DAY 4 - Let's Do The Program - and the infamous Jack Black Song From the Audition


Today we never saw the theatre.  Any theatre. We spent the day at the Production Office putting together the program - (which, BTW, is a BEAUTY), and running back and forth to the Founder of YouTHeatre-America's (Jack Nakano) house to get more stuff on disk (he doesn't have the internet on his computer).

What was supposed to take a couple hours, in fact, took almost 12 hours!  So - the plans we had to get to RTC for the benefit this evening unfortunately went by the wayside.  (SORRY Karyl Lynn - I WILL get down there to say hi if there is any way at ALL!!!)  TPTB (Forbes, Gary and Jack) are a very intense group when it comes to getting things done quickly.  Numerous archived articles, programs, pictures and videos were copied, scanned and burned for what was initially an 80-page program (being cut down as we speak, so that it will stitch shut without a problem).  I ended up doing a mail merge to send out hundreds of the new red postcards they got today - which I will load onto my site as soon as I can figure out how to get into it.

Tomorrow - if we're lucky - we will  have a day off - and possibly see tick...tick...Boom! - so Kat, we can compare notes if I get there.

Now - for those of you who were curious about the blue song that was sung at the audition it was originally sung by Jack Black - I am attaching the link below - and the lyrics.  I guess this guy did the song in honor of the "Jack Black connection" to the Benefit, but it's the last thing I would ever do at an audition (unless we're talking National Lampoon - or maybe SNL).
BE WARNED - THEY ARE PRETTY CRUDE LYRICS - but, if you can get past the printed words here, and you can picture an actor singing this at an audition to a table of poker-faced auditioners - one of whom asked - COMPLETELY STRAIGHT-FACED:  "What's the name of that song?" when the actor finished - while the rest of the room tried VERY hard not to crack up -  it's funny as hell!

http://www.lyricsst tenaciousd/ fuckhergently. html

Fuck Her Gently

This is a song
for the ladies
but fellas... listen closely

You don't have to fuck her hard
in fact sometimes that's not right to do..
Sometimes u got to make some love
and fuckin' give her some smooches too..
Sometimes you got to squeeze..
Sometimes you got to say "Please"..
Sometimes you gotta say "Hey,"
"I'm gonna fuck you.. softly"
"I'm gonna screw you gently"
"I'm gonna hump you sweetly"
"I'm gonna ball you discreetly"
and then you say "Hey, I brought you flowers"
and then you say "Wait a minute Sally,"
"I think I got somethin' in my teeth could you get it out for me?"
That's fuckin' teamwork!
What's your favorite posish?
That's cool with me, It's not my favorite but I'll do it for you.
What's your favorite dish?
I'm not gonna cook it but I'll order it from ZANZIBAR!
And then I'm gonna love you completely
Then I'll fucking fuck you discreetly
and then I'll fuckin' bone you completely
but then I'm gonna fuck... you hard.....

Hey, I don't write them (and I sure don't recite them)  -  I just pass them on. :-)

Okay - now that no one will ever think of me the same way again ... more tomorrow!


Cindi :)

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