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TED'S NEW 2023-2024 VENUES

1. UPDATE 1/10/24 (From Ted and Ted's Facebook Page)

UPDATE 1/3/24 (From Ted and Ted's Facebook Page)








September 16, 17 & 18, 2022

Woodbridge, IL

Hollywood Blvd. Cinema

September 20, 2022

Columbus, OH

Drexel Theatre

December 7, 2022

Orinda, CA

Orinda Theatre

January 14, 2023

Trenton, NJ

Villa Victoria Academy Performing Arts Center

March 17-18, 2023

Santa Ana, CA

Frida Cinema

May 11, 2023

Eugene, OR

Eugene Art House

May 13, 2023

Sacramento, CA

Crest Theatre

June 21-22, 2023

Arlington, MA

Regent Theatre

June 24, 2023

Greenwich, RI

The Greenwich Odeum

June 25, 2023

Jaffrey, NH

The Park Theatre

June 29, 2023

Cleveland, OH

Cedar-Lee Theatre

July 22, 2023

Davenport, IA

Paul V. Galvin Fine Arts Center

July 25, 2023

Los Angeles, CA

Laemmie Royal

July 26, 2023

North Hollywood, CA

Laemmie NoHo7

July 27, 2023

Claremont, CA

Laemmie Claremont5

August 15, 2023

Dallas, TX

The Texas Theatre

September 9, 2023

Freeport, IL

St. John United Church of Christ

September 12, 2023

Fort Pierce, FL

Sunrise Theatre

September 13, 2023

Delray Beach, FL

Movies of Delray Theatre

September 15, 2023

Orlando, FL

The Abbey Orlando

September 17, 2023

Tampa, FL

Tampa Theatre

September 20, 2023

Ventura, CA

80TH Birthday Bash Event
Rubicon Theatre Company

December 6, 2023

New Brunswick, NJ

New Brunswick Performing Arts Center

December 9, 2023

Trenton, NJ

Villa Victoria Academy Performing Arts Center

February 24, 2024

Sonoma, CA

Sebastiani Theatre

February 26, 2024

North Hollywood, CA

Laemmie NoHo7

February 27, 2024

Los Angeles, CA

Laemmie Royal

February 28, 2024

Claremont, CA

Laemmie Claremont5

February 29, 2024

Santa Clarita, CA

Laemmie Newhall

March 1-2, 2024

Burbank, CA

Marriott Burbank Convention Center - The Hollywood Show

March 23, 2024

Coldwater, MI

Tibbits Opera Hall

March 26 & 28, 2024

Arlington, MA

Regent Theatre

March 30-31, 2024

Greenwich, RI

The Greenwich Odeum

Please keep checking here, on Ted's Facebook page & on, as more dates will be announced.

For more details on this tour, you can also go HERE.

2. UPDATE 3/4/24 (From Ted and Ted's Facebook Page)


3. SuperstarS The Documentary Extended Version

On Blu Ray, DVD and Streaming Aug 10th



                     PRODUCTION                                                                                            ROLE/VENUE

Jesus Christ Superstar (April 4, 2019-June 9, 2019) "Jesus Christ" (2019 Netherlands/Germany/Spain JCS Tour)

Jesus Christ Superstar-(April 6, 2022-June 8, 2022) "Jesus Christ" (2022 Italy JCS Tour)

Jesus Christ Superstar-(October 6, 2018-December 23, 2018) "Jesus Christ" (2018 Italy/Switzerland JCS Tour)

Jesus Christ Superstar-(March 28, 2018-May 16, 2018) "Jesus Christ" (2018 Netherlands/Bulgaria/Spain/Italy JCS Tour)

Jesus Christ Superstar (April 4, 2019-June 9, 2019) "Jesus Christ" (2019 Netherlands/Germany/Spain JCS Tour)

Jesus Christ Superstar-(October 6, 2018-December 23, 2018) "Jesus Christ" (2018 Italy/Switzerland JCS Tour)

Jesus Christ Superstar-(March 28, 2018-May 16, 2018) "Jesus Christ" (2018 Netherlands/Bulgaria/Spain/Italy JCS Tour)

