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In December, 2006, I spoke with Ted about the fact that off and on I had received comments and/or heard things about individuals being upset with some of the content that I had initially posted on this website.  When I told him I wanted to try to "fix" these problems, he told me that this wasn't possible to do, as there will always be someone upset about something on my - or any - website. (Certainly, I am very aware of the truth in that statement now, but I was a "greenhorn" in cyberspace then, as most of us were, at one time.) Ted's suggestion on the best thing he thought I could do was to write an open letter to any person who visits here.  You are now reading it.

Please know that anything I have ever posted on this website has been well-meant, and was never intended to upset, hurt, or anger any person who visits here, especially the individuals this site was created for.  Many of the things posted here were sent to me by online friends and other well-meaning individuals, or were found by me - or those individuals - on other webpages already on the web.  My goal on these pages has always been to make news and information on projects being worked on by Ted Neeley, Joseph Fuqua and The Rubicon Theatre Company available online, so that those who are interested can get to these venues, or experience them through this site when they are not able to attend due to distance, illness, monetary limitations - or various other reasons that prevented them from attending.

The internet is a place where privacy is a virtually non-existent thing.  I have tried, and will continue to try my best, to protect and maintain the privacy of the individuals that my information involves.  Unfortunately, in the past, I have not always been completely successful in this effort, but I have learned from my past mistakes, and am more careful than ever in my efforts in this area.

That said, if anything found here is an issue to the individuals it involves, I would ask that you e-mail me privately (the e-mail link is on this page) to discuss this issue - within reason, and, hopefully, I can remedy your request.  (NOTE: This is not a suggestion for everyone who sees one word or sentence they don't like to send me requests, just for the individuals the specific items involved).  On the other hand, if you like what you see, I welcome any e-mail response to that effect as well.

That said, I very much hope that you will enjoy your time here, as many have up until now.  Thank you for visiting.

Cindi :-) 


Welcome to my Website. 

When I decided to do a Web Page, I chose to devote it predominantly to two men whose talents I believe in very strongly, and will always support fully. My hope is that, by reading these pages, you will come to believe in, and support, their talents and projects as well, if you don't already.


The two men in question are Ted Neeley and Joseph Fuqua.

As these two gentlemen performed together at the Rubicon Theatre Company in June, 2000 in Murder In The First, I thought I might retitle this page "Hank and Willie" (their characters in the show), but for the sake of those who did not see the show (plans to tour it were originally in the works, and are still up-in-the-air as far as I know), or who may find the title a little confusing, I've elected to keep the one I've used above.

You will find bio pages for both Ted and Joseph here, and sections of this website are devoted to projects involving Ted:  "JCS in Rome", "JCS 40th Anniversary Screenings","Ted Neeley and the Little Big Band", "JCS at The Egyptian Company", "Jesus Christ Superstar" "JCS - The 2006-2009 AD  Tour", The JCS YTA Benefit and "Rasputin", as well as "Murder In The First" and "BeckettFest", both of which also involved Joseph.   There is a very good chance that some of these projects could come your way soon.  See their specific sections on my Web Page for more info on these landmark productions/events.  Some of these pages may take awhile to download (particularly the "JCS" pages, as there are a number of pictures on them, and a surprise background MP3 as well that you can listen to while you're viewing some of them, however, you can view the pages while you're waiting for the MP3 to download), but if you stick it out, I think you will find them well worth the wait.

There are also pages devoted to areas connected to Ted and/or Joseph.  One is my Carl Anderson Memorial Page, two other pages involve: Ted's Birthday presentations, and our "Ted Family" - otherwise known as Ted's Tedheads.  And there is also an entire section of pages on Joseph's career, credits and other various things of interest. Take a look - I think you will find them very worthwhile as well.

Since this website was originally posted, the information on The Rubicon Theatre Company (where Ted, Carl and Joseph have all performed (and it seems that Ted's (as well as Joseph's) Ventura appearances keep continuing. (Ted is a co-founder of RTC, and stayed on at RTC as a sound designer/engineer for their hit production of Lies & Legends after Murder closed, began his production and tour of Ted Neeley and The Little Big Band at RTC, and then later appeared as Lucky in BeckettFest's "Waiting For Godot"; and Joseph is RTC's first Company Member, one of their theatre instructors, and performs onstage at RTC at least once a season) continues to grow daily), and Karyl Lynn Burns and James O'Neil have graciously allowed me to post my own pages on their BRILLIANT theatre company, so that those of you who live nearby, have an occasion to visit, or just appreciate good theatre can have a look. I know of no theatre, or group of people, more deserving than they are, and I will be a lifetime supporter of RTC. I hope, through my website, I can help find others who will feel the same way I do, and direct them to this wonderful place to experience it for themselves.

Each "section" of my site (Ted/Joseph/RTC) is divided into sub pages, for faster loading, and you can find the main page for each section, which lists all those pages, by clicking specifically on the "main name link" for each of them in the navigation menu. The pages are separately listed as well in the pull-down menus under those names.

Enjoy yourselves! :-)

See Pictures and Video from this incredible evening HERE


So, I hope you enjoy my Website.  If you have any comments, suggestions, or have something I might like to post, I would love to hear from you, especially if you are a Ted Neeley or Joseph Fuqua fan, or an RTC friend.  You can e-mail me by clicking on the mailbox:  




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