Front Page at the Ricardo Montalban, and I did update the website today.  All the new tour venues are on it now, and the articles Da:S found are there - with her credit, of course.  I will be adding the new postcard tomorrow - the jpg is getting e-mailed to me tonight from the Production Offices.  Go take a look!

We got a look at the big program tonight that's in the works for the VIPs - and it is going to be GORGEOUS!  We're all hoping to get a copy, since we're all working on it, and our names are going to be in it.  The VIP's are getting some beautiful things for their donation, plus a great reception and dinner.  So again, if you're coming to see Ted - it may be pretty difficult.  But we'll see.

Tomorrow will be more of the same, I'm sure.  More meetings and plans, and then the cast has fittings on Wednesday and the stars start coming in.  Ted, Ben, Barry, Yvonne, Jack, Chris and Larry will all be here before we know it - and will be dropped into the show very quickly.  It's going to be quite an event.  I'm REALLY GLAD I'm a part of it!

More tomorrow!

Cindi :)

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