Jesus Christ Superstar-(September 4, 2016-January 31, 2016) "Jesus Christ" (Italian/European (The Netherlands) JCS Tour)

/European (The Netherlands) JCS Tour)

Jesus Christ Superstar-(June 5-28, 2015) "Jesus Christ" Teatro Nuovo - (Milan, Italy)

Jesus Christ Superstar -(April 18-May 4, 2014 "Jesus Christ" (Il Sistina - Rome, Italy)

Ted Neeley and The Little Big Band East Coast North American Tour (March 15 - April 7, 2013)

Ted Neeley and The Little Big Band (January 20 - 29, 2012) Concert Performances (Rubicon Theatre Company)

Jesus Christ Superstar -(December 15 - 31, 2011)  "Jesus Christ" (The Egyptian Theatre Company)

Jesus Christ Superstar - 2008-2009 A.D. (nee: The Farewell Tour (2006-2009)   "Jesus Christ" (Troika Entertainment)

Jesus Christ Superstar - Live in Concert - One Night Only                          "Jesus Christ" (Gary Goddard Entertainment)
          YouTHeatre-America! Benefit  (2006)    

Waiting For Godot (part of BeckettFest) (2004)                                            "Lucky" (Rubicon Theatre Company)

Murder In The First (2000)                                                                            "Willie Moore" (Rubicon Theatre Company)

Rasputin - Miracles Lie in the Eye of the Beholder (1999)                          "Rasputin" (The Grand Opera House)

Jesus Christ Superstar - Concert Version (1998)                                         "Jesus Christ" (Rubicon Theatre Company)

Jesus Christ Superstar (1994-1998)                                                              "Jesus Christ" (25th Anniversary Tour)

Ulysses - The Greek Suite - A Rock Odyssey (6/8/78)                               "Ulysses" (One-Night Concert in Los Angeles)


These clips, featuring live performances of "Polyphemus" and "Find Yourself," are from a pro shot film of the original concert performance in 1978, and were posted on YouTube by Carlos Luevano, guitarist for the project. Gibson ( posted it to our FTNL list  To quote him, as permitted:

"30 years ago [video producer's name removed]'s company gave me the original commercial size video master of Ulysses The Greek Suite. I played it once and stored it for all these years. I recently contacted the producer of the project and told him I had the original copy. He said my copy was the only one in existence. The producer had gotten all the rights back from 20th Century Fox and has given me his blessing to produce the DVD. I am the lead guitarist on the album and DVD. The footage is crystal clear, there was no degradation from 30 years of storage. The quality of the DVD is far superior to the quality on YouTube. It will be a couple more weeks before Ulysses the Greek Suite is for sale online."

Here is the initial post on the Ulysses DVD, by Sherry (Message #3154) on the NOTR Guestbook on 2/3/09:

Does anyone remember rocking out while watching Ted perform Polyphemus and Find Yourself, from the 1978 Ulysses concert on Youtube?

ULYSSES THE GREEK SUITE UPDATE!...Drum roll official update that many of us have been waiting for! I found out that the Ulysses the Greek Suite on DVD is in the final phase of production and is set for release within a month. I was also advised that the official release date will be made available sooner than later. The issues surrounding the copyright of the product have been resolved and a sample of the concert is back on Youtube at this link:

I think it's exciting news, and I can't wait for such an incredible treat! It's unbelievable that the video has been buried away in the archives for 30 years. How often do you find a jewel like this? Ted with the band A-440 just rock. As soon as I hear anything else, I'm always happy to share with all my friends here. Did I mention that I'm soooo excited and that I can't wait? big grin big grin big grin

When the rest of this information becomes available, it will be posted, with permission, on FTNL - and here.

UPDATE:  2/23/09

Here is the latest clip from Ulysses on YouTube. It is a medley of numbers from the concert, including part of the Overture by A-440, Free Them (Ted),  What Will I Say and Ithaca (Yvonne Iverson), and Find Yourself (Ted). This video was posted on the new site for the DVD: and this announcement:

UPDATE:  5/1/09


On MAY 1st 2009 The live performance of ULYSSES THE CONCERT DVD and CD was officially released on CDBABY.COM


The World Premier Performance. Featuring Ted Neeley, Yvonne Iversen and the band A-440 live at The Palace of the Performing Arts. June 8th 1978 . Locked away for over 30 years, this footage has never been available for public viewing.


