Sat 9/25/2004 2:00 PM


Yesterday started off with me making a Kinko's run to get Conor's stuffers for "The Trilogy" matinee, as the laser printer refused to print two-sided copies. Me fumbling down Main Street in a car looking for Kinko's and Office Depot (LOL!) - fortunately one of the girls, Emily, went with me and we managed better than I could have hoped. I guess I'm over my CA driving phobia. I found myself doing 50MPH going down Main Street to the theatre! Ought to fit right in in LA now, oughtn't I? (LOL!)

There was a change in the Brown Bag Beckett yesterday morning. We were supposed to see Rick Cluchey from the San Quentin Drama group, but due to some scheduling problems, the Brown Bag that was to be on Tuesday was moved to yesterday. So we had Beckett Time instead.

When I got to the City Hall for the Brown Bag, there was Ted with a "Hi, Sweetie," and a quick hug. I asked him if he'd gotten any sleep, since he'd said he was tired the night before. He said he had gotten some, but then the phone calls started. He pointed to the area under his eyes and said: "Baggage." I said "Where?", and we laughed. Then it was time to start the discussion.

Beckett Time was a discussion on the musicality of Beckett's written words. Ted was part of the discussion, along with Porter Abbott, Michelene Sakharoff and Walter Asmus.

Porter Abbott, Micheline Sakharoff & Walter Asmus

It was a VERY interesting discussion, and Ted had some very funny things to say about some of the lines in the show. For those of you who have seen Godot, there is a line in Act II while Lucky is lying on the stage with Pozzo on top of him that goes: "At the moment, he's inert. But he might run amuck at any minute!" Ted said he found it hard not to laugh when it was said, because it's so musical. Then he sang it. We all laughed.

I had to leave before the Brown Bag was over to get the house ready for the matinee, "The Trilogy". Conor did SUCH a bang-up job with his performance, the audience was cheering at the curtain call, and he had to take multiple bows. A lot of the audience was from RTC, including other performers here (no, Ted wasn't there, Godot was performing in the evening), and that only added to them getting Beckett more than some of the audiences have.

There was a wine tasting dinner after the show, but it wasn't part of BeckettFest, so I spent that time eating a Stouffers dinner and a Campbell's Soup at Hand in the theatre box office. Then it was time for the evening performance of Godot.

I met little Quincy Unseth last night. He's one of two boys who alternate in the messenger role (the Boy) in Godot. (NOTE: The other boy is Kalen Kasraie (I met him a few days late.r) Quincy is 10, and quite an artist. He and his brothers and sister are so cute! I guess that's another perk to being here.

Left to right: Kalen Kasraie & Quincy Unseth- our "Godot" boys.

I only saw Ted briefly after the show, he went to find Linda Livingston (she played Blanche, the hooker in "Murder", for those who remember), and she had left just before he came out from backstage. I hope he found her.

Donna and I went over everything I needed to know, because today and tomorrow I am managing all of the shows, including the "Godots". God bless me! (LOL!)

There was a late movie last night at the Century, "Play" and "Krapp's Last Tape", but as those were the movies Ted and I saw on Monday after "The Trilogy", I didn't need to make the trip.

Well, I'm off to the theatre, shortly, for a Brown Bag with Barry McGovern, 2 "Godots" (lots of Ted today, I hope - LOL!), and 8 movies! More later tonight - or tomorrow morning!


Cindi :)


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