Click here to order the DVD


These are the 24 original studio recordings, from the album titled Ulysses The Greek Suite. We have renamed it, Ulysses The Concert. This is the only official licensed CD of this music.

Click here to order the CD

If you cannot order from CD Baby, let us know.

If you are International  (in a country outside the USA) and are having difficulty ordering, let us know. we will see to it that you receive a copy.


Cowboy Jack Street                                                                                      (Mark Taper Forum Lab, Los Angeles)

Jesus Christ Superstar (10/20-22/77)                                             "Jesus Christ" (Concord Pavilion, Concord, CA)

Jesus Christ Superstar (9/10 (12) - 10-3/76)                                  "Jesus Christ" (Santa Barbara County Bowl, Santa Barbara, CA)

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band On The Road (1974 )    "Billy Shears" (New York)

Here's a peek at the original Broadway production at The Beason Theatre.. You can see Ted in one of the clippings
and listed on the show poster
later (3:24 & 3:46) in this video:

Thank you Ann Stickford ( - this is part of a review that appeared in "After Dark". The issue date is cut off, but It looks like 1/74.




(Ted's bio close up)

Tommy (1973)                                                                                 "Tommy Walker" (National "Concert" Tour)

Tommy (2/72) (opened 2/22/72)                                                     "Tommy Walker" (Aquarius Theatre, Los Angeles, CA)

Tommy - circa 1972
Photos courtesy of Alessandra (

Newspaper coverage - and a partial Rona Barrett review of Tommy - thanks to Ann Stickford (

Thanks to Ann Stickford (, here are copies from the original Playbill and large program(s) from the Aquarius Theatre production of Tommy. Ann, unfortunately, didn't have the original program to scan, but the
printed pages are very easy to read, and the picture copies will give you a basic idea of what was going on. Get a load of
the costume Ted wore for part of the show - Elvis has left the building -
(LOL!) - but this was the "in thing" in the 1970's.
Also, one other thing I thought was really cute:  Ted's bio in both programs says that he was a three-time loser on The Dating Game!  Boy, I'm willing to bet that those three women have kicked themselves ever since!!!  LOL!  Click on any 
page to see a larger image!





Jesus Christ Superstar (1972)                                                       "Jesus Christ" (Broadway/Los Angeles)

Hair (1967)                                                                                      "Claude Hooper Bukowski" (B'way/Los Angeles)


The cast of Hair performing "The Flesh Failures/Let The Sunshine In" on The Smothers Brothers in 1969. Watch for the "Ted Close-up"! Thanks, Von!

Thanks to Ann Stickford ( for sending this fabulous shot!

In case you can't find him, Ted is second from
the right in the bottom row.

Even back in "Hair" there's no mistaking who this is!
Photo courtesy of Linda Fenton (
as listed onsite:  Linda Faust (Sheila), Ted Neeley (in front, Claude), and Ray Uhler (Woof).


"I'm a human being, number 1005963297-J..." Ted Neeley as Claude.

"I Got Life" (courtesy of:    

HERE'S ANOTHER SHOT OF TED IN "HAIR", this one is from Helena (, one of our Spanish Tedheads:  

           And, speaking of Hair, take a look at the blogs by Jessica Marcuel below:

Posted by Jessica on Sunday, February 14, 2010 at 8:07 pm

My 3rd audition in my life, The Broadway show “Hair”

I moved from L.A. to Vegas as a teen, just as my recording career was stagnate. I was on the radio, yes, and opening act for concerts, but Vegas was a road to no-where in those days. In High School i kept busy doing concerts with bands, and opened for Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, Cream, Santana, among so many others. I was never star struck, It was just another gig, I was used to it, and singing had been my life, all my life. But I still felt Vegas was a small pond.

When my group {Free Circus} disbanded because of Viet Nam, our keyboardist was drafted, and we just did not see replacing him. So, I decided I should go back to L.A.

Got an agent, Bill Loeb, and was booked into the Bel Air Motel. the first thing he got me was an audition for the musical of the decade,,HAIR,,,I had never seen it, but knew it was big.I looked young, at barely 18, I was small, 105 lbs and 5ft 5in tall. I didn,t wear make-up, and had long straight hair. I looked the part. I decided to sing ” Someday Soon”, by Judy Collins. Then they asked me to do a time step, Thank God for those tap lessons, Thanks mom. Then I had to freestyle. Piece of cake.

I remember Teddy Neeley because he was so nice. As I walked past him to leave, he stopped me, and asked”How do you feel about nudity?:I was taken aback, but answered, I am not ashamed of my body.,,WHAT DID I SAY? Where did that come from??Who am I? I did,nt get a call back right away, but did, about a week later.A second audition! I had a parting of ways with my agent, typical Hollywood story. Now ,,I needed a job. I frequented this market in Hollywood, the same on where Charles Manson tried to pick me up. Yes, that one,, another blog, this time a little girl, Heather Bloom took a liking to me, her mother needed a nanny. Bingo, I had a home and a job.
Less than a month later,after the 2nd audition, I got the call, I was hired. I WAS HIRED.

I gave notice and joined Actors Equity, and started my journey of learning the very difficult script. All the songs were so crazy and nothing had any structure to help you memorize it.

I started watching the show every night, and began to piece it together. Then the staging, and harmony, Whew, it was not easy. But when I did the first night, what a thrill, how exciting, it was magical. This show was a movement, a piece of history..

I would do anything to do that show on Broadway today.

I discovered the tribe as we called the cast, was close and spent time together on our night off and was welcome at our producers home anytime. That was Michael Butler, a very well off Polo playing playboy, who had a big house in the Hollywood Hills. We spent a lot of time there, swimming and hanging out. Michael, to this day is a great guy, and sweet man, friend to the earth and ecology activist.. He is as handsome today as ever!!

We also would go to Santa Barbara to watch Michael play Polo and cheer him on. Then go to the nude beach and burn our bums off!! I am proud to say I am still friends with my Hair buddies, either on facebook, or the ones who live in L.A. that I see often.

I met a man who managed North Beach Leather on the Sunset strip, Tony Good, we fell hard at first sight, and got a pad together. We lasted 3 years. I often wonder where he is. He was from the Bay area. Sly of the Family stone was a client and the secretary to Hugh Hefner, so we would go to the mansion parties, and Sly,s house on occasion. Tony was 17 years my elder, but to me, we were the same.

When the show closed, a lot of people went on to tour, or went to Jesus Christ Superstar. I went to Fort Wayne Ind, and joined Sonny Charles as a backup singer/dancer.What a great gig,, My life had a great start, and I,m proud to say that it all fell into place. Let The Sunshine, 1970,s here we come.


Posted by Jessica on Tuesday, January 11, 2011 at 10:50 pm

The Age Of Aquarius: Revisited

Last week, I received a most exciting invitation to come to Los Angeles and be a part of the red carpet grand opening of HAIR at the historic Pantages Theatre. This would be a chance to not only see the new version of the show I was a part of in the 60's and 70's but to reconnect with old friends and tribe members.

The Pantages had a brilliant idea to make the original cast part of the excitement of its grand opening, and many as of us, did make it. Our beloved producer, Michael Butler, arrived with Ben Vereen, which made it even more special. After all the screams and hugs outside while the papparazzi were
setting up, we gathered for some group shots.

Other celebs who made the opening were Jason Alexander, Lorenzo Lamas, John Savage, Marty Ingels and wife Shirley Jones, Melissa Manchester and many others.

I had been skeptical about seeing the show ever since it returned to Broadway and London. I felt too close to it
and was afraid of change. But, here I was and there was no turning back.

The first big change, it was so colorful! We were supposed to be street people but here they were, rather clean and in this surrealistic setting. Then I noticed it wasn’t easy to recognize the cast leads. Berger was not crazy and Sheila was just another cast member until I realized she was Sheila! The same problem with Hud, his character was bigger, broader in the original production. Think “Ben Vereen!!!

The Age Of Aquarius: RevisitedSteel Burkhardt, the actor who plays Berger, did what he was directed to do. I believe the the director was trying to make this her own. Diane Paulus is the director of this production. When we did the show it had more choreography also. These tribe members seemed to jump up and down a lot.

However, the important elements of the script were kept alive. the war, and all the important statements we tried to make were there. just in color!! the script was cut and the tempos were rushed. It most was apparent when Claude sings “Where Do I Go” A very emotional song, I used to cry eight times a week, but I did not shed a tear Thursday night. the cast failed to move me.

I would still tell you to see it, Gerry Ragni and Jim Rado‘s dream lives on in this show and it must be told, no matter how many different ways. I was Chrissy, I was Jeannie and I was a tribe member.

I witnessed brilliance in Teddy Neeley, Jerry Combs, Red Shephard, Tata Vega, Delores Hall, Ben Vereen, and all the others great talent in the Age of Aquarius. I am so lucky to have been part of history and now 40 years later to watch a new generation of actors live the dream. Don’t miss this important work of art, it still matters, now, more than ever.

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training


Posted by Jessica on Monday, January 31, 2011 at 4:09 pm

My Red Carpet Night: Who is that?

My Red Carpet Night: Who is that?When fellow HAIR alumni actor Ben Lautman wrote me to get my butt to L. A. for the opening of HAIR at the Pantages Theatre, I had one day to get a flight and figure out what to wear for the Red Carpet moment.

I decided my purple garb that I wore to the Woodstock Reunion would do just fine, except for black leggings and boots, because it was freezing. I arrived in L.A. just hours before the event. I was thrilled to see people I had not seen in many years, Kay Cole, Linda Faust Press, Reinie Press, and a few others that I had not seen in 30 years or more!

We were all told to get to the theatre extra early for our Pics, before the “big” stars arrived. We stood on the carpet and the Paparazzi clicked away, and I clicked away at them. Then we all took our own personal pics, while the stars were arriving. A few stars I knew like, Marty Ingels,Shirley Jones, Robert Forester, Donna D’errico, Jason Alexander, Melissa Manchester, Charlotte Ross (NYPD BLUE) and then that guy from BORAT? What was his name, had to look it up, Ken Davitian! Also, Charlotte Rae, Michael Butler, our dear producer, and Ben Vereen. Alison Anglin from “Little House on the Prairie”, and many other younger actors I still had to look up! A great surprise was John Savage not for his work in the film “HAIR” but I loved him from the “Deerhunter.”

When we found our seats, it was all surreal, I hadn’t seen the show since we closed in 1971. Watching the actors portray “us” was so strange. Now that is is over, I feel as if it was a dream, and I barely remember anything. I think it went too fast, they cut a lot out. It was way too colorful, I don’t remember all that color at our set. After all, we were street people, and so the original play was darker. Because of the draft in the 60's, the actors couldn’t feel the life or death situation of going to war. When everyone was going up onstage to sing “Let the Sunshine In” I couldn’t move, I was frozen knowng that it would soon be over, and I may never see the play again.

A bunch of us went to “Jerry’s Deli” in Hollywood and ate and talked about the old days. David “Papi” Hunt even brought his scrapbook to the deli, and we all looked at old photo’s.

Being in this L A production of HAIR really changed my life, I made lifelong friends, and experienced things many people never did. I even MISSED the nude scene that night, because I was watching “Claude” sing “Where do I go”. That is how insignificent the nude scene was! It was such a blown out of proportion blown up scene in the 60's. This may be the only Red Carpet I ever walk, but I am so happy it was for HAIR and not another production that wouldn’t have the history or meaning that this show has for me. Thank you Teddy Neeley, and Kay Cole, for choosing me at my audition. Thank you , every tribe member I ever worked with, and my dear friends like John Herzog, Tadge Galleran, and David Hunt, who have become very special friends over the years.

Let the Sunshine… forever

Jessica Marciel
Las Vegas Vocal Training